Thursday, November 26, 2009

DIY : Engine Mounting.

Had nothing to do today, so I force myself to change the engine mounting so that the car will be drivable again. It's a sunny weather today. Quite rare in this month to have a sunny day. Did this from 4.30pm till 7pm. Haha. What I really excited was I did it myself. Without anyone helping. So, plus one into my own experience. Hehehe.

Here's the old rubber mounting. Sliced into half.

Jacking the engine. Using whatever tools that I have.

I removed the water hose, the battery and also the mounting. The hardest part was to remove the bolt due to lack of space. Took me around 1 hour to remove it.

Went to a local spare part shop, got myself a new rubber mounting. And on the right is the fucked up one.

And another 1 hour to fit in the new rubber mounting and adjusting the engine's height to fit it in. Urgh. Really not a good area to work. Too small till cant fit in my hands.

After that, refill back some water into the radiator, put back the battery, and try to start it. Yeah, it worked! And no vibration too. Test drove it and went back to the spare part shop. Initially I just wanted to exchange the starter that I bought the other day with something else, but the owner was kind enough to refund me. Wow, that's something rare also today. I bought a rubber ring to hang up my exhaust, and a H4 bulb for the lamp.

And in case nobody's buying the car, I bought a set of lug nuts for my rear rims. Its a special nut coz the nut have spacer and specially design to fit the rim and not 'boring' the rim holes. Also applied for SSR MKI and etc. And by next month, if nobody's buying the car, I'll send the car to do a proper wiring job, and maybe sending the car to paint shop? Who knows. Huahua.

The Power of Will.

Gosh, I respect them. Them? Yeah, my parents. Since I was a lil boy, whenever they said they want it, they will do whatever it takes to get it. I mean all the hard works, and doing it seriously and steadily. It had been proven a few times. From getting a bigger house till getting their dream cars. But anyway, I'm not a spoiled child, OK? If yes, I would like to drive a GTR please Daddy. LOL.

Back to story, my mom quit her job this month. Officially. Leaving her RM15k+ salary and staying at home is a rare scenario one would do. She's suffering with backbone problem, which mean she cant sit for too long, standing for too long, and whatever she's doing, she cant do it in long hours. While my dad still working at the same company.

So as an alternative, she took an opportunity to do a business. An education business. Introduced by my aunt who's also leaving her job and doing this business. Simple business. I dunno how to describe it, but can check it out my aunt's website here. Those who are interested can give my mum a call at 0133 921 921.

How much they're getting per month? My aunt is getting around RM80k per month, while my mom is around RM65k per month. 4-5 times better than her own salary at the office. So that's why she's leaving. While me? I'm doing it also. But not so serious as my mum coz I was in college the other month. But getting around RM5-6k per month as a student also OK what. Even my step sister is getting RM7k per month. Uhh, jealousy.

By the way, my twin lil brothers got 5A's for their UPSR. Congratz to them. Its proven that the e learning portal is good coz my brothers usually got 1A for their trial. Haha.

This few weeks, they had been talking bout getting another car to boost up their image. This is where my fun began. I love visiting showroom. It gives me a boost for my spirit to become like them one day. I mean success in life.

So, some cars that had been checked out was,

CLK, SLK? I dunno lah. Im not a fan of Mercedes. My mom loves it, but two seater car.

This kind of Z33, but also two seater. Oh, I love Japanese car.

And Dad loves this one, but too expensive oh. Plus I think I'm the one who will be nagging to drive it if they bought it. LOL.

There's a few more choices like the 5 series, 6 series, X3, X6, E class, but I think they love this one.

Oh, its good to know that they are having the best part of their life right now. I mean financially healthy, even though their health is a bit unstable now. I wish I'll become like them too one day and I hope they'll have a much better life soon. Amin..

Hmm, it's time for me to think what car I'm getting next. I still want to drift. Not this poser kind who have a drift machine, drift spec some more, no knowledge bout the car, but only to park at a parking lot at a drift event. Sounds like me now! Haha. Need a better platform. But have to sell Bee first lah. Oh well, lets see how it goes. Need to chat with a few sifoos to gain extra knowledge now so that I don't repeat the same mistake.

The reason I'm putting this up is to show that there's always an opportunity for Plan B if your Plan A is not working well. This is one of em. Proven some more. That's what I learned from this stuff. Oh well, Im enjoying this business too. So enjoy while I can. Study as a hobby perhaps?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time to Move On! Selling my Bee.

Mazda UC engine swap. 1.4cc. JPJ endorsed.
Just overhauled. Still in a running in process. Another 600km to go currently.
Oversize piston. Should be around 1.6cc now.
Port and polish.
Head already skimmed. Should be a high compression engine.
Electric fan.
New battery.
Weber DGAV 32/32 still not fitted.
External fuel pump still not fitted.

Front : S13 adjustable suspension consist TEIN coil with Kayaba 4x4 Climbing absorber.
Rear : 3 tonne lorry absorber with lowering block.

4 speed gearbox.
Lightened flywheel.
Welded diff.

Replica Mazda RX7 semi bucket for driver side.
4-point harness for driver.
Momo dish steering wheel.
White leather re wrap for the whole car. Roof lining, door, and all four seats.
Vacuum meter.
Jasma RPM meter.

Front : 13' x 7j -1 Wedsports (Advan A3A shape.)
Rear : 13' x 7j -30 maybe. Dunno what brand.
Duck tail from Honda EG. Still not fitted.
Fender flare.
Rear chrome bumper from RX3 (Rare).
Metal bodywork done to seal holes on the floor.
1.7' exhaust piping with Rotary style exhaust tip.
Refurbished square tail lamp from 818.
All chrome trim and bumper still intact and in good condition.

Reason selling: Upgrading to a better platform.

Price 1: RM 6500 nego.
Extra parts :
Open diff axle with spare leaf spring.
A pair of 13' x 6.5j 'Mangkuk' rim.
Dashboard in the meter area.
Retro wooden steering wheel.
Original steering wheel.
Refurbished original tail lamp.
Spare exhaust tips.
Mazda front emblem.
Rear pillar air vent.

Price 2: RM4800. I will take a few stuffs and replace it with its stock item:
Weber DGAV 32/32 worth RM350.
External fuel pump worth RM120.
Fender flare worth RM300.
13' x 7j -1 Wedsports (Advan A3A shape.) worth RM600.
Refurbished square tail lamp from 818 worth RM200.
Rear chrome bumper from RX3 (Rare). Unknown price tag.
Vacuum meter. Unknown price tag.
Voltmeter worth RM120.
Jasma RPM meter worth RM150.
Replica Mazda RX7 semi bucket for driver side worth RM550.
4-point harness for driver worth RM150.
Momo dish steering wheel worth RM200.

Location : Cheras, KL.

Contact no : 012 72 3345 4, Amar.

Extra notes :
Car's full diary at
Engine still in running in process. Another 600km to go.
Car is rebuild to be a a drift machine but still haven't got a chance to drift it.
All original parts still intact. Only badges missing.
Need a new paint job to make it looks nicer.

Thanks for viewing. Can't stand my parents nagging anymore, so gotta let it go.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Something That's Not So Funny..

What is happening to Bee right now? This is what's happening. Noticed anything different?

Anything now? Yes, the rubber mounting was sliced into half.

Hmmmm. Time to move on perhaps? S13? A31? 910? AE70? TE71? KE70? RX7? I know what's the best solution! Stay away from em'! Hahahahaha. Oh, Im starting to lose my patience. Slowly, and one at a time. Hmmm.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photography : JDMness?

Some sneak preview first:

More coming soon~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Onboard Videos.

Got an SMS from Din telling that he's coming to MAEPS Drift Run today. So I decided to go and checkout his latest upgrade, a 4AGE engine, LSD (I think it's 1.5way), and etc. Anyway, I had created an on board video recorder with a hand phone holder.

Warning! The video is purposely for testing, so it will cause dizziness and what not. And guess what, Bee's drifting! One thing that is not working well is the steering response. Must be the worn steering box. Might be converting to KE70's steering rack soon. Who knows?

This is when it is recorded. Any comments or improvement that I can make? I purposely tried it on night time so that I can see the hand phone's video quality. And one thing that LOL-ed me out today was when I tried to record on board video in Din's KE70. My hand phone flew away and scattered on the track. Luckily there's no other car that smash my hand phone. But the phone was scratched badly now. Sigh.

Anyway, I also got a chance to drove a KE70 with 4AGE yesterday too. The car belongs to the 'Freedom-spec' a.k.a Bob Mark II crew, Ipin. Hehehe. And today I got a chance to drive Din's 4AGE. Hmm, it is so much better than my engine. Sigh. My engine lost in all aspect.

Hmm, I got this 50-50 feeling again. Should I sell Bee and go for a good drift platform or should I continue with Bee? Hmm.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time To Get Dirty.

Yeah, most probably coz I bought myself a set of tools. Consist a sockets set, Philips and flat head screw driver, a spanar set or whatever you call it, a cutter, and a tool box. Yeay, my semester will be filled with DIY session.

Leaking. Hmmm.

Seriously I cant stand the heat that enter the inside of the car anymore. So back to basic, I'm fitting back the carpet.

After a few minutes, done! Less heat on the floor, less noise and looks much better.

And sealing the wiper area with silicone. I asked Im808 to seal off the vent. I'm doing for a good reason, so that there's no more rain water entering and damaging the firewall.

And its time to fit in back the offset rim. With bald tires!

Jack em up!

How's da fitment? I think OK OK only. Need a trimming when I'm painting the car I guess.

Low enough? Oh, anyone noticed that I remove the flare? Wanna sell it. Huahua.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Not Powerful Enough.

Yep. Not the engine, but the starter. I cant really just crank to start Bee's engine. Im808 told me that the starter is not powerful enough to crank the flywheel (Did I said it right?) due to high compression, so he suggested to change to a high speed starter. Well, this few days, my method to start the engine is by push start. Not the push buton, but to manually push the car!

So, there goes a hundred plus of mine to buy this high speed starter. From Proton Wira. Suppose to fit my engine.

Since I am too lazy to do it myself, I send the car to the workshop and let they do it. So, fitting time.

And what the hell, it didn't fit! Argh, I need to sell the starter since I cant use it. It is for Wira, a reckon brand (I forgot the name), and 3months warranty from the shop. RM120 nett. I didnt take a singe cent of untung. Do tell me if you want it.

And guess what, the main problem was the battery. LOL. After changing to a brand new battery, wallah! Done. No more crank problem. No more ehek-ehek, everything is working normally. Even the old starter. One thing that I can said that time was, FUCK. There goes my money on the starter. Hahaha.

Anyway, the other things that is in my concern now, is a leaking from the bottom of the engine. Hmm. Possible location when I checked yesterday was from the gearbox oil seal, the oil sump gasket, or maybe from the half moon (What is that?). So, will send the car back to Im808 once he's free from activity. Under warranty yo~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ipoh to KL.

What happened to me on Monday..

2pm - Went to JPJ to renew my road tax.
3pm - Done with JPJ thingy and Im on my way to Pudu to take a bus to Ipoh.
4pm - Reached and by 4.30pm Im on the bus.
8pm - Arrived in Ipoh. Wan Dreamers Vault pick me up and we went to his house.
10pm - Im808 arrived and he picked me up to Sungai Siput which is around 40km away from Ipoh.
11pm - Arrived at his house, get a few things fixed up and the car is ready! Yay. Im808 brief me up bout the car.

12am - Its Tuesday, and Im ready to go back to KL. Will took me 200km to reach KL.
3am - I am 70km away to reach KL and suddenly the car break down. No lights, no rev, nothing. Fuel pump and electric fan is out. I panicked and park the car on the roadside. Its dark, there's no car nearby and Im alone. Muahaha.
3.30am - Called the PLUS Peronda and they arrived. Towed me to the nearest R&R and I slept in the car till morning.
7am - A highway foreman came and try to fix and he blame the wiring for the failure of fuel pump and electric fan. He fixed it and there's no spark in the distributor. He gave up and towed me to the nearest workshop.
9am - Arrived, went for my breakfast and wait for the foreman to come.
10am - They started to find the problem source and found out that the contact point already out and one fuse already blow. Hahaha. The first foreman didn't check out the fuse.
12pm - I'm on my way back to KL with a hope the car will not break down again.
2.30pm - Arrived! Safe and sound!

Total traveling time : 13 hours for 200km trip! One hell of experience.

Early in the morning. I noticed that Bee's rear end sits much lower than front now.

At the workshop..

No more holes.

And no more rain entering the car.

The harness that I bought the other day.

The DGAV Weber and the external fuel pump will be fitted in once I finished the first 1000km.

The wide fender. Touch up? Will do once the car is ready to be painted.

From the front. Wide..

How's the duck tail? OK or not?

And finally, the new engine.

So far so good. Super loud, high compression, and to me its powerful. A few minor problem and the car is good. It needs a new battery, a high speed starter and a proper wiring job. Will update from time to time. And its time for me to active in the blog again since I finished the semester already.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Temporarily Away.

Well, actually that is because I'm having my final examinations for this semester, and I am two more papers away from the semester break. Yay! Thinking of going somewhere with true 'friends' soon.

Anyway, a lot of stuffs happened when I was away. I'll try to hook up with the summary of what had happened currently. Just one thing for sure, you cannot trust your friend actually. Even your best friend. Hahaha. Oh, Bee will be back this Friday. More surprise from Im808 I guess. I mean, he didn't really tell me what had he done to Bee. He said "See for yourself soon."

I'll be back. Cheers!


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