Thursday, April 30, 2009

Story : Blog is not dead yet..

Kinda busy with my final exam now, so less time blogging and more on books now. Who knows if I got a good result, my dad will want to sponsor a new engine? Who knews.. Hmmmm.

Anyway, looks like someone had finally started to take interest in drifting. And for a kick start, she just bought a Momo Logitech so she can drift in the Live For Speed. At least, she will know the basic of drifing. I guess Mok had too much fun donut-ing at Bukit Jalil last week. Haha.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DIY : Spraying the Flare.

Just a quick update:

Flare had been painted with flat black.

Its new look. Spacer or 15' eh?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Story : Flaring the 808.

As promised, we went to Play House Garage today to get the sexy flare. Anyway, first of all; since the flare is for Starlet, it surely will not fit 100% if the worker didnt trim it. And for clearance issue, I had to cut the front fender a bit especially the left one, the damaged @ rusty side.

One hour of arguing with the worker (LOL~) and trimming, taraaa, the front fender had been done.

We had some clearance issue on the door for the rear so I decided to cut the fender into two so that half of em will attach to the door.

Measuring time:

Done! I am very very satisfied with the job done by Play House Garage. Very neat and almost flawless job.
Some closeup shots of the flare:


Anyway, here's a big project of Play House, a super bad condition Ford Cortina, and in the restoration progress. Roughly the cost of the bodyworks ( a LOT of) is RM8k+/-. And again, Im very impressed with the new floor made by them. It really looks like it was pressed by a machine. All was done by hand actually.

We went to nearby mamak after the job had been done. And guess who's showed today, another 808 user! His name is Fendy and his 808 is in very good condition. Im quite happy to found other 808 user.

His nice 808.

The neat interior compare to mine.

And kinda surprised when he gave me a very meaningful gift, a Mazda horn button! Thanks bro!

And, another gift came from Mok. She bought me a T-shirt! Oh, my lucky day isnt it?

Arrived at our hostel at 11pm. So, rest time!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

DIY : Putting the spacers.

Bought this spacers few days ago. Was thinking of buying the old school spacers but I heard a lot of stories bout it so finally took the normal spacers. Its 8mm thick. Just to make my rear studs can be tighten with normal bolts, that's the reason Im buyin it.

Anyway, Mr.Jaguh Autoworks, check out this U-bolt highlighted in red color. Enough aa to put a few more steel plates of yours? Can be done or not?

Dirty drum brakes. Will repaint it this coming holiday.

Wee, more wider now.

And a preparation for a fender flare, I decided to raise the car a lil more bit so that it will looks more balanced. Will be going to Playhouse Garage tomorrow to fit in the wide fender. Argh, so excited!

My earlier post of Playhouse Garage; the expert in oldschool car bodywork.

And the sexy fender flare.

And my rough idea for Bee is something like this:

Emm, where can I find the front spoiler and the duck tail eh? Looks good on a yellow 808, in this case; its RX-3.

Story : I Cant Stand The Heat Anymore!

Was sleeping till 1pm till Mok called me and ask if Im interested to go to watch Bohsia at cinema with her. Of course if its Mok that is asking, I cannot say No! or else she will be monyok all day. Hehehe. And since Bee had been sleeping for a few days, so we decided to go to Pavillion with Bee. And cleverly driving at 2pm on a big city with the sunlight just up your head and a bonus; Bee doesnt have an aircond yo, its like a moving sauna every time I decided to drive Bee.

Hahahahaha. And Im glad Mok doesnt complaint much bout that. Romantic isnt it dating on a moving sauna? Overall, Bohsia by Shamsul Yusof is better than Evolusi KL Drift. Wayyy much better. The movie reflect the truth about our new generation (that's include my generation too) in KL especially the Mat Rempit.

Anyway, after the movie, we rushed to get out of the city before its jammed or else Bee will overheat as usual. LOL. Another romantic moment if the car broke down somewhere in the KL eh? I suggest to Mok to tinted the rear window just like Din did to his KE70. And since its just RM40, Mok agree with it.

So, off we go to Sato Auto Accesories at Setiawangsa. Initially, I just want to opt 80% tinted for the rear, and the person in charge said why not tinted all the windows, so finally I opt the 50% tinted for all the windows. The reason I chosed the 50% is so that I have less problem with JPJ.

Pimpin' Bee in progress.

Done! This cheap tinted cost me Rm100 and with 2years warranty. Not bad for our Rm100 investment. And finally some privacy whenever Im driving after this.

View from my block. There's my Bee, Getz and Mok's Mok Myvi. Haha.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Info : Bukit Jalil Drift Session on 26.4.09.

Date: 26 April 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Car Park A, Stadium Bukit Jalil
Supported by:
Drift Session by Feinto-D
Drift Lesson by Sync Optima Drift Academy
Gerakan Belia 4B
Kementerian Belia & Sukan

Drift Session:
Entry Fee RM 30 per drifter
Helmets, Shoes and Long Pants are compulsory
Seatbelts must be worn at all times, drivers will be banned if found passenger unbelted

For registration for drift session, please call Loyai 0193070808.


Drift Lesson for Beginner:
Entry Fee RM 180.00/person with own drift car.

Chief Instructor: Ariff Johanis Ahmad
All drivers must have valid driver license, older than 18 years old.
All vehicles must have valid insurance coverage.
Rubber shoes, sneakers and/or driving shoes.
Optional: racing helmet, racing gloves, racing shoes
Basic Drift Setup Car is also available for rental. Please call to book.
There’s a limited number (20 max) of open spots, so please register early.

For registration for drift lesson, please call Jane 012 4870487.

cut & paste from and yes, I'll be there with Din's KE70 again.

Video : Drifting in Cyberjaya.

Was all hyped up on that day until Din told us that he cant come with us which make me a bit guilty to go to the event without the rightful owner of the car. Anyway, was quite surprised coz Din let us borrowed his KE70. Anyway, we do enjoy the event and was playing around 6pm untill 9.30pm. Overall, my confidence is getting better but my ball is still small coz I didnt dare to play at high speed. I rather went on smooth transision.

Anyway, THANK YOU to Din for lending us the car (Sorry for hitting the tyres barrier too!), Mok for the company, Jaguh for the company and a sifu to me, and Benz for the drift guide!

Anyway, Din's Weber had been tuned by Ramli and thus making it almost 10x better than usual. Plus the new RCA kinda made me feel a bit weird during cornering.

Thanks Mok for the nice vids.

First try when the track is still wet.

My best run, I think?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Info : Cyberjaya Drift today!

Kinda busy lately. Sorry for the late notice. Anyway, we are going and playing with Din's KE70. See you there!

Cut and paste from DCM:

There will be a Drift event in Cyberjaya on 18 April (coming Saturday). Free running!

Location is near Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya.

Drift time is 4pm till 12 midnite!

Register by calling this no 0162260919 or 0176470535 Fairuz.

Charges RM50 per drifter.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Photography : Kawasaki Z750.

Big thanks to Wadi for giving a chance to snap his superbike photos. My first time shooting a superbike. Kinda different from what I usually did. Anyway, enjoy the random snap of the bikes!

More photos soon! Need to go for a study first.


Happy Viewing!


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