Sunday, September 28, 2008

Going Back to Kelantan

Tonight, I'll be driving back to Kelantan. Dad gonna drive his car, and Im with mine. Before we go, I had sent Getz for a wash. To make it a bit cleaner. Yesterday had sent Getz for a checkup and new pairs of shoe to make sure there will be no problems on the way. Hopefully.

Getz being cleaned. Shine oh shine baby. lol.

Then I go to Petronas to fill up the gas. Wanna try the 'Auto Work'. Will it work? Or the other way around?

Half tank clocked a 178.8 km. City drive and wangan at midnight.( less than 130km/h, thats the best for Getz. lol)

Full tank at RM80.63, 32.910 litres. Kazu, can you help me do the calculation later please? Hehe. Interested to know how much the car consume petrol.

And in the evening, Mom cleaned up our house's water filter. See the gross-rust color on the filter. Euuuw! Trust me, you all need a proper filter to ensure the water you are drinking is LESS poluted. Just see the color. Argh.. This is just 2months filtration.

New Tyres

Huaaa. Finally all my four tyres had worn out. Sobs. Had to ask my dad to pay for my new tyres. Ahaks! Sorry dad, one day after I have a job I'll make sure I pay it back. Hehe. Earlier thought of Hankook Ventus V8, or Kumho Ecsta, but the shop was a Goodyear dealer plus my dad doesnt want to go to Klang. And I was looking for 195/55/16. Its Satria Neo rims size. But I couldnt get it also since the shop didnt have it. Sigh. I dont really wanna support Goodyear after I knew what happen in our local drift scene.

Bye bye Kumho Ecsta. Thanks for serving me well before. Sobs. My rear tyres I took back coz still got arond 30% thread. Going to sell it soon. After Raya I'll post it.

So finally I'd been pushed to accept the tyres that available there. Sighhhh, it was a Goodyear Eagle NCT5 measured 205/45/16. Its a comfor tyre type. Sigh, I want a grip tyre!! I dont care about the comfort. My car was never comfort when it arrived to me. Sigh.. Touge wont be as much fun as before after this.

Nevermind, cant complaint much since its my dad's money and choice. So, have to accept it. Better than nothing right?

The moment of truth, "Will the car have new problems?"

AND YES!!! I hate whenever I came to a workshop ( for maintenance and checkup, not modding or else), why? Coz everytime I come THERE MUST BE A NEW PROBLEMS! Last time it was a bent driveshaft, this time? MY RIMS (ALL) ALREADY 'BENGKOK'!!!! I was like wtf? I just got it few months ago. FUCKED! Im fucked. Thought of saving my $ for the Kg Gajah Track Day that we organized ourself (lol) this coming December and a pair of bucket seat. Sigh. How Im going to find extra $ to change new rims or repair the rims?

My fucked up rims. JRD Satria GTi rims. You sucks!

Getz about to get his alignment set back to normal. Guess what? My old camber setup was -3degree front and -1degree for back. LOL. No wonder the tyres doesnt 'eat' properly and balanced. Too much drifting influence I guess?

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Visit to DoriDori Autoparts

Today I went to DoriDori to get my voltmeter and to hangout at the workshop. Why DoriDori? Can you just go to nearby accesories shop and get a voltmeter? Well, actually I do feel comfortable when dealing with DoriDori. Why? Coz thats the only workshop (Not a typical tyre shop, or car service shop) I had ever been! Hahahaha.

Well, DoriDori just moved from Ampang to Shah Alam. Actually, I knew about DoriDori from a person called Jaza a.k.a Sakaito in He's famous. Trust me. Most of people involved in motorsport, especially drift, confirm knew Jaza. Basically DoriDori is a specialist in halfcut searching, engine transplant, bodykit, performance part, drift tuning and car's accesories. So what am I doing in a tuner shop just to get a voltmeter? lol.

Dealing with Jaza makes your life a lil bit happier. You get cheap fees for labour work and low price for parts, free advises from the master, and you can make a new friends. lol. The workers there also very friendly. So far, I do have a good experience there. This is my 2nd time sending my car there. The 1st one is Jaguh's KEtam (I dont care, its mine also what~ hahaha). They worked on KEtam welded axle.

So, here's some meters that are for sale. (vaccum, water temp, oil temp, voltmeter)
One for RM120 including installation.

Nice rims for sale:

My car's going for some minor surgery:

While waiting, there are some other cars inside also:

An A31 doing some axle surgery. From standard axle to viscous LSD. Nice rims!

A Satria is having port & polish process:

So after waiting awhile, this is the result:

Its an old school meter. So cant expect it will work like those Defi's or others. Just basic display with amber backlight. I dont have high budget to opt those expensive meters,so Im trying to be wise with my choices. Plus, a simple logic, less attraction = less risk of thievery. Hehehehe. Next meter will be installed after Raya I guess. Water temp meter. ^-^

A better cockpit for me now. One more meter coming soon.

Interested to visit the shop? Here's the address and the contact person.

Jaza - 017 66 77 0 99

No 4, Jln Penggawa U1/75, Seksyen U1
Taman Perindustrian Batu Tiga
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

DoriDori is the authorized dealer for HDi intercooler in Malaysia, MOTUL, and Q8 Oils.

Auto Charge

Well, its quite rare to me ->someone asking me to test their stuff. So, Im lucky again. lol. This time, Mok's step mum in KL, ask me and her to test something which is called 'Auto Charge'. Well, to me its look like the voltage stabilizer thingy, which I already gotten myself a Raizin voltage stabilizer inside the hood. But if you saw their advertisment, this kind (plug into the ciggarate socket) also available.

They are claiming that this product will save up to 30% in fuel consumption. Plus they are giving money back if you did not satisfied with it plus 12months warranty.

Well, from brochure it said (Sorry Im not good translating Bahasa to English ) Auto Charge will stabilize your voltage inside the battery. And this stuff can sense changes in the current, and it will keep the energy and release it only when its needed. With this, the combustion process will become more efficient and the petrol cost can be reduced effectively.

This stuff have 3 functions:
*Voltage stabilizer
*Reducer of interference in electronic radar
*Battery doctor ( Maybe the meaning is this stuff can recharge your battery)

The benefits:
*Reduce the CPU interference, thus making it respond faster and enhanced it.
*Changing gear will be more smoother. (For auto tranny)
*A complete combustion occur.
*Engine can be started easily especially in the morning.
*Easy to use. (Plug and Play)
*Aircond will be much cooler.
*Brighter headlight.
*Enhance the quality of your car's audio.
*Reduce the black smog.
*12months warranty.

So lets try it! Pics of the stuff in my car:

First thing I noticed, my car can start easily in the morning. Which mean, cold start is not a problem to me anymore. Plus my aircond is making me freezing inside. Audio? Bass is beating to the max! And Im having a smoother changes in gear. So less sluggish gear change now.

As for fuel consumption, Im still monitoring it. But today, 1bar of fuel, I managed to go around 80-90km. I had been to Cheras->Shah Alam->Cheras->Wangsa Maju->KLCC->Cheras. All in one bar only. Miracle? Maybe. Cant say much yet for the fuel consumption for now.

Oh, and this stuff will cost you RM400. (From brochure lah, I dont know the real price yet)

Raya Shopping round 2

Today, I went shopping with Mok for Raya preparation. And our last hang out together coz she's driving to JB tomorrow. lol. So I skipped my evening class. Its not that I want to skip it, its that I fell asleep around 12pm until 4pm. Argh.. Im getting wayyy behind others if I continue to skip classes. I should be improving and motivating myself. Maybe after Raya, we'll see a new 'Amar'. lol. Hahaha. It wont happen. Trust me.

So my agenda today is to buy a few T-shirts. Mok wanted to buy a shoe. What? Shoe again!?? So I bought my tees, and follow her to find her Raya shoe.

Pic of her trying out the shoe:

Mok having a hard time choosing.

Mok finally found one~ Wee. And 'fuh' to me coz Im tired. Hahaha.

Cant women wear something like men wear? A PROPER shoe with all-kind of comfort features? To me, a comfort shoe is my skate shoe. Thick sole, ankle guard, bulky ( it looks nice), and of course when you are skating, you need a grip on the foot. The shoe in the pic is my newest collection (I do have a collection of skate shoe, around 6pairs. Hahaha). This model belongs to a professional skateboarder, Arto Saari. In other terms, they called it 'Pro-Model'. And this one? Its a collectors item which make it quite rare in Malaysia. Hehehe. Price? Few years ago, its around RM300-400. Mine? I get it for RM150 coz clearance sale and the last pair! Lucky me. (Bear in mind, Im always lucky. lol)

So after that, we went to Johnny's Steamboat for our 'buka puasa'. I dont like steamboat though, I just love their spinach noodle. Its BBQ Chiken noodle or I forgot lah! But its number 65 in the menu if you interested to try my favourite meal. Mok tried their 'Tom Yam Noodle' which is quite spicy. I dont like spicy foods~

And finally, something interesting happened in Sg. Wang parking lot.

First we have The 'most-stupid-asshole-retarded-blind' driver I saw in my whole life!
Dont get the picture? First, this happen in front of the entrance. The Wira's owner think his/her car is the biggest in the world, thus he/she can takes TWO parking lot for his/her car. What an ass!! Luckily there are security guard around, if not, Im volunteering myself to scrath the car and most likely Im going to write "Stupid & blind driver inside" on the Wira's door and boot. Stupidity occurs everywhere in KL! I hope I can move to somewhere else soon. To Perak, Kg Gajah I hope. Hehehehe. Right Mr TougeKing?

And then ,besides the retarded Wira, we have a Myvi from Race Craft. This car had been featured in Hypertune not long ago. Full of goodies. Nissan brakes all-around (4pot front, 2pot behind I think), carbon fibre goodies from front to back, nice rim BUT 1.0cc. Hehehe. Its a show car (Race Craft = They sell carbon fibre products in Malaysia), so it doesnt need to get too fast or else people cant see the carbon fibre. Right right?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Night Class

Huaa.. Can you feel my tiredness? Guess not. My daily routine usually consist a morning class and an evening class. And to some extent, the lecturer love to make night class. The reason I hate UTM is because now UTM dont have enough lecturer, hence there is many part-timer lecturer. If you got a part-timer teaching you, most probably you will get night classes which is a nightmare.

Night class = Tired = Assignment cant be finished = Tomorrow skip class. Get it?

And tonight? Somehow my eyes getting blur, or is it the camera? Haha. I cant see the writings in the board. Plus got few peoples blocking my view. See that 2 'lengchai'? I got a story of em'. Just saving it for the best part. One is asshole+bad ass, the other one is nerd+good boy. I will write about them soon~ For now, lets guess which one is the asshole, shall we? ^-^

Oh no, I cant see my writings!

Today we went to Big Apple Donuts, trying a few donuts. One of those is quite unique, its called 'Duren Duren' which the filling is Durian. Yep, you heard me, the King of fruits. I just love durian, so Im tring it today. Haha. Unique isnt it? The spike is sharp! Seriously. You can feel it torturing you mouth when you put it in you mouth. Haha.Its just it doesnt fluffy as J-Co Donuts.

Hari Raya Shopping?

Shopping? Raya? Neh, not anymore. This 2-3years, I dont have any mood for raya and all this. Why? Maybe the sign of me getting old. Haha. No lah, it just that Im concentrating more on the exam rather than enjoying myself. So this year, I only bought one jeans, and one slipper.

The balance I has already spent at my Getz :P This year Im giving a chance to my ride to have a Raya feeling. lol.

Slipper? RM130? Its Crocs. Seriously, if you just love walking, I recommend this brand. Its light, its non-slippery,and its look good too! Last year, I bought a fake one and it does feel good except a few slips on the wet floor. So this year Im getting myself an original one.

Taraa, the plastic bag. Looks good isnt it?

Fake VS Original.

Buka Puasa with Getzzone Club

Last Saturday, I finally decided to show up back to the club (after a while I'd dissapeared due to some internal conflict). And they are having a dinner at Impian Golf Country Resort. Its the largest gathering for the club which is around 20-30 cars, to be spesific its Hyundai Getz.

So as usual, if a Malay said its 5.30pm, you can bet they will show up earlier is 6pm, some even at 6.30pm! How good is that for us that had waited since 5.20pm :) Some even came from JB just for the dinner.

Here's a pic us waiting, note that waiting is not fun especially when you are wearing Baju Melayu and for the girls wearing Baju Kurung:

Pic of us convoying to the resort.

And pic of us being greedy taking a LOT of foods and didnt finished it up. lol. Our table had the most food on the table. Hahaha.

And this one? One and only Getz Sportiz in the club and only a few in Malaysia. Very rare. It has a manual tranny, a Hotbits air intake, Hotbits exhaust system, Hotbits suspension, a different version of interior wrapping and a lot of other goodies! The price? Hah, compare to us that is CBU, old facelift is around RM7x,xxx, the local one including this goodie bag is only RM5x,xxx only! How good is that~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eyebrow for Getz

Finally, after 2days working hard sanding and spraying the eyelids. Its done! Although its not perfect due to DIY methods, but Im satisfied with my work. :) How does it look? The eyelid doesnt fit nicely at the hood area though.

Today Mok and I went to McD for our 'buka puasa' in the evening. Its been a while since we go out together. We both busy with campus thingy. Hehe. Mok also poses for me in front of my car. She wanted to be a model, so Im practising her. lol.

A proper look on SLR for the steering. Gosh I just love the steering. :P

Huaa, now sleepy already. Goodnight all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Steering Wheel 2

Finally, after one hour trying to sort out the squeeky noise inside the bosskit, finally, its done. And also this is my first time removing and putting the steering back myself. Its a bit far to turn on the signal and wiper, but hell yeah, its look much better. And also a bit heavy to turn now. Haha.

Am I happy? Definitely!

New Steering Wheel

Taraa.. My new steering wheel. Courtesy of Jaguh. He'd been pushed by me to sell his steering. Hahaha. Sorry bro, I really like you steering wheel. But atleast you got your Nardi now. Right right?

The bosskit doesnt fit nicely so Im cutting it a bit to make it 'ngam'. Still cutting it now by the way. A little show off. lol.

More updates in the evening!

A Day In A Class

My normal routine :

*Wake up LATE.
*Face a morning traffic jam and a *sigh* coz boring routine.
*Enter the class late due to traffic jam and a blur face coz sleepy.
*Concentrate for 5 minutes for the boring lecturer, 30 minutes for the good lecturer.
*Finally ended up talking and chatting with classmate.

Results? Still dean list so far. Hehehe.

It doesnt matter if the subject is hard or what, to me if the lecturer has a good way to teach us, it become simple and interesting to learn! Sigh. I wanna finish my study faster and go somewhere else better. UTMKL is not providing a good equipments and facilities. lol. Local university. Sigh. G really need to improves all facilities here. Or are they too busy corrupting themselves? Hmm.

Me? Being retarded for a while? Too tension? Maybe. On the right is our class monitor, Bin.

What am I doing on 5am? Still not sleeping! I dont have class tomorrow! Hahahaha. How good is that!? Maybe tomorrow my 'Momo' will arrived! Yes, finally!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A gift from JB

My girlfriend, Mok just came back from Johore Bahru. She stays there by the way. See what she brought for me as a souvenir. lol.

An eyelid for my Getz! I'd been dreaming to have this eyelid since last year. Finally, my patience had been payed off. She brought it at Moffiz, a Getz tuner shop. I love the shop. It just that I dont have enough fund to go myself there so I asked Mok to get it for me. Hehehe.

So, after that I go to nearby hardware shop and get a sandpaper and double sided tape. I just finished sanding the eyelid. Later I will go and find the spray paint. DIY save a lot. And more fun too.

And today, while I was going to my classes, I spot this, a Watanabe rims with an offset! Nice isnt it? Guess the car? Its Nissan Vannete. Damn, it should be on Jaguh's KEtam not Vannete.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dato Sagor Track

Lets see, now that I already acquired the map. So hmm, just one more thing. Jaguh, please tell me the date that you free! Im thinking of 28-30.11.08 or 5-7.12.08 or 12-14.12.08. You tell me the date. Im invinting Kazu as well. TougeKing surely wanted all of us (noobies) at the track together. Muahaha. So?


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