Monday, August 29, 2011

Overall Puasa Offroad.

Did a lot of offroading/trailing this fasting month. More than usual. In full energy also. No I did not skip my fast also.Its just too excited to miss it.

DIY carby service.

New Honda plug.

Tuning the carby and idling.

Hill climb fever nowadays!

Yep we all conquered it finally!

More trailing session with Kajang Dirtbike Club. All are welcome to join!

Fully suited up! Now only missing is the motocross boot and pants!

We go down down down rescuing.

Another one bite the dust.


Cleaned and ready for 1 week rest for you bike!


Finally got it like few days ago. Its manual. Its white. And its 3345. Still didn't know if I can drive it back to JB or not. Otherwise, I'm driving back my old Getz to JB. Don't care also as I'm really into trailing/offroading now.

Final inspection by the salesman. One of the rear fender misaligned. First bad sign.

First fuel refill. Quite a drinker I think this car is.

And new car get the front parking. There goes the army of white.


Packing up stuffs and will be driving back to Kelantan today. Driving the 308 instead of Neo. So, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Independence Day guys! Will be in full swing after Raya!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Model Kits.

The Gundam had been there for like a month without any progress. While others been there like forever. Hahaha. This thing really need a mood before can be done. I guess the mood have not returned to me yet!

Bandar Teknologi Trail.

Here's the video. Pretty much first time recording during offroad. Maybe need some adjustment on the camera angle.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scouting Track.

Yesterday we went to Bandar Teknologi Kajang for a new possible trailing track. Just four of us and we went in around 6pm. Quite late yes. But its fun. Tested the mini cam today. Output wasnt that good compare to the GoPro. But better than nothing I guess. Video will be uploaded soon~

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cant Sleep.

So what I did today early in the morning..

Checking out the new panel on the bike. Luckily it fit well. Just the color spoiled it.

Mounted the video camera holder on the helmet cap. Too tired or lost focus and I accidentally drilled my left middle finger. Damn it.

And the video camera is working perfectly now. A test video:

Stereo Hearts.

Tune of the month. Suits what's happening with my life now. Muahaha.


Genting once. All alone. Went through the Batu 12 route up to the top of the hill. Yes, Demak sampah boleh!

And went to Genting again after the next few days with Ilya riding the Kawasaki. I'd say a good stress therapy for me.

Hello 308!

Wishing my last good bye to the Wish! Had a lot of fun and memories with the bang bus.

And say hello to the newest member in the family, the 308 Turbo.

Oh, i didn't went all hyped up bout the 308, no interest I guess and Neo should be by this week I guess?

Last Session..

A day before the trail, we went for some mud action.

The next day, woke up early to sneak out. Haha. Suited and ready to go!

And I end up in a valley? Luckily the bike stucked on a slope and didn't fell on me.

Friends pulling out the bike first.

Finally got myself a full set exhaust system.

It looks good and do improve the bike's performance.

August is boring.

Yes, the blog almost on idle mode again. Thanks to the fasting and some relationship problem again and again. Nevertheless, I shall do an update on the bike! Yikes.

So my bike now is on 'motard' mode which mean onroad mode. Since there is no offroad session, there is no purpose of me using the offroad tires coz the it will wear out quite fast. Yes, motard should be using 17' and I am using 18'. Off-road spec is 21' front and 18' rear. Hence, I stay on 18' for easy tire swap.

I'd been here and there since on motard spec. Genting twice and Ulu Yam once. I do enjoy tackling the corner.

Also my new helmet. Yes its for girl but I do like the white color.

Last few days I was so hyped bout changing the carburetor. So I bought a TS carburetor, an original but used one. Here's a difference between the original and the TS carb. Bakat is the one helping me installing it.

Open up and checking out. Everything's good and ready to go.

Fitting time.

Fitted and hell, much difference in torque sense. I do enjoy its lower and middle range power now. After all that's what I was seeking. Should be fun during offroad.

And finally, a Demak DTM side panel (Black color) had been trimmed and fitted into my bike. Can put a number there finally! 

Next will be sticker-ing up the bike! Some sort like this:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Neo Neo.

Already got some wild idea for the car. Hahahaha. Here's a random picture of a normal CPS Neo.

And this is my benchmark. The R3 version of it. Add on RM20,000 and you can have this R3 edition from factory. But,I guess a CPS version is better than walking or riding bike. This time, I'm gonna focus on the handling. Grip all the way on Genting or autocross. Oh hello FF. FF sucks! Yes, I admit it.

Be thankful with what you have or get. Ya ya I know. Just day/night dreaming.

Bro Time.

We rarely see each other now since everyone are not in the house anymore except on school/public holiday lah. So, its good to have a picture with all of us.

Me myself in Skudai now, my second brother is at Cyberjaya now while the twins are in Ulu Yam. Damn they are taller than me!

Fasting Month.

Happy fasting guys. Still in resting mode therefore a bit slow on update. Actually kinda lazy due to fasting. Hehe. So gonna get my fasting rhythm first and then I'll be in full swing like usual again. So what's coming and what's up for this August?

New exhaust system and slick tires? Yep. Offroad tires are on fasting mode also. Since there's no offroad activity this month, might as well I changed it to road-worthy spec. Its fun to take corner now. Now I understand why some of them convert it to motard spec.

And I guess its time to bid farewell to my favorite ride ever after my old Corolla, the bangbus Toyota Wish by next week. Okay now I miss my Corolla after putting this pic damn it.

And its time to say hello to its replacements? Yep, the Wish gonna be replaced by these two:

Peugeot 308 with a mini turbine inside, sadly no 'kepish kepish'. 

And a Satria Neo powered by V-Tec somesort, CPS.

No confirmation yet for both, so we'll see by next two weeks. Anyway, time to sleep before sahur..


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