Saturday, January 31, 2009

Effort of 3days.

The past 3days, this is what we had been doing.

First, the fucked up speedometer that took Jaguh 2days to solve and fix it.

I bought a new speedo cable, yet the speedometer didnt move. So Jaguh removed it, and found out that the gear already jam~

Jaguh's solution? Hahaha. RXZ speedometer! Yes, the rempit's favourite bike!

Emm, looks nice.

Not really. The cable cant move if it is bent, so need to rotate the speedometer to make it work. Hahaha. Plus, while testing on the road, if other peoples are cruising at 40km/h, my speedo is at 20km/h! That mean, if the speed limit is 110km/h, I must travel at 55km/h according to my speedo! Hahaha. And the best; my speedometer can record till 360km/h!! Why? The limit is 180km/h, 180 x 2 = 360! Haha.

While waiting Jaguh to fix the speedo, I was doing some paint job.

Tape, tape and more tape needed!

Was using 'flat black' spray can.

Taraa.. Much nicer pillar!

Bumble Bee stripe!

Happy friends came to help too! They love spraying eventually. Hahaha.

Yay! This stripe will increase my 'Beng' hp. At least 30 beng hp!

Tomorrow will spray the trunk area. Wee..

Thanks to Jaguh for his full effort and commitment during this 3days. Kinda pity him coz need to come around noon and returned only after 12am. Hehehe. I owe you a big one dude! Anyway, this shows Jaguh Autoworks is doing a great!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mazda 808 Ad on year 1976!

Was checking out, and found out that there are some 808 ad posted by forummer Motard. Thanks for sharing bro. So here's some of his finding, Mazda 808 ad during 1976!!

Damn nostalgic. Gosh, Im in love with old cars now! I wish I can go back to 70's and try to rescue a lot of classic car. Errr, I think Im using a classic car. Hahaha. I dont want people to call me 'Amar 808', sounds gay to me. And definitely not 'Amar classic'. More gay! Argh, better do more 'modern' touch on Bee before people call me 'classic'!

From the ad, I found out that the company claimed that 808 FC is low, and I found out its quite true. Its almost a week, I just fill em up with RM20 fuel. Till now, I just used half of it. Emm... Nice~

Louis Vutton + Bucket Seat.

While waiting for tomorrow, I did some sewing job. Bwahaha. Who told you guys cant do sewing job!?

The materials:
Bucket seat, handbag, sewing kit.

Removing the internal parts.

Cut it into three pieces.
Few hours later:

Will do on more sides soon!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

808's Breakthrough.

Since today is still a holiday due to Chinese New Year, most of the shop are closed, thus no new parts cant be bought. So Jaguh and me just did whatever we can using whatever we have.

Bought the shift boot at DCM member while wipers, we 'found' it on a scrap-condition car on the roadside. LOL. And new bosskit for the Momo steering.

Classic looking. Sorry, I dont like it though.

After upgrading. Much better. Bucket still seating in my room. Waiting time to be transfered.

Voltage stabilizer in. I do have the grounding cable, but Jaguh didnt know where to put all the 5points!

The ugly rocker cover. Removed by Jaguh as Im 0 on the engine's parts.

Sand, sand, and more sanding! Plus few times using the dirt remover.


After: (Note the shining effect after sanding. Air filter cover also had been grind by wire brush.

Holes behind sticker! Damn lazy previous owner.

Grind all the way till no rust.

Hole is covered by glueing a metal sheet.

Cementing job done. Notice the marker dot on the hood. Marking for the stripe paint job soon.

More area that had been cemented:

All jobs are not possible if Jaguh didnt help me today. So thanks dude!
His slogan:
Jaguh Autoworks, Can do what lancau u throw at me, Just give me the time, If U cant wait, hantar lain tempat..

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bucket DIY Project!

Since it is Chinese New Year, UTM is very generous to give us 10days of holidays! Yay! So this week, gonna do a few stuffs on Bumble Bee starting today. Just minor things, so wont tell it here as it is a simple job.

Bucket seat from Getz had been removed! Wanna put it on Bee soon. And also my Momo steering. And... Tomorrow gonna start sealing the holes and rusts in Bee.

Not forgetting, bucket project! Come and guess what am I doing with it!
LV handbags + bucket = ???!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rims for sale!

Anyway, rim for sale.
Mangkuk 13', 6.5jj, -15, PCD : 110.

Gimme a call! :)

Few things updated!

Lets see some updates that had happened in this few days.

Lets start with the Bumble Bee problems. The troubles mostly was becoz of my lack funds. So kinda sad with the car, and make me almost wanna kick the door till bent. And so on. No money, no repair can be done, JPJ thingy; more money need to spent to make it a proper looking to please the inspector on duty. Ok, so the car had passed the Puspakom test, therefore less one problem. Others was like... Replacing important parts, but Im short on cash. Greeeaaat~ Nevertheless, there is always someone that you can rely on, and of coz its my parents. Thanks mom and dad :D

And.. Cancelling rim deal with Jeya, coz wanna pay for the replacement stuff, then Dad came along to help it, so the rims deal is on back. Jeya and TK also help me with few 'stuffs'. And for someone to understand other people problems ( I complaint to TK pulak! Hahaha.), that is what I called a true friends! And also not forgetting Mok and Jaguh!!! :)

Emm.. Cant wait to take my new rims! Argh, cant resist Jeya's offer somehow; 13' 7j -30! What model? Typical oldschool rims! :P Babywolfz @ Josh will send it to me by next week. Sweet~

So, that's all for 808 trouble. The car is with me less than 1week, yet I had spent extra RM2000+ for replacement parts, repair, inspection, insurance, roadtax, bla bla bla. Really gimme a headache!

Today's pic:

Bee meets Jaguh's KEtam. We need a green car, so that it can become 'Traffic Light!'
Damn, Jaguh's KEtam looks and feel much better than mine except his KEtam had been smoked by Bee in 3rd gear :P

Getz had been replaced with most of itsOEM parts back. Im sorry Getz T_T

And Mok also is upgrading! Her Mawi had been slammed and kissed a lot of bitumen lately. And what now? Front diffuser! So now, its 4fingers from the ground! Damn~~~ So now, before we are going anywhere, we have to decide which route should we take, which one we should avoid, which car is more suitable! LOL! Sendiri cari pasal!

That's all for now. Wanna sleep. It was a hard day for me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

808 Snapshots!

Today I went to Jeembo to checkout on Bumble Bee. Emm, much better compare to my 1st time in the car. So far so good. Just the timing chain noise due to loose chain perhaps. And.... 4 GEAR MAN! FUCK! HAHAHA! I thought its 5-speed! While I was testing, I cant find the fifth gear. LOL! Pickup is very good. Wheel spin easily on 1st gear. But temperature kinda pointing to H so gotta refer back to Jaguh for more info. Still waiting for the grant to be change name. Emm.. I guess thats all. I can take the car on Friday. Yay!

And Im looking for a much better looking rims. Still dealing with Jeyaraj of Retro Syndicate forum. Emmm... Come and guess the rims! Jaguh and Mok are forbid to join..

Hint : If its ON, the rim will be... HAHAHA. Keep it secret 1st~ If ON!

If not, steel rim also nice what! :P

Some pics:



Some candid photos by my lil brother:

Goodbye Aftermarket. Hello OEM!

So, this will be the last pic of my 'modified' Getz. Eyelid and bosskit had been sold. GAB coil, still pending payment, spoiler still available, bucket will be transfered to Bumble Bee, OEM steering is returned to its original position, replacing the dished steering. And transfered to Bumble Bee also. Bullet and spacers also had been reserved.

Emm, I guess thats all for Getz. It will become standard back. Doing daily routine in standard form. No more touge, no more track-day, no more beng sound, no more 'racer' looks, no more slammed, etc etc. Kinda sad though. Thinking back when the 1st day I get the car. Now almost 2years, and considered to be mission accomplish coz had fullfiled all my wish list. And return back to original state.

All becoz of the 'new' ride; 808. Damn you! Hahaha.

So, goodbye aftermarket. Hello OEM!

Im sad. T_T

Coz 808 will be a trouble-maker for my pocket. Now also already burn my pocket.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

808 progress~

*click on the pictures for a full size~
Few more updates from Jeembo Garage although Im not there. Hehehe. Copy it from Jeembo's thread in Kelab Kereta Lama forum.

Looks like the drum brake had been removed. New shoes perhaps. Got minor rust about to pop in if you look carefully.

New clutch going in. No rust down here.

Emm, messy wiring.. Engine looks ok to me.

Door and window had been fixed.

Monday, January 19, 2009

808's Interior.

I bet you guys are wondering hows the car's interior looks. I still dont have time to go to Jeembo to peek-a-boo to see whats the updates on BumbleBee. Emm, maybe this Thursday or Friday. Argh, its getting hard for me, thinking bout the car everyday. It is my first car, with my name on it, my guts gambling with my luck when buying it, and my first stuff that I have a full responsiblity on it.

For a cheapo price that I get for the car, below RM5k ( Price is secret :P), I got a car that had been done the bodywork, so rust is at minimum level and mostly at exterior, new floor ( How do I say it "Lantai baru sudah buat?"), so there is less problem I need to concern bout more rust and holes :P.

And, how bout the interior? Full leather rewrap inside. Seat, roof, door panel, the pillar, everything had been refurbished! For that price, it does make me nuts bout getting it despites I dont have any interest with 808. Seriously, and with some poison from Jaguh, Jeembo and the rest of KelabKeretaLama members, I bought it. I am stupid.

So.. I am here, the car is still at the workshop. I guess, new clutch is going in, full regular service, new brake system, aircond that will be functioning, new rims; 13' mangkuk, and most of small problems will be fixed. Hopefully.

So my plan for the car? As for now, I just want it to be drift spec. I dont care if the engine is standard :P. Emm.. So will be slamming the car soon, low and stiff. The stiffer the better for me :P . I wanna lock the axles, but I need to get some advices first as the car's spareparts kinda rare. Emmm, subframe RX7 from Yasin perhaps? Bucket seat will be transfered from Getz, as well as the steering. Harness also perhaps.

Emm, I guess thats all for now~ Sigh~

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2008 Awards

* Best Day Award - Every weekend. I can sleep til afternoon.
* Best Memory Award - Bukit Jalil Drift Event that Jaguh and me entered.
* Best Friend Award - Jaguh and Mok!
* New Friend Award - Zamil, Yasin, TK, Kazumimi, etc etc.
* Best Enemy Award -Some of my classmates.
* Song of The Year - Forever, Chris Brown.
* Movie of The Year - Transformers The Movie.
* Male Singer of the year - Chris Brown.
* Female singer of the year - Katy Perry.
* Duo/Band of the year - Avenged Sevenfold.
* Actor of The Year - Optimus Prime.
* Actress of The Year - Megan Fox!
* TV Program of The Year - Heroes.
* DJ of the Year - Rudy & JJ from Hitz.FM morning crew
* TV host of The Year - Gay@ I dont watch TV.
* Scandal of The Year -Gay @I dont watch TV..
* Best Hang Out Spot -Tajmah, DoriDori, Jeembo, Jaguh's house.
* Best Cinema - Em.. Time Square.
* Best Eating Place - BRJ Alam Damai.
* Best Bowling Spot - OU.
* Best Bookshop - MPH.
* Best Shopping Spot - OU.
* Best Karaoke Spot -Greenbox.
* Mostly Done Activity - Sleeping, online, talk cock, learn bout cars, etc.
* Best Website -,,

* Other awards you would like to give:
Boros person - Me, Mok.
Mechanic terbaik dan murah - Jaguh Autoworks!
Kawan gay saya - Jaguh(lol)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unexpected Purchase!

Hah. Guess what, I dont have a plan to bought it, I dont love it as much as I love the KE's and 910sss, I dont have a future idea for it, I dont know what I had done.

What is it then?

Its a car! Named Mazda and the model is 808. Kinda similar to Mazda Rx3. Why did I bought it? Coz I slipped my tounge and told Jeembo Im buying it despite I only have RM30 in my bank account. So I had caused a lot of trouble to Jeembo, Jaguh and the car's owner. Wtf Im doing? Am I insane? Perhaps? Stupid? Yes. Lol.

So I would like to say sorry to Jeembo for all the trouble that I had caused but in the end, I still bought it despite the day earlier I had canceled it. Saje cari pasal am I? Thanks to Jaguh and Mok for their concern bout my financial health soon. Emm, my parents for giving the green light.

So, what is the car's name? Mok wants a yellow car, accidentally I got a yellow car. She wants it to be like the Bumble Bee of Transformers. Accidentally also the car's have a looks like Camaro. Hence the name is BumbleBee!

Future plans? I dont know! I just bought a car accidentally. Big LOL this time. Wtf Im doing? So, Im still blur for the moment. Good or bad depends on my financial. I will try my best to love this car despite I didnt do any homework for 808 models. It will be a drift machine. It will be my toy. It will be loved if there is no problems. It does makes me nuts today.

So, Getz will be downgrade. Everything will be standard back. The money will be spent to restore BumbleBee and to make it to drift-spec. Color will be maintained eventhough after repaint. Of course it will have a stripe similar to Transformer's Bumble Bee. Beng enough? Perhaps. Lol, Im having a wonderful life :)

Some pics:



Future plans? It will be going sideways! Specs? I dont know! And if you ask me, why 808? Love at first sight. Where? UIA Drift Practise. Which car? This one;

Oh, I have created a new blog just for the Bumble Bee project. Hope it will be a good guide for anyone into 808. And for me to learn bout 808.
The Flight of the Bumble Bee.


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