Friday, September 30, 2011

Project : Pit Bike!

The last deal was unsuccessful. Tak jadi broo. But this time its gonna happened!

Bought this piece of shit for a small amount of money, its freakin cheap. The downside? Piston ring is worn out, and it need to be overhauled. So Imma gonna restore this baby!

It is powered by an EX5 engine so engine wise parts are easy to source and cheap too. Together with the bike, I bought also a racing block and its piston (No I lied. The piston comes from Kriss actually).

Now, where do I source out its cover set?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mobile Friendly.

Just add up the mobile version for my blog. Now its mobile-friendly. Preview can be seen here.

Forever in A Capella.

One of my favourite song in A Capella version. Nice one.

One Fine Day..

Skudai is great. I mean it has a great weather everyday. No sun at all, always cloudy. And rain. This good weather remind me of Cameron and Genting. No more sweating. Anyway, its not about the weather I wanna write. Today I finally got a chance to went for some trailing with JB friends.

Only three of us. Quite fun. Its been awhile since I did some trailing. Followed a group called Wolf Pack. Quite famous here in JB. How do I know them? One of them is Mok's uncle actually.

 After the trail, went for some breakfast (Oh yeah I woke up at 2pm and straight away went for it), and we drop by at the Angsana MX track. Enjoyed the track but no jumping. Demak wasn't meant for jump and I don't want to risk the chassis snapping into pieces.

Best part is that I was given a chance to test out this bike! Made by KTM, its a 2-stroke 250cc. Almost like 500cc for 4-stroke aite? Damn hell fast response. Blergh why everything that's nice in this world must cost an arm and leg?

Hmm. How I wish everyday is like this. No classes at all, great weather and a lot of trailing. Hah. In my dream.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Its been almost a week since I got back to campus. Nothing much. Still fixing our class time table. New roommate, new block but the same college. Quite okay so far. Bike in good health, me myself also in good health, and Neo also in good shape.

Somehow, I dont have the 'kick-start' yet to mod the Neo. Maybe I will not mod the car at all. Best to leave it stock and enjoy the comfort. I guess I am a dirt-lover now. Always get excited whenever I found an off-road track/trail or even route.

Cub Cross.

New addition? Basically its a Yamaha RX-S (or is it RX-K or RX-135 Im not sure). Its a 2-stroke bike with 135cc. Had been custom/converted to a cross. Its a cub-cross. I think I am buying it~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

After-Raya Shopping.

Although I am a bit old for duit raya, I still got some from my uncle/aunt, not to forget my parents too. So, I spent some of it for my bike. Yikes!

My old gear lever was damaged pretty bad during the night trail at Kemensah.

A new gear lever from Demak will cost me RM25, and this used item taken out of Yamaha YZ125 cost me RM130! Its made of alloy and quite strong. And the tip can be bent so no more damaged gear lever after this I hope.

Also, the brake lever need a replacement. After countless fall, the lever was bent and the brake piston is jammed making the bike super heavy to push around.

Replaced it with a Panther lever. Now no more problem.

A proper hand guard from Racing Boy to complete the new parts.

And the bike is on the way to JB now. Posted it by train yesterday. Hopefully can take it at JB tomorrow.

And finally, my kasut raya! Need some proper training to get used to the crammed,tight boot. Need to soften the leather too. Its hard as hell to change gear with the boots on!

I am already half way to JB now. At Malacca at the moment. Semester gonna start next week. Its gonna be a fun semester this time. New car; Neo, bike in proper condition, and others. Hopefully can score another Dean List like last semester.

After Raya Trail.

Arrived safely at our home around 4am. And crashed to my bed around 5am and was called by my offroad group members to join their after-Raya trail at 10am. 13 hours of driving and sleepless sleep and there I was for the trail. It was my last trail before I returned back to UTM to continue my semester.

We went to Sg Lui first for a Raya visit to one of their houses. On the way there, my rear tube decided to go poof so we went to a local

This damn pin puncture my tire and the tube too. For those who a regular offroad person, do make sure you have your tube according to your tire sizes just in case. As expected, all the regular bike shop does not have 21' or 18' tube. And I always have both in my bag. So just a swap job.

After that we went straight to Semenyih and started our trail there. Some photo during take five. Me wearing the new jersey I bought at Kelantan the other day. This is our otai/leader that lead the pack. Why him? With motard spec (daily tire spec) and with his son sitting behind, he's still the fastest through out the trail. Damn cool.

Final stop at Bukit Botak.

 Few poses as this is my last trail here in KL. Will be back here in action only by next year on June 2012.



Fixing some minor damage.

After the trail, we all went to the another Otai house. I forgot his name. But he dont mind us; Demak rider to follow them, the Kawasaki pack. Yes, Demak always been looked down by most Kawa user, but some aren't, such as like him.

Bike's cleaned and ready to be posted to JB.

I guess I'll see you guys again next year! Its been a pleasure and such fun to trail and hangout with you guys. Kajang Dirtbike Team. I'll support you guys from far.

2011 Eidulfitri.

So this year's Raya was a bit dull since most of my uncle/aunt didn't went back to Kelantan. And Kelantan was super packed during festive season made it more boring. Didnt go here and there too much. One of my cousin from Russia was with us this year so that one is a plus point for all of us; the cousins.

With them cousins. The only KFC in town and its packed all day long.

Testing the Vietnam's helmet.

Pengapit for my other cousin. Does that mean I am getting married soon? Haha.

Bought few jerseys from Kota Bharu. Half the price compare to KL. I bet these are from Thailand.

Visiting my arwah grandfather. Al-fatihah.

Last farewell for our cousin. His final year before returning to Malaysia as a doctor.

And that's bout it for this year's Raya. Not even a family photo coz I dont have any mood that day. Plus been sick whole week long. Another 'big' thing was during on the way back to KL. Took us bout 13hours and some 5++ km. Long day it was.


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