Friday, July 31, 2009

For Sale : Levin TE71. 2 more units.

2 more units left. Full details can be found here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Video : Wedding Song.

I'd been listening to this particular song almost a year (since the song was released, I forgot when). It is called 'Forever' by Chris Brown. I'd love the rhyme, the lyrics and the beat. I never get bored with the song. And recently, a couple had done something meaningful to their wedding and had bring up this song again in the top chart.

I love it.. Just love it. Very happening, very cheerful, and somehow the song and the bad dancing really suits each other. Hope the couple live a happy life, forever. And, the vids hit 11 million views yo! This is going to be my wedding song too! XD

I mean in the future. Not now.


For Sale : Takara Tomy Model, Toyota Corolla Levin (TE71).

Made by Takara Tomy, and the car model is the Toyota TE71. I cant find the toy's scale, but the rough size is as big as your thumb finger. Brand new and with the box. I opened it just to snap some pics. The tyres are made from rubber. It is a Tomica Limited production I think.

COD at Cheras / Wangsa Maju. Can post it too but buyer will pay for the posting cost.

Contact me at 012 72 3345 4.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Toy : Nokia E71.

I was using an LG Cookie before the hand phone decided to cause me a lot of trouble like super weak battery ( I need to charge it daily!), a slow processor, and not so sensitive touch screen. It was from Zitron though. Also cant complaint much since the phone was given to me by my dear, Mok.

Anyway, Mok was surveying the Sungei Wang Plaza for a new hp since she really want a set of Blackberry. Way to overpriced if you ask me. Then she saw the Nokia E63 & E71 and somehow she managed to make me interested with that model too. Im still in love with Iphone though. That is my dream phone coz I like the chrome finishing and the game inside it.

So, after a few round, we stopped at a shop and started to test the E63 and the E71. Initially Mok wanted to buy one, and since I was interested with the E series too, Mok decided to buy TWO phone. Gosh, am I too lucky to have a girlfriend like her? One in a million I bet.

So, Mok decided to take the Nokia E63 and I was about to take E63, then I saw the CHROME E71 which I really started to get crazy with it. Seriously, blame the retro fever, Im in love with chrome now. And luckily Mok had already draw a few extra hundreds, and agree to take one Nokia E63 and one Nokia E71.

What's the difference? E71 standard feature come with a built in GPS receiver while the E63 didnt have. E71 come with a metal finishing, and E63 with plastic finishing. And a 3.2 megapixel camera on E71 and a front camera for 3G, and 2 megapixel on E63 and no front camera. That's all. The rest, they are almost identical. Some said that E63 is the lil brother of E71.

And here's my new toy! Its an original set, I never buy an AP set for my handphone coz original rocks!

I really loved the QWERTY keypad. No more short SMS to Mok now! I was super lazy to SMS people when I used the LG Cookie. =)

Other feature like a Microsoft Quick Office (Words, Excel & Powerpoint), Nokia GPS (Monthly charged~), Yahoo Go!, Messenger, and etc. And, the best, if you ask me, the wireless internet. I dont have to bring my laptop anymore now. I can online through my phone. Full Internet browser. Not the 3G connected internet. This is my toy when Im in boring class now. Facebook, my blog, and others. All in my palm.

And the phone shell that we had bought. The black one is hard shell, while the clear one is a medium soft plastic shell. The problem is, the hard shell is very slippery and sometimes very oily, while the clear one is a dust trapper. Need to take an extra care when Im using one of em. Once a week for maintenance maybe.

Since Im not going to pay the monthly fee for the Nokia built-in GPS, I bought the GARMIN software (Not illegal download ya~) from the Nokia dealer and now Im connected to the sattelite 24/7 for a road guide! No more sesat here and there anymore! It function 100% like a GARMIN GPS Navigator, except mine is running on a phone. Top speed recorder, milage recorder, a navigator, total moving time, total stopping time and etc.

Anyway, to tell you how sick I am with the city of Kuala Lumpur, this is the GPS recorded data from the phone. Was trying it from my hostel to my home. Usually if the road is clear, it only take me 15 minutes to arrive to my home, and I was going home at 8.30pm on Friday, and quite surprised with the fact that Im only moving for 2minutes and 47 secs, and the crawl/stopped time was 37 minutes and 11seconds. Great isnt it? Im so not gonna miss KL soon. I rather stay at JB or Ipoh.

Will take photos of my phone and Mok's one soon~

DIY : Lowering Block And It Hurts!

Gosh, I was super busy till I totally forgotten bout my blog. With the super stupid P1 Wimax that disconnected every 5 minutes, how da hell I wanna update!? Plus with my tight class schedule, that make it worse. Man, I need a day to rest. It was suppose to be today, a day free from my Bee.

And I had decided not to take the 3T and the Libero axle. The owner want the T50 gearbox that come along with the engine, so it will be more trouble for me to source one soon. And the Libero? Too much stuffs need to be made first before it can be plugged in. Solution?

I bought Wadi's 808 spare axle. Gosh, this particular axle is so rare that I need to have a spare axle if Im going to lock the other one.

The extra leaf. I wish I can fit all of em in my car to stiffen it.

And the reason I bought it? It came with a custom made lowering block and a longer U bolt to hold the leaf.

Mr Jaguh came to help. I really appreciate it. Thanks bro. Still not recover from the accident, and yet he came to help me.

And my brother suddenly wanna help around. So I asked him to loosen up the bolt. Until..

Bam! The leaf stressed out, and my brother's finger was stuck between the leaf and the jack, so I rushed to the clinic. The doctor said maybe his finger was already dislocated, so X Ray needed.

X Ray time. Luckily the doctor is very friendly dude, and so thus the nurse. Hehehe.

The nurse cleaning up the deep cut. Quite hot eh?

And, thanks to Jaguh, the block was fitted by the evening while I was at the clinic.

Done! Right side only.. Left side? Next time~

And if everything goes as I plan, my Bee will be send to Ipoh next week for a major job. I really cant wait for the day!

The workshop's plans are:
*Port & polish
*Up the capacity till 1.6l (Did I said it correctly?)
*Camber & caster
*Weld the axle

And, I hope my budget is enough. Around RM 2k plus. And a full bodywork in Ipoh too maybe if the budget is sufficient. Anyone wanna sponsor me? Hehehe.

p/s -> My blog hits the 10000 views from 100 countries! Yay! I'll try my best to post more interesting stuffs from me and my sorrounding.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Story : Super Busy!

Duh, since I received the job offered by My Rides Magazine, my normal life had been stirred up and become super busy with classes and sorting up the pictures I had took. And for this 2weeks, I dont have a single day to rest.

My mind is really stress up now and more stress coz I dont receive yet any payment. Urgh! I really need to buy a few stuffs already. Hargh~

Lets drool some nice food that I had last week. Gosh, this food is super great! Its BBQ Chiken from Korea. Their charboiled menu is the best! Yummy! I wanna go again soon!

And Jaguh had an accident, AGAIN! In 3 weeks also. Damn. This time it is more painful than the last time. Har har har. Sorry for you bro. Rest well and get back in action ASAP!

With his bike that had been painted. Less than 1 week the new paint last. Ouch!

No time to edit and resize all my photos from my recent trip. For now~ I hate 3rd year! Argh~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Story : Shopping!

I just noticed that my blog had been all about Bee and car stuffs. Lol, its time for me to post something else. After Mok and I went to see the axle and engine, we went to Time Square for lunch and window shopping. And of course, there's a few hundreds cash in the wallet. That is for the axle actually.

First, we went to have lunch at the Teppanyaki. After that Mok bought a bag and we went to a skate shop. Im a skateboarder once, and stopped when I entered UTM coz there's nobody wanna play it with me. And I still love skateboarding shoe due to its 'fatness' and the comfortness when walking.

Was just lookin till Mok said this particular model looks good. I tried it and SOLD! I bought it. Kekekeke. Gosh, I love fat shoe.

Can you guess the theme?

And since our anniversary is tomorrow, Mok bought us this! This is our second year together. The date was 20.07.2007, and tomorrow is 20.07.2009.

Some close up. I think the ring is platinum if Im not mistaken and extra care need to be attended all the time. We had 4 rings already! All was silver and this one is quite special.

Quite expensive, and the diamond is behind! Not front. Anyway, thank you dear for buying it! I really appreciate it and thank you for understanding my situation now and all this time!

And finally, we were goofing around the toy shop to looks at the Transformers toy and again, oops! Cant resist the temptation of having one of the coolest character in the movie, Uncle Jetfire! We put some deposit and will have it next week I think. So now I have Optimus, Bumble Bee, Starscream, Megatron, and Skids. And soon, Wheelie and Mudflap.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Story : Plan B! Or is it plan C? I lost count..

Just came back from the workshop and have a look of the axle. It is welded diff, with a very long dead axle, and it comes with a set of brake disc! Unfortunately, 13' rims cannot be fitted if Im going to take it. The good news is it is very wide, I dont need negative offset rims anymore. And what's funny is if I take the axle, my rear disc will be bigger compare to the front. LOL~

And another thing was an engine offered by Bro Wadi. It came from the Toyota family. 3T something I think. Its 1.8l engine with 5 speed tranny. Taken out from his RX808. Running condition and the price? Half of the overhaul cost. So Im in dillema again. Duh~

Plan A:
*Overhaul the 1.4l engine (RM800-1300).
*Weld the current diff (RM100 - 300).
*Buy Wadi's 808 axle for spare (RM300-400).

Plan B:
*Take the 3T engine (RM400-600).
*Plug in the Libero axle (RM300-450).

Mixed plan:
*Take the 3T engine.
*Weld the current diff.

Plan A will be much expensive for the overhaul cost and I think Im sending the car to Ipoh or maybe to Jaguh, while the axle thingy will be much easier to be done which mean less cost on that. Since the current axle is 4.1, I will gain more acceleration rather than top speed.

While Plan B, the engine will be plug and play and it is cheaper than overhaulin, while the axle thingy, it needs a customize long shaft coupling, a brake pump for the rear disc, and a 3.9 ratio. With the 5 speed gearbox and a much more powerful engine, it will be much better for drifitng I guess. And most important, it will be officially illegal on the road!

Plan C? Still illegal, but less cost for the rear axle thingy..


DIY : New Bearing.

Since the weekend is coming, I have set a few plan for Bee. The old bearing had been making a lot of noise lately. So, it needs a replacement, and so thus the naked bodypart need to be covered back with the damaged fender.

I returned home after I finished my class and called Jaguh to come. And since Jaguh is handicapped (LOL!), he was only instructing me and help a lil bit. Talking bout doing it myself make me proud. Har har har. At least I learned about a few stuffs today. What's the point of having a toy car if you didnt try to fix it yourself?

So, lets remove the tyre first.

Remove the inner bolt and the hub.

And its time to remove the bearing. I thought there was only one bearing, and turn out there was 2 of em. Both need to be replace.

We went to the spare part shop and get the new bearings. And I bought a new third brake lamp too.

After everything had been assembled back, Jaguh was doing the wiring and me?

I was painting the inner fender area with antirust paint.

And assembling back the fender. Unfortunately, it does not fit well and you can see the gap. Morale of the story, dont roll you fender unless your car spareparts is plenty. As for me? Where can I find a new set of it? Argh.. Anyway, thanks to Jaguh Autoworks for supervising me today.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Random : Hybrid 808.

Awesome idea from the Northern retro lover:

Varis (I think) Mitsubishi Ev0 9 bumper.

And you mix it with this wagon.

And the final results? You got yourself one hell of a kind pimp wagon!

Random : LSD/ Full Lock Axle For Bee?


Hmm, Im thinking of buying this particular axle. It is taken from a Mitsubishi Libero. Full lock and the ratio is 3.9. Since it was from a Mazda 808, I'll just need to plug and play it only. The axle is 4inch wider so my Bee will be more wider for rear.

Dunno whether it is a LSD or welding axle. A pro 808 mechanic said that my current axle ratio is 4.1. And Jaguh said that my car cant move very well with 3.9 ratio. Aiyak~ So which one should I listen? Any comment from you guys?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Events : 2009 Perak Drift Showoff!

Im still too busy to edit most of my pictures so I'll post up some of the drifting pics first. The full report will be ready soon. My class is too packed and Im still tired after 2days in Ipoh. Congratulations to the winners, and to organizer, good job on organizing it without much problems.

Anyway, here's some pics:

Hey, Im not alone anymore.

4k supercharge, hell yeah~

Love this wagon soo much.

50 years plus uncle but damn good on drifting.

Josh's 140y, but the one who's driving is Jeya.

Bro NoNo with his lovely AE86.

Tougeking with his Cameron climber.

And more photos can be found here!


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