Monday, December 27, 2010

Video : Car Park.

Yeah, too bored combined with wet surface. Its not advisable to do this and yes, we will not do it again. Had been warned by the cops after the session. Lulz. Oh, its a new housing area so nobody's living there yet.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ova Fenda..


Urgh, getting bored with this car already.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


No more orange wheels now. No more 15'. Goodbye 2010 (almost).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Some editing job by Ariff Firdaus. Check out his awesome blog here.

MARDI Private Session.

It happened last week actually but I was still kinda not in da mood to post shits. Right now kinda have a lil mood so its time to do bulk post again! So them, Mike, Cheryl, Hafiz, his friend and Uncle Yap were having a private session at MARDI. And me? As usual, being a busy body dude, I went there too. Just wanna go 'lepak' and NO drifting. That was the early intention. Yeah, you can rent MARDI track for private use at RM100 per day.

Cheryl, drifter girl in the making.

Uncle Yap ready to go back coz got some work to do. Hafiz wandering around.

Newly acquired KE70. Hafiz's car is put up for a proper use, sideways. Not like others, posers. Kekeke. No offense there. Not all, but some. My sifu already told me, its normal to have some posers among all. Its just me who cant accept it yet. Yeah, was having PMS recently. So kinda anything not related also got blamed.

See them just throwing away the tires just like that. Dayumm..

DIY : Engine Check Up.

I am quite particular when it comes to cleanliness of the car. From the interior, exterior and even my engine bay. I always take some time to clean up the engine bay. So few days ago, decided to do some extra cleaning job and also some check up.

Bought some stuffs, like carburetor cleaner, engine degrease and also a new radiator coolant.

Check out the dirty intake. I'm running with open throttle, therefore no filter to filter out the dirt, dust and etc. Gotta check the intake regularly.

The rusty water out of radiator. Damn. Yes I don't have any problem with temperature. Just wanna make sure my car is in good condition.

After clean up process. 

And the dirt coming out of the exhaust port. Foo..

And I am happy owner again.

Out Of Petrol. Again.

For the third time, the car stalled on a roadside due to empty tank. Gosh I really need to fix the faulty fuel gauge or I might be having another breakdown moment. This time it happened at Putrajaya. So I post up at Facebook for some SOS. A few friends respond, and one of them do come to help. During the waiting period, I walked around 1km plus to reach the petrol station.

Luckily I'm using an iPhone, so can online anywhere coz subscribed to Maxis Internet Package, and also thanks to it, I can Google my location almost anywhere.

Thank you faulty gauge!

And this brother come to rescue me. Sorry I forgot your name. But big thanks for coming down to help me. Nice stock KE70.

Yeah I bought the bottle just in case it happened again.

RM5 of RON97.

Really need to fix the faulty gauge. Gotta do it before I got back to Johor Bharu. Seriously, I cant live without the iPhone. Hoho. A lot of things can be done through it. Really worth buying it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Randoms.

Pretty much boring December. A lot of stress more than I can handle. I'll get to it pretty soon when the case settled. Cant wait to get back to campus. I guess my stressful life at campus is nicer than being at home. Corolla doing great. Going some pretty much appearance changes. Gonna reveal it soon when its done also.

Its been awhile since I posted some of my photos. Huargh, gonna go to Formula Drift tomorrow. Eddy of Dworks Garage invited me to become one of the contributors for the Motor Myth. So kinda excited for it. First task would be? Formula Drift!

Anyway, some random photos:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update Progress = AE86 Fuel Tank into a KE70.

Okay so here's some progress today after Din drop by and swap me with his analog float:

The top one is digital float. And the bottom one is analog float.

Another shot between both of em. Note that the blue cover is digital type.

And here's comparison between the original KE70 float on the left and AE86 analog float on the right.

Head cover comparison.

And here's some basic color guide for the socket. The bottom one is white/black color, right side is red/yellow, and the left one is blue/yellow. And now, my fuel gauge is working. Everything settled.

And close encounter.. Almost. Almost. Luckily didn't hit Dad's car.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Attention!! Cefiro Stolen!

Ok guys,I need your help finding this car,it was stolen 8/12/2010 this morning at Bukit Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur around 5a.m today. Here's the spec:

Nissan Cefiro with registration number JDF928.
Blue color.
R32 face lift.
Body kit are pretty much beat up,half of the rear bumper is missing.
Rollcage, no passenger and rear seat.

If you found this car,please call 012-668 0474 Azrin or the owner 019-382 1700 Jamil.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Signature. 
 Does it looks nicer? More simpler perhaps? Any comments?

When Politician Make Promise(s)..

RON95 price is fixed this year:

One month later, price is up by 5cent. This is LULZ.

AE86 Fuel Tank into a KE70.

Holiday month! That's it. Finished my 1st semester and its time to do a lot of things as planned. Okay, so I had been holding up some stuffs that I wanna fit it into Rolla, and now its time to do it. First of all, is the AE86 fuel tank. Got it with a friend's help at a very affordable price.

There's few stuffs that is up for sale, like these but check on the Junkyard later aite?

And others like battery box, cut off switch, fuel gauge meter, and etc. The priority is the fuel tank coz I cant stand the fuel fume and heavy consumption anymore.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Junkyard!

Currently still building the blog to be a proper selling place. Hehe. Any comments? Anything to improve? Just doing it for fun.

Do visit us there if you are looking for some parts whether it is new or used or whatever sold there.

The Junkyard.


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