Monday, August 30, 2010

Done.. Its Done.

Done all done! Car is at home now. There's few thing still need some final sort, such as malfunctioning brake lamp, some spring cleaning, and testing it around should not be a problem after this. And yes, the car need to be endorsed too so I wont be driving it around too much.

Swapped the rear rim with the Riverside. Very dish-ed but somehow I still prefer the 15'.

Pretty much a clean bay now. No more wires here and there.

Putting a flexi pineapple and center exhaust to reduce the noise. And tested it at Ulu Yam the other day. Really V-Tec alike. Power comes in after 3000 rpm. And really can rev it till 8000rpm.

Happy Merdeka anyway.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cure For The Itch..

I'd been sick for 4days last week, and busy with my first exams, which I screwed up most of em. Geez. Really lost interest with study, but I guess this thing will bring my spirit back.

Will be visiting exhaust shop tomorrow for a 'pineapple', center bullet to silence up the car, some new rubber if possible, and cleaning up the car. And on Sunday, back to JB with this V-Tec!

Friday, August 13, 2010

180 Degree of Sex.

How sex can this be?

Ridiculously too low for Malaysian roads.

Check out the fitment. Enuff said?

18 x 10jj and 18 x 12jj -1 all rounders!

Honestly, I do not like 180SX coz of its weird shape; kinda hatchback a bit. I prefer the S13 over 180SX but this one, really over the love/like list.

Anyway, check out his blog for more awesomeness. Pictures were copied 'un-shamefully' from Facebook and his blog.


The waiting game is on.. Actually been waiting for a few days already. The car supposed to be done by Wednesday, and today is Friday already. The conversion project had been going on since 1.7.2010, and till now still not done.

Lesson learned from the previous project, I do not want to rush the foreman to finish the car quickly or else I will be sleeping on a roadside again. Wuuu, I do NOT want to have another breakdown. Come to think of it, how stupid one can be to have a breakdown after an overhaul process. Cheap thing no good and good thing don't come cheap.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Once Upon a Time..

Was browsing the Youtube for 20v noise, and looks like someone rescued some of the Tougeking's videos. I know he had a bad reputation with some of them, but hell yeah, he's one dedicated petrol head. From the blog, to the videos.

Unfortunately, back when I knew him, I barely know about cars especially the 4A-GE. Only know I finally knew he's running with 20v. I forgot whether it is a Blacktop or Silvertop. Huargh, I wish I asked him what was his car's spec.

Thanks to him, I got a chance to enter a track day, and it is because of his blog I finally become a blogger. After reading his blog for awhile, I finally decide to buy myself an old school. All started because of his blog.

Y'all can check his Sepang Track Day video here. And lucky me, I got to sit in his car on a touge course on Cameron. Also there's a video here.

Oh. here's his car though. I wonder what happened to him and the car?

On the other hand, I guess my car is following his car, from the engine till the exterior, even the rims. LOL. I'll do the black hood too soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Work out the Equip-ment No.1.

Just messing with the title. Anyway, I am back in college, far far away from home, JB. Sigh. Really wanna stay at home and went out with her everyday. Hehehe. But then, life must goes on. So, I just need to bear with it.

While I am on my way back, I took the opportunity to stop by at the Pagoh toll exit to pick up my new rims. It is a pair of Work Equip 01 with 7j and zero offset. Of course it is only 14'. Now Rolla gonna downgrade to 14' and since I am fitting in a pair of adjustable for the rear, I might make it slammed. Really wanna go for the 'offset is everything' and a nice fitment for the fender.

Ready to be polished.

And today, got some free time, did the polishing job. The left one had been polished two times while the right one hasn't.
Really eager to see what happened to Rolla when these two rims are on it. Current offset for the 15' are +38 with 1' spacer and +15. I hope +0 will do some magic.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photoshopped : Rolla's New Look.

The original photo was shot by Ariff at MAEPS a month ago.

And since I already swapped my Oni for the Riverside, and the engine swap is still not done, and some free time, I decided to play with the Photoshop. The photo donor for the editing are:

Some Forza Motorsport image. Gotta love the Equip 01.

Here's the one I bought. Gonna pick it up tomorrow at Pagoh, Johor. The spec is 14' x 7j with +0 offset.

And the rear rim that I swapped the other day. I thought it was an Advan A3A, but later found out it is a Riverside. Nevertheless the spec is 14' x 8j with +0 offset. In this photo is the original A3A.

And some trimming here and there, this is the results. Not bad eh?

30,000 visitors already from 132 countries! Thanks guys; for visiting this tiny little web space. I hope everyone enjoy reading whatever I wrote. I know there's a lot of grammar or spelling error, and some of the fact are wrong, and I am using the wrong term, but what the hell, I am typing whatever I understand from my point of view.  ^^


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