Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kawasaki KLX.

Oh, never mentioned that I bought this Kawasaki KLX150S while I was in JB. Bought it two days before I got back to KL. Posted the bike with train.

For daily only this one. Nothing much had been done except been used when the Suzi is in the workshop. Decent power, low stance, better than Demak honestly. Best buy for 150cc bike.

Anyway, today she decided to pose with the bike. She's in good mood :P

By the way, my helmet is smelly since it is use for offroad use only.


By the way, I cant afford to buy a new full set of yellow color suit and helmet and goggle and all that, so Im gonna keep wearing green eventhough my bike is yellow. Maybe the next new suit will be in yellow. If I got spare money of course. Shots taken at the Kajang RTM MX track. Urgh this Suzi is very powerful BUT very heavy too. Its an enduro bike, of course it is heavy.

Fox Boutique.

At the Sunway Pyramid.

Latest item yes. Price? Emm lets say its out of the budget for a casual rider like me. Drool? Much.


Been in the workshop for awhile for more checkup. As usual, new/'used' bike's history are unknown. Tested the bike at our usual trail spot to get to know the bike's behaviour and to know it last week. And back to workshop.

Changed the front tire to a brand new one since the old one already cracked. Viva brand only. Cheap stuff.

Workshop also overhauled the rear caliper and the piston.

Changed to my favourite throttle grip. From Racing Boy. Soft and grip enough for my glove. Nice touch to the Renthal handle bar.

Also got a used rear tire, changed the front brake pump, new front and rear brake pads, new clutch cable, new engine oil, and the fork stiffness adjusted. Bought the red stand but turn out that its for a Kawasaki KLX only since its short. Will get a new one after the shop find a taller size one.

Many thanks to Wai Keong Motor for preparing the bike. Ready for trail tomorrow!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Got a few things that I wanna update but havent got a time to do it, will post later perhaps.. Anyway, the RMX250 is the best other than the KX125.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012


Last day with the KX..

Suzi RMX.

Went back to KL two days ago. When I arrived, someone called me and interested to buy my KX125. Without much thinking, we made a deal. Send the bike yesterday at Klang at 11pm, and then I open up the browser on my Blackberry that showed this Suzuki RMX for sale in Pahang. Quite a time for sale, so I called him and asked about the bike. He said still available and I said I wanna come now to check the bike.

Bye KX.

A bit inproper time to call a seller, with a sleepy tone he said OK. I said I'll be there at 3am. So I went back to Kajang, our hangout place/workshop, borrowed the workshop's pickup truck. And it suprised me when the owner, Ken told me he wanna come with me to Temerloh since that is his hometown. He said why not, plus I had not been going here and there for some time already. My brother decided to follow us too.

Ken's pickup truck named Fail-Lady.

 Fuel filled up and ready to go! Ken used to drift also before he started the workshop.

After about 3hours, we arrived at Chenor, Pahang. Waited for the owner to guide us to his home to check out the bike.
We checked out the bike immediately. Its a Suzuki made. Its 2-stroke and it is a 250cc bike with coolant. 2-stroke do come with Power Valve nowadays. Power Valve; VTEC/MIVEC sort alike for a bike lah to keep it simple. I believed its a 1999 RMX. Its a trail bike, not an MX like the KX.

After some testing here and there and a throughout inspection by Ken, of course he's more expert than me. Pointing out here and there some repairs needed, the budget and finally me and the owner come to the main point of this meet up, the price. After some negotiation, its a deal and it is sold to me. Ken tied the bike behind and we were off to KL back around 6am.

Ken drove all the way from Kajang to Chenor and then back again to KL. Its 7.30am and we reached the last RnR before the Gombak exit. Ken told me to drive since he's sleepy.

Arrived safely at Kajang around 9.30pm. Pretty bad traffic in MRR2 from Gombak to Cheras. Drop the bike and its time for me to test it.

After a few round, and Im smiling ear to ear now. After all my banner in this blog had been the Suzuki RMZ450. And for 2-stroke, 250 is the highest cc available. So, some sort dream come true I guess.

I had been dreaming to have this bike since late December. A friend gave me a link for this bike, and had been wishing to have it since then. Power of visualization perhaps?

Time for me to get some rest. Oh, by the way, would like to say a big thank you to the Wai Keong Motor owner, Ken and my brother for accompanying me to Pahang. Its unplanned and random act. All in all, we made it back home safely. Alhamdulilah.


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