Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mudah Pro Niaga.

Finally I set up my own Mudah account for my property listings and also for car stuffs.

Here's my properties related ads:

And here's my car aftermarket stuffs related:

Do visit it ya!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sg Long - Semenyih - Broga.

Found this on YouTube. Pretty much the route we passed when trailing.

Offroad Session.

Huargh. Imma tired. I got few properties listing that need my attention actually but been 'huuhaa' too much this weekend. Tomorrow gotta do all the works. Erghh.

By the way, today is the offroad session day. The session is once every two weeks. Some photos for today. Not much snapping due to rainy day. So gotta keep my hand phones and wallet in a plastic bag.

Kips. Improved version this time!

While waiting for others, we had our breakfast at Mamak.

One of the stop.

Had our lunch at the same restaurant like last time before heading back. Kinda rush coz it was raining. We didnt want to stuck inside the forest coz everything would be very slippery and dangerous.

Erghh, I wanna write more but I am very tired. Will post more tomorrow. Hehe.

Anyway, enjoy this. Crazy titanium ball seniors.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally, a Job.

Finally. Got myself a job. Well, lets just say I offer myself to the company so that I can learn something valuable for my semester break. Its property/real estate related and I am very excited to learn more about it coz that's what my parents had been doing for years. Buying and selling properties.

So, Imma a trainee of Real Estate/Properties Negotiator now. If you have any properties for sale or looking one, do tell me. At least I can learn bout the process and all that.

Really excited! Anyway, thanks to Mok for tipping me off for the job.


I always wanted a picture of me with my bike. And last week, I got it. Thanks to Ariff. Its awesome.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Mindfuck. And pretty catchy. And I think this is Gay related. Found it thru Obefiend.

I believe this is the next part. The chick is beautiful.

Back on Blackberry.

Got my Blackberry back. So to those need to ask or whatever, can add me up by this pin:

And since I am quite active on Twitter, here's my Twitter:


It was...

Cold. And I'm broke now.

Sg Long - Semenyih Trail Session.

First route was hill route. Up and down we go. Mostly dangerous downhill.

Waiting for everyone to arrive before hitting the first route.

Just around the corner when one of the fella fell down. So everyone stopped.

The hill route was the longest. I think we spent almost an hour plus inside I think. A barn (I think) as the last checkpoint of hill route and the starting of the rocky and narrow route. The next route would be the most challenging of all route.

We stopped just before the narrow hill route. Rocky route was pretty much shaking and slippery.

Steep. Very steep. Those DTM (Onroad version of Demak scrambler) cannot climb the hill due to smaller size sprocket while we DMXR (Offroad version of Demak scrambler) climb it without no problem.

Another stop. For our self to rest and for the bike to cool down after climbing.

Just before the exit of the trail, there were another group gathering here as the last checkpoint. Pretty much all kind of scrambler. From the slowest (us) to the fastest bike around. Not to mention beautiful chicks also!

Sorry for you mate coz you stuck there. 

Have our lunch at the lake and its time to go back. Here's one of the unique bike (Kawasaki Kips they called it) that was in our group.

Get out of the track by 6.30pm after one of us crashed. Quite slow due to shortage of one rider. So we sent the bike out, then returned back to the group and brought him out. 

There's another session next week. Hopefully I can participate.


From the worst bike I ever ride to the most expensive fuel I ever filled.

And pretty much everything was sea related.

Not so clear ocean floor.

Someone to accompany.

Oh well, maybe one day I can revisit this island.

Pretty Much Done..

Today felt like finishing the job so here's some progress. Seriously without mood, I cannot do it. That's why it is pretty slow progress. Plus I am a busy person (Ahaks!).

Paint stripping. Safety first! Glove only. Should wear long sleeve, long pants and something to cover up my face.

Old silicone that I used years ago had harden. So bought a new silicone sealant.

The RX3 grill had been resprayed to black color.

Here's the almost finish parts of RX3. Quite happy when it shine.

Fitting back the lense with new sealant.

Should be water-tight now.

Now only left the fitting of the cover and walla, it's new!

Some AutoSol will bring the shine back. Hopefully.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mazda RX3 Model Kit.

I want this please!

Sg Long - Semenyih Trail Session.

Will get to this properly written soon. For the time being, some brief explanation on what happened today.

Trail started around 10am. Expected milage was 30km to 40km for one way.

I should buy a long sleeve after this. Seriously.

Four hours in the trail and its time to take five.

On the way back, my friend, Izzat and I were chasing each other (That was a wrong move, very wrong. Never ever race when trailing). During downhill, we both hit a hole at a high speed around 60km/h to 80km/h (On offroad, it is very fast already you know) and send us flying. He was badly injured and had a concussion. He went blank for like 30minutes before regain conscious but he didn't remember anything or even the trail session. Felt bad for him. I was lucky enough to avoid hitting him and I escaped unhurt.

Went out from the trail course around 6.30pm. A bit slow coz we need to ride out Izzat's bike which mean a few trips and also it was raining making the course very slippery and super dangerous.

In the mean time, I need a massage please!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Whatever I do, I always try my best to make it epic. Attention is #srsbzns! Not sing song talk cock determination. In this case, my previous Corolla was really a piece of my art. Its really FOR TEH WIN!

As featured here. Thanks for putting it though. Sorry a bit late.

And of course, without proper photos, it meant nothing. As usual, photos by Ariff are always the epic one. I owe you a LOT bro. You know what I mean. Cheers for you bro.

Shutter Island?

Wedding Proposal.

Okay I am still too young to think or plan anything for my wedding , but some inspiration wont hurt. What I lack is the balls and the romanticness level.

DIY : Tail Lamp Restoration.

*I actually had done this DIY process few years ago. You guys can check it out here for more further step explanation:
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.

Stuffs for this DIY process are:

*Spray can. Bought two silver and one black color.
*Sand paper (400 and 1000)
*Paint stripper and brush.

Carefully remove the lenses as it will crack if you push it. Don't try your luck especially if its a pretty rare stuffs.

Clean all the stuffs and let it dry. Only after that you can judge if its restore able or not worth trying. In this case, everything are in good shape and I am pretty confident and with my previous experience, I can refurbish all of these hopefully. What make this project special is that the car sport a facelift of RX3, and to be exact the 10A facelift. Take note that the facelift itself cost thousands of Ringgit if you wanna buy it.

We manage to score a new set of front bumper signal. Thanks to the Ipoh trip and Wan DV for helping us sourcing stuffs.

Autosol is a great stuff. It can shine almost everything. This is due to its abrasive feature. What I don't like about it is that this thing eventually will 'polisht' up your skin too during the polishing process. Now I am in pain.

The cleaned lamp cover was sprayed to silver color to reflect the light bulb better.

And one of the worst thing I had experience was the paint removal of the bumper. Its my first time working with the paint removal and only after it touch my skin I know how corrosive this thing is! God I hate this thing. Time consuming and I only manage to do 1/3 of the bumper.

For the lenses restoration, what I did first was using the Autosol to rub off the top layer. I did my best for like two or three times before polishing it with Headlamp Polish. What differ these two polishing liquid are its abrasive grade. Autosol is pretty much coarse while the headlamp polish is fine. Shine effect can only be achieved after the fine grade of polish process.

Emblem done. For the second time, I manage to restore it again. Pretty happy with it.

My first attempt was two years ago. Heck, it was coincidence that both photo look similar!

The tail lamp cover. The right one had been restored to its glorious state while the left one havent. Cant do it today coz my hand hurt from too much exposure from Autosol.

One side done! :)

Two years ago, I restored these:

While it was on my Bee. I love this square tail lamp. Really muscular looking for Mazda 808.


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