Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random : New Color?

Am bored with current florescent orange. I think its time for me to respray it with other color. Any suggestion? Or should I maintain my orange-identity?

Pics stolen from Ariff's blog. Hehe. Still on my exam and only will be done by this Wednesday!

 Enkei RPF1 Neon Yellow

 Volks CE28N takata green.

 Nismo LM GT4 on purple
 JDMU Teal

 TE37 on Mag Blue
 TE37 Shocking pink!

 RE30 on Pink

 Fluorescent orange on RE30

 Takata green TE37

Takata green?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

For Sale : HKS Twin Plate Clutch for RB25 Neo series.

HKS twin plate clutch for RB25 Neo series.
Condition : Around 80%-90%.
Reason selling : Bought a wrong type of clutch.
Price : RM2000 nego.
Contact : Amar, 012 72 3345 4.
Location : KL.


Gadget : Blackberry Curve 8520.

Just bought a new handphone again. No, I am not selling of my beloved iPhone 3GS for it. I'm just using two phones now. Maxis is in iPhone while Celcom in Blackberry. Oh, here's what I got. A used model of Curve 8520.

But why two hand phones? Isn't it a hassle to bring two chargers for both of em? And also two line which cost double?

Okay, firstly, I am using Maxis postpaid and also the mobile internet package in my iPhone. Most of the time, I am using the iPhone to surf internet, to transfer money on Maybank2u or Paypal, and also every other Internet thingy, except blogging coz I need a lot of time and idea when writing one.

So the Blackberry? I use Celcom coz it cost me RM0.50 per day for the Blackberry Mesengger (BBM) service. That's the only reason why I bought a Blackberry. Hehe. Currently trying to do some business transaction with other country such as Indonesia (Corolla parts) and also to South Africa (Aftermarket parts). It is easier to chat with them thru BBM, and to all my friends that is using Blackberry. Also cheaper coz only RM0.50 for unlimited day pass. So that's that.

In case anyone wanna add me, here's my BBpin : 21503695. Cheers!

Photo & Event: Putrajaya Drift Run.

Decided to go for a drift fun before I went back to JB. And this time? I didn't bring any camera coz I wanna be free from camera. Or else I'll need to focus on two things which is drifting and snapping photos. Lucky me, Naufal and Kimi which is DSLR kaki are also in town. So why not?

Oh, and a few of my close friends (Which happened to be all chicks) come to give a support too! Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate it.

So we went around 12pm on the track. Freaking hot day too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY : New Front Pannel.

My second busy day as today I am excited to do some work on Rolla. I dont have any experience on doing it myself but I give it a shot today. Started early in the morning. First thing that I did was spraying this new panel with undercoat. Few layers should do.


Then moving on to the next step was removing the whole face of Rolla.

Learned from my few experience when doing work; always make sure the work area clean and organize so that you wont miss anything when the assembling process.

Experienced : Stripping a Toyota KE70.

Here's some photos during the stripping process. Some asked why the owner wanna scrap the car, and here's the reasons.

*His in-law didnt like the car to be parked on the lot coz it had been there for a long time.
*The body condition is pretty bad. Gonna need at least thousand to restore the chassis.


So how do I met the owner? Initially I just accompany this dude, Wheng Chung (WC)to see this car coz he's getting one soon. The price was RM2000. So I was pretty fishy with the cheap price tag. And we check out the car. Since it is in bad shape, the owner wanna scrap it by next week if nobody's buying the car. So I offered myself to help selling his parts.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Video : Modern Malaysian Teenagers Aftermath.

Related to previous video. Anyway, awesome work to whom who did it. Make me laughed badly.

Random : Olschool Rocka!

Unfortunately, I am too tired to do a full post. Tomorrow gonna do more DIY project with Rolla. Meanwhile, here's a photo of Rolla:


For Sale : Toyota Corolla KE70 DX whole car parts.

Salam 1Malaysia. Here's some parts stripped from a Corolla DX and is up for sale. Price are nett unfortunately. And no time waster here please.

DX facelift. SOLD.

Roof drain chrome lining. RM60.

Airpress. SOLD.

Complete pillar cover. RM100.

Complete chrome lining for rear window. RM40.

Wiper motor and the wiper arm. RM30.

DX dashboard. Complete with whatever available. Comes with two dash meter. RM280.

DX bodyline. Complete I think. RM50.

Door rubber. 2pieces only. RM30.

Dunno what it is called. 4pieces for all doors. RM40.

Door handle. RM40.

Door step. RM50.

TOP : Wiper arm cover. RM50.
BOTTOM : Stone smasher. SOLD.

Semi bucket seat. Railing for pasengger side. Startlet EP seat I think. RM250.

Unknown brand exhaust. Taken out of my Corolla. Silent with turbo engine, loud with N/A engine. 2' inlet and 3' outlet I think. RM160.

DX chrome bumpers. SOLD.

Sunshades. RM20.

Whole doors. Surface rust on some of it.RM300.
Rear bonnet. Minimal surface rust only. RM200.
Front glass. RM100.
Rear glass. RM100.
Fender. SOLD.
Front bonnet. SOLD.

SSR Starshark 13' x 7j. Offset should be around +15 I guess. RM1300.

Location : Connaught, Cheras. OR Johor Bharu, Johore.
Delivery : Can be posted LOCAL or WORLDWIDE. Buyer provide the fee.
Contact : Ammar, 01two 723345 four. Or email me at ammar_izbtho[at]yahoo.com.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Exhaust : Ro-Ta-Ry Style.

Urgh, cant sleep for the whole night coz Im too excited for today's activity. Anyway, before I proceed with today's program, lets jump to a lil upgrade on Rolla. New exhaust! Rotary style! That is what it is called. A bent-tip exhaust. Im always a big fan of it. Been using this style since my old rusty Mazda 808.


Anyway, few months ago, I had swapped my front lip for an exhaust with a custom bent tip. Almost brand new and unfortunately the inlet was 2', so I didn't use it coz mine was 2.3'. End up selling it to a friend and there goes my second bent exhaust.

And, yesterday, decided to surf Mudah and found out somebody selling a JS Racing exhaust for a reasonable price. Asked the seller to drop the price a bit, and we met in the evening for a meet up. The inlet is 2' which suit my current exhaust size. Cant wait to fit em into Rolla today!

Aaa, anyway; for the exciting part; Im going to help a friend to 'scrap' his car. So what's is in for me? Well, while helping him to sell all the parts, I can take what ever I want. That's a pretty good deal to me! Here's the car:


Thursday, November 18, 2010

DIY : C-h-h-r-r-o-m-e.

So Raya without your parents really sucks. You don't have any activity, there's nobody to tell you what to do, and there's nobody gonna bring me and my brother out. Huargh. Too bored and I went to local hardware shop and bought some stuffs.

Mini project began!

I have these two set of DX face lift. One is original Japan and the other one is a brand new from Taiwan. Gotta admit that the Taiwan one cant even imitate it properly.

Hari Raya AidilAdha 2010.

So this year, I didn't went back to my aunt's house at Rompin coz I need to accompany my second brother. He's having his SPM this Monday so grounded for awhile. Night before our Aidiladha, a friend of mine who just bought a DX Blackbelt came to my house and we went out for a drink. Just having a Corolla conversation most of the time. Here's a shot of the cars.

DX and DX Blackbelt.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Video : Pervert Blitz Mechanics.

Saw this posted on Zamil's facebook, so feel like sharing as Nomuken is my all-time idol in D1GP. Pervert and funny as hell; from the driver to the mechanics.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Modern Malaysian Teenagers.

Sorry today post gonna be in Malay. Hahaha. Inilah dia contoh budak Melayu moden zaman sekarang, especially budak-budak baru nak up area KL. Bandar moden bro! Orangnya kenalah moden jugak kan? Islam moden ni ajaran mana aku tak tau la. Lain sikit dari kitab aku belajar dulu rasenye. Mazhab baru kot agaknye? Kalau batch sebelum ni buat benda tak senonoh sorok-sorok sikit. Batch latest version paling baru ni dia UP sikit dari previous version. Sekarang tak main la sorok-sorok, dosa sama je. Baik buat kat public kan, lagi awesome. Ramai sikit dapat cuci mata. Sebelum ni main 3gp cap ayam je. Hahahaha. So here it is! Taraaa. Muka macam tu pun ada perempuan nak kan?

Credit to Ameer Mokhtar.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some New Toys..

Three papers down and three more to go before I finished my first semester in the second year of my learning course. Fuh! Unfortunately I'm gonna fail one of the paper due to super-duper-complicated Differential Equations. Somehow my brain really cant understand all those weird equations and derivatives and bla bla bla. Nevertheless, I rather take a short course to make sure my pointer stays more than 3.4.

Sideways with Steelies.

Aah, anyway, Rolla had been running with a broken fuel regulator (Must be the diaphragm worn out due to high pressure)  for a few weeks already and the consumption is really bad. This time; from KL to JB cost me RM70 fuel and then right afterward the Skudai Toll, the tank was empty. Hahaha. Ask a friend of mine to send some fuel and I'm back in campus. Anyway, the following weeks also were bad coz I spent RM50 to RM70 on petrol only and travel less than 200km.

And, I decided to order some parts to replace the regulator plus a few more items that I had been 'KIV'-ing for a long time. There's more I'm gonna order after this. Just waiting for it to become necessary first.


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