Saturday, April 24, 2010

Engine - Out. Cage - In? Part III.

Just got back from Malacca trip and went straight to JMG.

Current progress? Engine in already.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Engine - Out. Cage - In? Part II.

Okeh.. So here's today's update!

Around 5pm, went to Dworks in Sri Kembangan to pick up my half-cage. Took it and went straight to Jeembo's Garage in Kajang. As usual, they did it pretty fast. Engine is done. Only wiring left.

Tested the roll cage. Earlier, Dworks mentioned about the cage; originally it was fitted in a Corolla KE35, then modified to fit Corolla KE70. So, test time!

Fit like a glove?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Engine - Out. Cage - In?

After my final paper, rushed to JMG to checked what's the updates with Rolla. Arrived, still saw them working on my engine. Damn, they did it pretty fast. Didn't have a chance to see the internal and the process. Was greeted with Rolla when I arrived.

Hey hey. "How are you doing man?"
Checked the bay. Somehow no rust. A bit crack at the suspension tower and caster holder. And that's all. The rest still in good condition. And about the crack, will spot weld it. Wiring job will start tomorrow.

Today is the day..

That I finally finished my 3 years of diploma study in Civil Engineering. 3 years of experience. Good, bad, sweet, bitter, sour. You name it, I'd tasted it already here. Finally will be leaving UTM for real. I'm gonna miss it. Miss my room, roommates, my toilet, my locker, my parking lot, my classmates, the cafe's food that sucked big time (LOL), the expensive mini-market, the guards, and everything.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bringin Down the Engine?
 OK, so today I visited my car at JMG. Had been diagnosed already. And the problems?

As I remembered what they told me & what I think of Rolla:
*Engine need to removed from the body. Coz oil sump is too close with the cross member. So cannot remove it without removing the engine.
*Leaking also occurred at the belting area (Is it the correct term?). The oil seal damaged already at one of the pulley.
* Longshaft bushing damaged too. That's the reason the axle is so freakin noisy n 'loose'.
*Crack showed at the caster rod holder.
*Wiring is like fuck. Hahahaha.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I hate delaying new updates coz when I update it, it will be a bulk update! Every time I do it, it will be two or three new topics at one time. Thanks to the exam and lack of internet line, I cannot post it on time. Ok, so Rolla is not with me currently. Where she went?

Currently at Jeembo's Garage for some repairs. So, why now? Actually I fed-up already with the leaking here and there. And also regularly topping up the engine oil is expensive! So already told them to change all the gasket, also the power steering leaking issue. Asked them to replace whatever leaked it. And anyone noticed that Rolla's axle become too noisy now?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Backdate & Update After The Run.

Still in exam week. My last paper is on Monday. And then maybe gonna off to Melaka with classmates for a post-exam runaway. Hmm, meanwhile, Rolla at home had not been sitting quietly. Still manage to get some free times for her.

Backdate before and after the last MAEPS session. Prepping for the session. Thanks to Mike and Blanquito for lending me the 14' rims.

Saturday Night Drift on 10.4.2010.

Nothing much. Just having fun as usual. But this time, Zamil joined us and manage to share some idea about drifting. Should see him in action sooner or later.

So, here's a few videos were recorded by Zamil's friend.

First, the day run. I dunno what happened to Rolla today. Can be drifted much easier than before! Maybe because of the rear strut braces? I can feel the rear went out much responsive and more tail happy now.

And then after a few session with Zamil, I asked him to record this. Fuck! I love it!

And here's my night run:

Anyway, for the last few weeks, I had been limiting up my tires consumption. Conclusion that I can make after a joining a few events are small layout and slow entrance consume more tires than a big layout and a fast entrance! And everytime I hit MAEPS, I only bring 2 tires for the whole session!

Another thing, I think thanks to the stabilizer bar, Rolla's became more responsive. Will definitely buy more Ultra Racing product after this. And maybe I was revving more than 4.5k RPM that day. Hahaha. Zamil told me that I went out more than 5k RPM.

Lesson from the last session? Always rev more! :P

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'I Just Can't Get It..'

First of all, I think I HAVE to share this. It happened anywhere and everywhere I bet. Had been thinking bout this situation for awhile now. And finally someone made the article. In a PROPER way. Written by Joe 40cents. To those who know him or have met him, you'll get the idea what he's talking bout. +3 for you Joe!

case 1

a : "dude you should lower your car"
b : "cannnoooooot. later hard to drive. functionality all gone. cannot turn properly. handling all gone"
a : "owh so you drive daily?"
b : "no no no. are you crazy?? petrol will kill me! i have another daily car"
a : "owh ok so enter competition???play circuit or anything like that??"
b : "no just street oni, go gathering, street race and stuff"
a : "then why the fuck are you worried about functionality and handling??"
b : "errr..but later speed humps how??"
a : "owh ur housing area got a lot of humps eh??"
b : "not really. the road is quite good.."
a : "so why the fuck cant you lower your car?"
b : "errr.....yeah actually i`m a faggot"
a : "yeah that is the exact answer you should gave me earlier"...

With Love..

Random mumbling again. Photo was taken when I met Zamil last few weeks. Just I think this angle makes Rolla looks really nice. Rim choice? Although some people said I am weird in rim 'tasting', I think I like it! Front orange + spacer, rear 'spender' set. Now, getting ready to go back to college. Another paper tomorrow. Argh. Gonna leave Rolla at home again.

Ultra Racing 2-point rear bar.

On Saturday, got my ordered item, a stabilizer bar from Ultra Racing. 2-point, will be fitted in the boot to increase Rolla's rigidity.

Some close up shot.

Photos : Drift Demo at Angkasapuri.

Finished my first final paper. Wohoo. So, here's my full report from the last event. Overall, the track is small! Really small. But they manage to make it interesting for the spectators to watch the action and make the driver to be careful a bit especially the curb on the road side. Huhu.

Both day also freakin hot. I sunburn already. Huargh. Anyway, its been awhile since I last met most of the DCM ( members. I started to disappear after getting Bee. Well maybe too busy with classes and short on RM. So, its kinda good to see them again. Good laugh, good infos were shared and etc.

The event was actually a part of RTM 64 years something something that I forgot already. And was managed by Rattlezasia, which some of them are regular DCM TT (Teh Tarik Session) Kaki. So, had known most of them years ago. Wayyyy back when I was a mere photographer for Bukit Jalil drift event. Ohh, I miss Bukit Jalil. Hope can get back the place one day.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Featured In : Driftneyland!

Wehooo. I love to see my car in action. Why? Coz I never saw it in action! Thanks Daz for the great photo!

More photos and his writeup here!

I am going back to college now. Final exam tomorrow! Pfft.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Event : Drift Demo @ Angkasapuri II.

Just came back from the track. Testing it. Pretty small and tough layout. Parking lot rules!

Details can be found here..

See ya there!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cable Plug Issue Solved & New Tyres.

So today as promised, the shop got the ordered cable plug back and I went there to pick it up. Excitement began.

Here's the cable plug. Very red, very smelly (silicone smell), and it is a custom made too.

For Sale : NGK Power Cable for 4A-GE 20v.

Actual item:

Copy from other site :

NGK’s Power Cable is a performance spark plug cable designed with ultra-low resistance (0.9kW/m). The ultra-low resistance reduces spark energy loss, thereby improving acceleration, delivering smoother idling, and burning fuel cleaner. NGK’s patented hyper silicon jacket minimizes voltage leakage, is resistant to heat and chemical corrosion, and it is reliable under extreme conditions. It’s the hyper silicon jacket and the ultra-low resistance that allows NGK to maintain the factory diameter wires and provide the performance you crave!

4 pieces.
Good-used condition.
Some of the plastic cap clip are broken.
No crack or etc. Just dirty.
Sold as it is. No warranty whatsoever. What you see is what you get.
Brand new will cost you around RM400-450, so I am letting go at RM160.
COD in Cheras only. Post also can as long as buyer pay for it.
Contact me at 012 72 3345 4, Amar.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Event : Drift Demo @ Angkasapuri.

Event : “Karnival Jerayawara Sorakan 1 Malaysia 1 Dunia Sempena Ulang Tahun RTM ke 64”
Venue : Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 3rd & 4th April 2010
Time : refer to schedule
Spectators' Charges : FOC
Thrill rides Charges : not yet confirm
Organize by : RTM, MEPS Motorsports
Supported by : Rattlezasia®,

Proposed Schedule

Saturday Schedule (03/04/10)
0900 : Registration for Drifters/ Briefing for track Marshall.
0930 : Final track inspection and safety equipment.
1000 : Arrival of VIP’s for event launching.
1030 : Briefing to VIP’s.
1045 : 1st Session of Drift Demo/ Thrill ride for VIP’s.
1130 : Break.
1145 : 2nd Session of Drift Demo/ Ticket sales for thrill rides.
1300 : Break for lunch and Solat Zohor.
1400 : Drift thrill rides.
1600 : Break for tea and Solat Asar.
1700 : 3rd Session of Drift Demo.
1800 : Session ends.

Sunday Schedule (04/04/10)
0900 : Briefing for track Marshall.
1000 : Briefing to Drifters.
1030 : 4th Session of Drift Demo/ Ticket sales for thrill rides.
1130 : Break.
1145 : Drift thrill rides.
1300 : Break for lunch and Solat Zohor.
1400 : Drift thrill rides.
1600 : Session Ends/ Tea break and Solat Asar.
1700 : Closing Ceremony.
1800 : Lucky draw/ Drifters Appreciation Ceremony.


For more info, please call

Hafiz - 017 268 2080
Ahmad – 012 26 99 156
Nick – 016 301 8000



I know its a F1 weekend, but to those who are not going to Sepang please come and support. Thanks.

Angkasapuri Map. Please Click the MAP for bigger picture.

I am going to join this demo if Rolla's problem can be solved by tomorrow. Hope I can make it. This will add up my activity for my port folio soon. Need it to find sponsorship.

Wallpaper : 4A-GE.

Okay, so I know no one wants this. But I think I like it. So, why not share it. Hehehe. Engine belongs to Din Longchamp. I guess 4A-GE madness continues in Malaysia.. For another decade maybe? Hmhm. Who knows what is the next madness?

Size is 1500 x 1000. Odd size isn't it?

Click HERE for it's full size. Enjoy!

For Sale : Vintage Model Kits.

Skyline Hakosuka KPGC10 by Aoshima.

Kenmeri Skyline by Fujimi.

Celica RA25 by Aoshima.

Price : RM170 each.
Location : COD in Cheras only. Can post also as long as buyer bear the cost.
Contact : 012 72 3345 4, Amar.

Will only be selling two of these three model. Any last one will be mine.

For Sale : DX Exterior Stuffs & 16' Tires.

DX Headlamp Trim. Good condition. Got crack a bit, but glued already. RM100 nego.

DX Koito tail lamp. Bracket and wires in superb condition. Lens had been polished. No crack. Working condition. RM200 nett.

DX body line. Had been sprayed with white undercoat. Good condition. RM80 nego

Fender signal lamp (RM10) and bumper signal lamp (RM40). Faded but not crack.Both for RM40.

Bridgestone MY-01. 205/45/16. 2 units available. Thread around 30%-40%. RM40 for both.

Location : COD in Cheras only. Can post also as long as buyer bear the cost.
Reason selling : Too many unused stuffs at home.
Contact : 012 72 3345 4, Amar.

Take more and we'll talk bout the price. Thanks!

Cable Plug Issue and DIY Tyme!

The cable plug issue finally came to an end. When I was on the way back from Damansara with Zamil the other day, the cable plug decided to go. A current leaking again.. So, I tape it up again and barely make it to home. Huhu.

So, decided to buy a new one to replace the problemo one. But.. Budget kinda limited coz wanna use money for somethin else. Hehehe. So, I opt this one..

My previous cable is NGK Power Cable. New one will cost you around RM450+. Anyway, the old one is better la for sure. I just need the coil to distributor plug only. Hehehe. So, here's the Jasma one.

So, ultimate DIY or what? Dangerous yea?

You guys know what is the problem with the Silvertop and Blacktop when it changed its layout to RWD aite? The distributor is at the back. Pfft.

Night is the best time to do something. Cooler but darker. So table lamp is my partner for the night shift. LOL. Oh, I did this around 9pm till 2am late.

The tape fried too. See the brownish color.. Hahaha. Dangerous I know..

After an hour and more, I managed to fit the four cables from spark plug to distributor BUT I failed to fit in the cable for coil to distributor! Damn damn. After checking out, I found out that the cable tip is different! Hargh~ Really WTF WTF.

Frustated, I cleaned up the catch tank.

End of Day 1!

Day 2 is today. Where I woke up early and went to the accessory shop back. Told him that the plug cannot fit. So, he also blur-blur, and he called Arospeed and inquire whether they can custom made one for me. And the answer is Yes! So, he refunded me back and I bought the Arospeed Cable Plug. And he'll send it to HQ to custom made it and will be ready by Friday I guess.

Since the day is still young, I went to local hardware store to buy some stuffs.

And plastic board. What for?

For these! Rough dimension only.

So, some rough measurement and cutting. Always remember to cut it extra from the one you need. Always make it extra so you can cut off the unused parts but enough to cover all.

After altering here and there, tape up back the cut off parts with tape.

Replaced the bushes at rocker too. Kinda hard to deal with people especially when they asked what car you use, since my engine is not meant for KE70, it makes it harder. I told them Silvertop 4A-GE, some of them don't know. Then I said Levin AE101 engine, they gave me 4A-FE items. LOL. End up they said the Silvertop 20v is called Levin 20V engine. Hahaha. Something new I learned today. I only thought that Levin is synonym with AE86 facelift. Kekekeke.

More precise cutting and shaping took place.

Final shape. Also I make a few holes to hold this air funnel. And extra tape were taped to strengthen the board from flexing.

And finally! Fit it and cable tie em up! Some stickers to make it more nicer. These stickers were from my skateboard sticker collection. Hehehe. I am an ex skateboarder.

Next, I move on to the DIY heat shield.

This one is pretty easy. Box shape only. Tape and tape to strengthen the board and preventing it from flexing.

I removed the 2nd head lamp too. For? Direct air intake. Plus, the 2nd headlamp didn't have any function so it's okay to remove it. ^^

I remove the inner glass only. The ring still need to be fitted back to make it looks nicer.

Heat shield fitted.The reason I made this is mainly because to prevent water from seeping in into the filter and cause MAF to malfunction. The other day the car became problematic after rain water got into the filter. So why not make it a cold air intake too?

Top view. Acceptable or not?

Inner view. Direct air intake to the box and air filter. Will put mesh wire to cover the holes soon.

And front view. Looks a bit weird in my opinion..

Will see how it perform later on. And I'm gonna replace the air filter too soon.

End of Day 2!


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