Monday, January 31, 2011

Featured in : Rev's Photo Blog.

Suprised! Not. It's Ariff's blog. And I like his writing style. I appreciate his effort for Googling some nice photos and fact. And the fact he snap better photos than me! So he deserve some attention. I hope local magazine can take him as crew or something. He got talent.

More photos here. Cheers brother! Maybe, if there's your luck, its yours. Who knows?

Seksyen 18 Drift Day 2.

Got a call from Hashim that the track is wet since morning. Me being a late bloomer (Coz I woke up around 12pm usually), prep myself and went to the track. Also pushed Zamil to tag along. Initially just wanna hangout and let Zamil have more practice since the track is wet.

Arrived and Hashim offered us some tires for us to finished. The tires from the two set of rims; the RS Watanabe and the Longchamp. Since Zamil's arch is smaller, I told him to use the Watanabe while me; with the Longchamp.

Stole it from Zamil's Facebook. Naisuuuuuu farking naisuuuuu. Damn Banana! Instantly increase the JDMness of Zamil's Corolla.

 Rolla + Longchamp = Awesumzness damn it. My overfender is full with it.

Some more photos. Seriously I'll sell my Advan for these!

Seksyen 18 Drift Day 1.

Woke up early on Saturday to have a fix on Rolla. Seems like the push start is not working (Eventually it was only a loose socket LOL). Of course, went all the way to Klang to the same shop that did the engine work. Upon arrival, I was greeted with Hashim's Celica.

Check out the rear wheels! Farkin bloody offset Meshies!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

When You Cant Have It..

When I cant have this:

Due to the dangerousness of our public road, and the risk of accident and bla bla bla by my parents. I mean no blessing from them, I do these to ease my wish:

Wilson Tennis Racket - Faulty? Part II.

Here's the first part.

So I got a replacement racket after returning the damaged racket. Had been waiting for like 3-4 days. So I missed a few practices due to this faulty thing. Anyway, the replacement racket, its the same racket lah basically except its new.

Then, at 6pm; I went to the court and as usual, was having my daily game. And guess what happened one hour later? This cap ayam racket is totally a shitty racket. Reason wise?

C'mon man. This is not a cheap racket. I know I wont buy a cheap racket coz cheap thing no good. This is a RM200 racket. It should serve me better than the RM100 racket. It took me one hour and one normal practice, and the frame is damaged; again? I repeat, AGAIN at the SAME spot.

Wasted two handle grip for these two rackets. And I returned it AGAIN. This time? NO MORE REPLACEMENT. They said need to do further test with the racket and shits. They even claim "How can the racket damaged so quickly? We sold a lot of this model."

Well, I shall wait first. I am sure there's more out there that have the same problem too. Faulty design, by cap ayam Wilson. I know I am not gonna buy Wilson anymore. Already told them I am not going to have the same model for replacement, and I want some refund for the two handle grips I had wasted on both of it.

Saturday Activities.

Yeah, my first day of the 1 week semester break. Fill up the day pretty well. All in all, Rolla is back. Healthy and fit. The starter problem? The lulz thing was, it was only a loose socket! So, fix this and that. Asked the foreman that did the engine job to have a look, and the car is done.

Unfortunately, I am too sleepy now. Had a rib-eye steak for my dinner and I am one fat lazy mafaka now.. Feels like wanna sleep on the couch. Anyway, I promise to do a longer post tomorrow. Hehe. Anyway, some photos and videos:

Its been awhile since I last use the DSLR. Overbright photo due to overexposure. Was at the tire shop. But took like forever to queue for the alignment service, so next time will do.

And while at the workshop. Asked Man to check the TPS sensor too coz  I adjusted it.

And in the evening? Overdose with sideways action.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vote for My Sister.

Okay so I do not have a real sister. Instead I have a step sister since I was a small boy. So now she's getting married (SOBS!!). So this is her romantic love story. Quite touchy, unfortunately I am wayyy not like that. I sucks. Hehehe. Do read it here. And here are them; her fiance and her.

So she's in some contest, and in need of some votes. Here it goes. Do click this link, scroll down your cursor to 119. tKindly read the entry and if you think its worth to win, please click the 'LIKE' button at the right side of the list. Just make sure it is 119.

Random : Current Tunes.

Currently I am listening to these non stop:

Like a G6, like a G6...

Maybe I've become...


Corolla. Rolla.

Okay, to be honest; I miss my car. I miss driving it. I miss going sideways. I miss the engine noise. I miss the problems. I miss working on my car. Urghh, okay so now I know I cant be far from Rolla this long. Cant wait for the Chinese New Year. 1 week holiday equals a lot of DIY session.

I am thinking to revert back to chrome wheels as too much color looks weird on Rolla. Something like this back.
Suppa stance. But rubbing the fender like mad. Overfender it is.

This kind of color. Chrome. Joe was right. Old school wheels sometimes doesn't need color to make it looks nice. Rolla's current look at the moment. Looks weird with the black fender. Gotta paint it back ASAP.

Anyway, this is me now (After being away from Rolla for awhile):

Time to sleep. Assignments, classes, projects, labs. Duhh.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wilson Tennis Racket - Faulty?

This is my new racket I bought over three weeks ago.

 And this is now.

The frame is damaged. Again? Both my Wilson racket have this same damage pattern. Damn it.Already returned it to the shop to have it replaced. There's no way a new racket will be damaged this quick. Hmm.. Anyway some Googling and found out I am not the only person having this trouble. I'm sure there's more. Here's the original link.

Never will buy Wilson racket in future,
November 14, 2010
My 9yr old son was playing with this racket for about 1 month until the frame suddenly ruptured. I thought it was due to some material fault and changed the racket for another. To my surprise, the second racket broke when we played for second time! I have to stress that my son does not hit the ball very strongly, he is just 9yr old! He likes Roger Federer and that was why he chose this racket in the shop. But because the frame broke twice at the same place, I feel the design of the racket is compelety wrong, and I feel it is not fair from Wilson to offer such INFERIOR products to people, who buy it because they admire those big profs that play with other Wilson rackets. I would really like to see Roger Federer serving with this racket at US open!

Hope can get it replaced or better; I rather top up a bit to get a better and higher level racket. Anwyay, Wilson sucks.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Campus Life..

Okay so I left Rolla at home after the session coz cant start it. Have to push it to make it start. So bye Rolla. I drove Jazz back to campus. No matter what car I am driving, I dont use it in campus. I do use my bike a lot to travel inside there.

Anyway, I decided to go bald. Free from the messiness. And yes, I am doing some serious tennis now. Almost everyday practice it. Hope to stay fit with this sport.

And that's my new racket. The old one? Damaged frame.

Fofo and Dodo (My hamsters) at campus. Smelly animals yet so adorable. Lulz.

And some update on Pisang (Banana). Thinking of calling it Pisang Goreng (Fried Banana??) now. Hahaha. New stickers, new 'kepok', new spoiler, and a front windshield from 125Z.

Current spec. Beng-ed up but stock performance. Just wanna make it looks new. RM5 for like 90-100km. Yikes!

Anyway, time to continue DotA-ing in the cybercafe!

Featured in Kosmo!

Yea, kinda late again thanks to the Wimax. Superb service. Damn it. So here's the original link from the Kosmo! Online.

Or here's the content. Sorry it is in Malay language. You guys might need a translator to help you read it.

Kisah Rolla si besi buruk

USIA yang muda tidak menghalang Ammar menceburi bidang sukan lasak lumba kereta drift.

JIKA kebanyakan remaja seusia Ammar Izzuddin Azmi gemarkan penulisan blog berbentuk luahan hati dan perasaan, Ammar juga tidak ketinggalan memiliki hobi sama.
Namun bezanya, hubungan peribadi yang dikisahkan dalam blog Ammar adalah mengenai kereta kesayangannya, Rolla.
Ammar, 22, membeli Rolla pada Disember 2009 dan sejak itu, kebanyakan kisah yang disampaikan dalam blognya adalah berkisar pengalaman sehari-harinya bersama kereta tersebut.
"Saya beli kereta ini pada harga RM11,000 sahaja dan keadaannya memang buruk waktu itu. Tetapi, saya mengubah suai kereta ini dengan kos RM17,000 untuk digunakan dalam sukan drift.
"Sebelum Rolla, saya membeli sebuah kereta jenis Mazda 808 tetapi saya dapati ia tidak sesuai digunakan untuk sukan ini. Oleh itu saya menjualnya selepas setahun menggunakannya," katanya yang meminati bidang automatif sejak kecil.
Menurut pelajar jurusan Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Awam, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) itu, oleh kerana Rolla sudah pun berusia 20 tahun kecenderungannya untuk rosak adalah sangat tinggi.
PENGETAHUAN dalam bidang automotif memudahkan Ammar menyelenggara sendiri Rolla.

Justeru dia sentiasa perlu menyelenggara kereta berkenaan dengan kos yang agak tinggi.
"Untuk mengumpul wang, saya turut menggunakan kelebihan blog dengan menjual barang-barang alat ganti kenderaan terutama yang digunakan untuk sukan drift.
"Dari situ, saya dapat mengumpul wang untuk mengubah suai kereta saya," katanya yang memanggil Rolla sebagai besi buruk setiap kali kereta itu 'membuat hal'.
Katanya lagi, keretanya juga digunakan untuk penggambaran filem Kongsi yang akan menjengah pawagam tidak lama lagi.
"Banyak peristiwa menarik yang saya lalui bersama Rolla. Saya puas apabila dapat berkongsi pengalaman saya dengannya dalam blog, lebih-lebih lagi apabila dapat memberi panduan penjagaan kereta kepada mereka yang mempunyai model yang sama.
"Walaupun ada komen-komen berbaur negatif daripada pembaca yang mengatakan saya ingin menunjuk-nunjuk tetapi saya tidak mengambil serius perkara itu," katanya.
Ammar memberitahu, selain sukan drift, dia juga bergerak sebagai jurugambar bebas secara sambilan. Sebelum menyertai sukan drift, dia banyak menghadiri acara sukan berkenaan sebagai jurugambar.
BLOG kini menjadi medium penggemar sukan drift untuk berkongsi pengalaman mereka.

"Kebanyakan gambar yang saya masukkan ke dalam blog saya ambil sendiri. Pengetahuan dalam bidang fotografi yang saya miliki memberikan kelebihan untuk saya merakam gambar-gambar yang menarik untuk dikongsi dengan pembaca blog saya.
"Selain itu, saya juga tidak berasa janggal apabila pertama kali menyertai sukan drift kerana rata-rata mereka yang terlebih dahulu menyertai sukan ini sudah mengenali saya sebagai jurugambar dan melalui kereta saya," katanya.
Tambah Ammar, keretanya mudah dikenali kerana ia tampil dengan rim berwarna oren terang. Selain itu, dia juga banyak meluangkan masa berkunjung ke tapak sukan drift di Institut Penyelidikan dan Kemajuan Pertanian Malaysia (MARDI), Serdang walaupun perlu berulang-alik dari Skudai, Johor.
"Sekiranya mempunyai kelapangan, dua minggu sekali saya akan balik ke sini untuk berlumba di MARDI tetapi saya sentiasa berhubung dengan penggemar sukan ini melalui blog," katanya.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Night Drift!

Stay tuned for more photos. For the moment, some photos by Kimi. Also an interview from Kak Lina for Kosmo Blogger Section. Will do an update when I got it.

Unpack all the tires.

Have some fun during the rain. Super slippery and of course I am loving it!

More photos soon!


Rendered by Ariff. Would be awesome if it is a sticker aite? Anyone interested?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Faulty Gauge - Solved!

Although I promised to myself that on January I will not touch Rolla, this one is an exception coz this is one of the important gauge to tell the driver if the fuel is about to ran out. So, irritated with the not working gauge, I broke my promise and bought some stuffs to solve this matter.

First, the faulty float. Found out that Din's float also in faulty condition. And then tried to fit in my old float from my KE tank, also in faulty condition. The best way is to buy a new float, and got this after ordering it.

This is a brand new float for Corolla KE70. I am using an AE86 fuel tank, and thank you Toyota for making same parts for both car. Almost all AE86 stuffs can be fitted into KE70. How lovely is that. So this float fit nicely into the AE86 tank. And since I am using socket from KE70 float, this is just plug and play to the car.

And hell yeah, I am glad now coz the gauge is working fine. Yeah, my old gauge behind is not working anymore.

Home Sweet Home.

Yeah I am back home after two weeks without a proper internet line thanks to the 'great' P1 Wimax.

I strongly suggest that no one subscribe this thing. Its plain stupid. I had been using it for like 2 years plus and the had been like using the line for like 1 year and another 1 year wasted due to waiting for it to get some coverage. During promotion of em', everything also nice; "Yea your area is covered with P1". Bullshit. Cant wait to smash the modem to pieces. Gotta wait until YES Broadband is launched in our campus.

Too tired to post a proper writing, so I am gonna stop here. Rolla still have some minor problems like the faulty fuel gauge or maybe its float and the air conditioning system is out again. Damn you.

Anyway, my motorbike which I called Pisang (Banana due its Yellow color) is superbly great. RM5 can go for like 100km. Yikes! That is like RM20-RM30 of Rolla's fuel. Gotta love the 110cc bike. Still, I am going to buy the Momos no matter what. Soon...

Aa another thing, I will be at MARDI tomorrow to have some drifting fun. Its been awhile since my last MARDI session. I'll be there around 6pm. Do come and lets hang out.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Grand Luxury Concept.

Plan B. I am sick with the current trend, the DX face lift. Gonna do a face conversion soon with a friend. I am going to GL. Edited by Zamil. This is naisuuuuu. Thanks bro.

2011 Project.

Okay, so finally an alternative for my fuel guzzler Corolla. A motorbike. During the 1 month break, I went for my L license for motorbike. So I am finally a legal bike rider. LOL. Earlier wanna buy the Momos bike, and then some objections from my parents due to high risk of accident, so I canceled it. Then, got an offfer from Mok's dad to take his bike.

The only problem is that the bike had not been moving for like a year plus. Not even started. Here's some early snap when I went there. Pretty beaten up coz had been leaved for a long time. Some rust and damaged plastic parts.

And in less than 24 hours, I stripped the bike using whatever tools her dad have.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010.

Yeah, I am back in college. Currently trying hard to fix a used motorbike, a Modenas Kriss. LOL. Rolla is resting safely inside my house. Want to focus on my study so I leave Rolla at home. Some fixing needed in order to bring Rolla back to campus.

Anyway, my last TT before I went back to JB. Were hanging out with some friends and a special guest from Kuantan, Ariff Firdaus. Yeah, we all miss him.

Some of the photos shot by Ariff. Some Corollas.

Got a chance to sit in a FIA-Rally spec Impreza STi. Full cage endorsed yaww.

And Rolla's current looks.

Does Rolla looks great? No. The black fender ruins it. I guess I'll live with it for awhile. No more rubbing now which is great coz no more tire shredding. And another thing, Rolla gonna have a face lift. I'm gonna swap the front face to a GL face lift.

Bored with the DX face. Current trend for Rolla is a must of the quad round headlight. Gonna go for a square face instead. Something like this..


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