Saturday, November 17, 2012



The Athlete Machine by Redbull.

Im Back Baby...

Going to start writing back, if time permitted. Currently on Final Year and very busy with my thesis and shitload of assignments. Anyway, here's some toys that I still have:

My Neo project is ready to start after swapping new wheels. Rota Grid Classic measuring 16' x 8j +30 and 16' x 9j +20. Soon gonna drop it on adjustable and the fender have to be cleared too.

The car's job? Carrying my mountain bike back and forth from JB to KL.

Currently I am doing moutain biking as a new hobby to keep myself fit and to slim down, I hope. Kiara, FRIM, and UTM tracks are my usual spots. Who influenced me to cycle? DCM members of course! This is my second frame, a full suspension frame from Polygon. Previous frame is a hardtail frame from Nexus.

While my bike? After the Demak, swapped to Kawasaki KX125, then additional Kawasaki KLX150s, traded the KX125 with a Suzuki RMX250 before selling it and finally on a Hyosung RX160 now. Swapped it to motard spec for daily commute.

That is pretty much now. Will write more soon!

Anyway, I am on Twitter and Instagram. Just find Amar_Gencos.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Hold.

Its been awhile since I write anything here. I am pretty busy now with loads of assignments, projects and exams. I do have a LOT to write but I cannot find time to write. I'll be back pretty soon. Semester going to end in 1 week plus. Final paper next week. After that, I'll be working at KLCC. Oh I mean Industrial Training.

I'll be writing again soon. Gotta focus first. Getting tougher now. 1 more year to go before graduating. On the other hand, thinking of creating a new blog...

Monday, April 9, 2012

BBS BBS fake.

My brother had been nagging to change the stock Neo's wheels. So after a while I'd say why not.. So we both agree to opt the BBS. I still prefer the fake TE37SL over this. But since this is the widest we can get, so we opt this.

Spec was 16' x 7j +40 and the rear one is 7.5j +42. The offset will be counter by a 1' spacer soon enough so that we can get a nicer fitment.

Ditch the red BBS cap, back to Proton cap.

There's small changes in the acceleration. This is due to that the stock wheels are very heavy. This wheels lighter than the stock one. Now fitment is nicer but I prefer it with spacer. Soon. I guess we both will change to a firmer coil over soon so that the car is lower thus better fitment. My brother already did a 4-2-1 extractor, aftermarket bullet and an S-Flow exhaust. I am still with the stock setup. Cant focus on two things. With bike and car, I prefer the bike for now.


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