Saturday, February 21, 2009

Late update on 808.

Long time since my last update... So Jaguh had changed new altenator, cable plug, replace my clutch fan with a new direct fan, radiator cap, and a DIY chrome radiator tunnel (what the hell was the name??!)

As usual, keep diggin and you found out more problems! So what now? It seems that my radiator is leaking. Hahaha. Nevermind. Will repair it soon.

UIA AutoGala 09 (Saturday)

Im all hyped up to go to see some drift action and of coz takin some pics, but end up watching the action from spectators area. The organizer didnt allow any other photographers to enter the track except Hypertune's mag cameraman only. Sigh..

Wow, never thought the event was soooo 'BIG' and sooo 'glorious' that they didnt allow any other photographer to take pics from inside. Wow. Nevermind. Was just checking out the sooo glorious event. Not interesting at all. Even the BIG Toyo drift also allow us to sit inside the track.. Hmhm. Nevermind.. That was just my dissapoinment today.

Tomorrow gonna go to UiTM AutoMech drift event where photographers can take some pics from inside. I got 1 media pass for tomorrow. Wee...

Some lousy picha today..

Earlier was going with Jaguh. End up his clutch plate was broken, so we parked it in my college and drove 808 to meet up with Mr.Redzone, the Form 4 student who have a big ball driving around with no license. LOL.

Redzone with Jaguh and my lil bro.

Wuuu... Bad-ass TE37.

Hah. Less than 6cars attended for the practice day. Wow. So glorious.

We end up watching Rempit's drag. Fuhh.. Strip to the bone.

Preng preng..

UTM Skudai Trip.

(Yep! Confirmed it was the line. Currently using home line :D)

Huargh. Just came back from Skudai. Some of you guys might be confused, but we are located at KL so we are at UTM KL, Skudai is the main campus.

We were having a Treasure Hunt, which forced us to walk almost 10km inside the campus. Its tiring me till. today but we do improve our class relationship, and teamwork skills. Also I took the opportunity to shot their pics to improve my photography skills. Quite pleasant for me as they love my pictures. Some of the nice shot I think. Enjoy!

Our lecturer's lil boy! Very very cute! And love camera!

Me myself at the Civil Engineering Faculty.

Our contribution to the 'lembut guy' at UTM. UTM do have 'Persatuan Lelaki Lembut'. Seriously! They even have their own hostel and society! Wtf is happening here?! Eeeeuuuwww..

We were having 'Treasure Hunt' on Saturday and it is 10marks for our coursework marks and was having BBQ at the same night. Sorry no nice pictures though. Hehehe. So the next day we went to Desaru for a lil beach game.

Dont go anywhere near the red flag!

Among the 'nice' view was... :P

The beach was kinda muddy. Some details picha.

What a huge ant! And its green!
One of the game was to scoop the sponge + chilli sauce with your mouth and kiss a paper on the other side. Euuuw..

Some of my classmates:

Afiq Luffiq.

Florence. Hey, she knew how to pose, therefore 3pictures for her!

Our class rep. Huge guy!!

His roomate. His name is Acap and he is a super thin guy! :D

Hanna Montana! :P

Euww.. Chilli sponge game. Mr.Azhar is in the picha.

From left: Wani, Nad, and Haniff.

Durrah. Game organizer.

Wee.. I was in the picture!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Problem?

Hmmm... Seems that I cant upload any photos..

Anyone else is experiencing the problems!?

Friday, February 13, 2009

This is me, now and then. Part 3.

Moving to the 3rd part was my improvement in panning photo. With a lot of positive feedback from forumers, I did some R&D on the angle on my photos, tried slower shutter speed to make the car in the photo looks fast on sideways, more on M and S mode,and I learned how to use the Photoshop! And thanks to the event organizer for letting me stay inside the track. And all the drifters that smile and pose for me whenever I shoot y'all.

Some random shots:

Burn with his Lancer tandem with Zyfull A31.

Along Rempit RB25 A31!

Jai with his **wide** 910sss! One of the most humble drifter ever. My favourite old school.

Jaza with Zyfull A31. My first Genting drift-touge experience was in this car. Driven by Joe40sen. Unlucky for Zyfull, this car was stolen not long ago.

Burn? Another friendly drifter.

Female drifer is very rare in Malaysia. And to find one with a friendly attitude is much harder. This is one fine example of both. Jane of Sync Optima in her S1315.

Toyo Drift.

This is me, now and then. Part 2.

Then, Jaguh started to modified his car to a budget tight drift spec. I was so excited whenever he let me drove. Bwahahaha. With the exhaust note, stripped interior, full lock axle, tyres screeching, that is priceless memory. My first ever driving a RWD drift spec car. We were always practise the drift theory at his housing area.

Woops. Getz had been molested too!

To my surprise, Jaguh wanted to join the local event. Why am I surprised? Stock KE70! So without much hesitation, we do joined the event and being the most pisang drifter ever at Bukit Jalil. Another priceless moment!

Jaguh having fun!

My best try without Jaguh on the passenger side. Lol.
No sifu to yell 'HANDBRAKE, 2nd GEAR, BRAKE, FULL THROTTLE' = spun!

One of the easiest skill to do with this KE70 is human cone. And Jaguh is the victim. Hahaha.
And my first time uploading a video. LOL! Thanks to Mok for the video! I was showing off to the Satria Neo's boys. Hahaha.

Eventhough we were not good on drifting (mind you, this is a stock KE70), we made it on the internet! Wee.. Picture of me in Sync Optima forum. Thanks to Jane or Ariff for this priceless photo.


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