Sunday, March 29, 2009

Event : Hari Belia Drift at Bukit Jalil.

Love the Panda scheme.

One of the cleanest & beautiful KP61.

Some drift photos:
Anyway, more photos here.

And a big thanks to Din, I finally get a chance to go sideways with his car. I think I do improve on the steering work. I'd say the biggest help comes from Live For Speed,an online driving simulator.

Jeya's ex-KE70. 4k DCNF powahhh!

Some lame vids. Hehehe.

Info : Sorting out my blog.

From now, I'll be posting with a label on the header so that it will be easier to scroll , search from my title list.

Label such as; Info, Photography, DIY, Mazda, and more will come as time go through.

Happy Reading!

Should I do a 'Random Snap' like Nori Yaro or should I stick to my own blogging style?

Photography : Sepang Beach BBQ.

Today, we went to a beach for a free-tension session. lol. Thanks to Mok for organizing it for her whole class while me & Jaguh were invited too. Some photos:

The other half parts of me, Mok.

Flying kite time!

Hey, I can fly it too. XD

Jaguh Autoworks can do anything. Hahaha.

How do you like the blue sky?

Jaguh? His scandal? He rarely smiles like this FYI. Hehehe.
We rent 2units of ATV and did a tour along the beach. Again, Jaguh seems too happy.

My first time riding an ATV. Body roll FTW~

Typical photo style you found at beach. Jump!

Woops. Too sexy to be posted. But, WTH~

Anyone wanna a photographer for your event? Try me! Im interested to do any event except for dinner night, wedding and night shot. Unless you want to gamble with the results (blur, bad photos).

Fees? Can be disscussed & I can bet it is super cheap coz Im only using basic camera stuffs. Contact number can be found at the 'Item For Sale' section.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

DIY : Repairing the fender Part 1.

Did this on last Friday. Kinda hard to find a free times nowadays. Too busy with exams and others.

Sand papers, can spray, tape, silicon sealant, and car cement.

Seal the rear windscreen, and I did this. Kinda fugly for now coz I didnt sand it yet! Back to busy life.. Hahaha. Anway, I rather it looks like this compare to rust that is eating my fender.

Looks good I think. Hehehe. Anyway, this is just for temporary coz Im getting myself a wide fender soon. Hehehe.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Info : Drift Hari Belia at Bukit Jalil this Sunday?

Heard from friends that there will be a free run drift session this Sunday at Bukit Jalil. Dunno whether its true or not but Im going with Din and Jaguh this weekend. Din is preparing to play this weekend, so I might have a chance to drift the red KE70 for a few laps.


Fees? I dont know. I think it is around RM50-RM100 per day. Usually start at 10am until 5pm. No confirmation okay!?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crappy photos of Bumble Bee.

As Stanley's request. Behold, my crappy photos. Muahahaha. No mood to bring it to some nice place that has a beautiful background. At least not yet till I change to bigger rims.

Kinda interested with Jeembo's offer. OZ, I forgot what model. But it is original. 15', 7jj, just for RM300. BUT only 3pieces of rims. Hmmm, where can I find the other one? Test it yesterday. Fit nicely and it didnt scrub fender. But, +30 something offset. Kinda sissy offset though. Hahaha. Im thinking of modern rims. Old school rims are tooooo expensive nowadays.

Sleeping beauty is resting. Hahaha. Bee rarely moves on weekdays coz I have Getz to move around daily, Bee is my weekend son of a gun ( quotation by Lee, KKL member).

Open it! Fuh, no scratches, no broken parts, side mirror still intact. Why do I wrap Bee? Other than rain factor, some low life creatures at UTM sometimes cant accept the truth that other people have much nicer car than them. You can count how many cars had been scratched. That include my Getz too.

Wee, Bee has a negative camber now. Was thinking bout putting RCA too..

Enough aa this low?

Not! I decided to play with the adjuster and bring it down a few more loops. Much better I think.

DIY gearknob, made from golf ball. Sponsored by Jaguh Autoworks again.

Im looking for a Mazda horn button. Not interested with this anymore.

TEIN-inized! DONE.

Just to wrapped up the ending of the project. Overall, its a fun moment for me doing DIY stuffs. And Im kinda pity to Jaguh coz he hurt himself while trying to remove the rusty bolt. Get an insurance man.. Hehehe.

Rusty bolt that hurts Jaguh. Sorry for you bro.

We went to JMG (Jeembo's Garage). Jaguh was fixing the wiring of Din's car. Din will be drifitng this weekend at Bukit Jalil. Hope I can drive it for a few laps :P

Another BMW owned by Jeembo. Urgh, Im a whore on car that has a wide fender!

Took them just 30minutes to finished it. Mok at her limit coz 3days accompany me. Haha.

Din chatting with Jeembo about grant transfer.

I decided to raise it a bit.

My first breakdown on highway. Again, thanks to Mok and Jaguh for helping me.

Bandwith Exceeded!

Damn Photobucket! Some of you might noticed that most of my photos had been blocked by them due to over usage of bandwith. And it will only be restore on 26th which it is 2more days. Damn you!!!!!


Sorry to all. Please bear with it. Quite annoying though. Hahaha.

TEIN-inized! Part 2.

I always wonder how did people found / make an adjustable for a car that doesn't have any aftermarket parts. Bought this set of adjustable from a friend, so I'm consider to be lucky coz I dont need to go to machine shop to customize it. Just need to reassemble it. And today I learned something.

1) First, you need a few stuffs. From the left,
*S13 adjustable ( Earlier I thought it was TEIN coz of the color and TEIN logo on the coil, maybe a custom one perhaps.).
*A pair of Mazda 808 absorber that had been modified the 'tapak' to fit in the custom parts.
*And a pair of absorbers, I got a pair of 'Kayaba Climbing Gear' which I think its a 4x4 absorber.

2) Remove your rim. Zzz, no wonderlah my brake feel spongy, the brake hose is leaking.

3) Remove your original absorber. And we replaced the brake hose that come with the adjustable.

4) What we took from the original absorber is the bolt hub or whatever you call it. Why? Coz this hub had been converted to PCD 114.

5) Fitting the old hub on the custom 808 adjustable 'tapak'.

6) Then, remove the adjuster from the S13 adjustable. This one is easy to remove, the other one; Jaguh need to 'hydraulic press' it using house tools.

7) Taraa. A custom adjustable for Mazda 808 is born.

8) Slot in the 4x4 absorber in the housing and tighten it. And after that, put back the top mount. Im using the top mount given, not mine.

9) Assemble the hose with the caliper.

10) Unfortunately for me, the top mount does not 'ngam' and the old one didnt fit the 4x4 absorber. So, we decided to drill the body to fit in the top mount. Just a minor drilling.

11) This is how it look now. We put a thick washer as a safety precaution but in the picture, this is temporary fitting so no washer this time.

12) The new adjustable looks.

13) Adjust the desired height. This is the lowest I can get, but decided to raise it a bit to half finger at the fender.

14) Jaguh noticed that the car has a negative camber now. Can anyone explain to me why suddenly it has a negative camber?

The other side? Well, Jaguh had tried his best to remove the bolt on the brake caliper. Cant opened it coz too rusty. End up, we send to Jeembo's Garage for a help. Hahaha. Well, at least we had tried.


Many thanks to Jaguh for helping me and teaching me a few stuffs. Car's handling is great now. Not too hard and not too soft.

Happy trying and thank you for watching.


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