Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random : Bee & Din's KE70.

Project halted! No mood to continue the project. No money. Everything had been assemble back and its time to bungkus the car. Anyway, I remove the flare coz the Watanabe's offset is +10. Beaten fender? I dont care. As long as it is Watanabe. :P

New guest in da house. Din's KE70. Was suppose to use the car for Bagan Lalang trip, but my parents didnt give the permission to go. So, the car was only for display in front of the house. Sigh. Really love the car. Bassy exhaust, driftable, light and nimble, very responsive and so on. Why lah I didnt bought it in the first place? 10x much better and worthwile compare to Bee. Hmhm.

Story : Malacca.

Went to Malacca few days ago to pick up Mok. Since we are on our holiday, we decided to go to the historic area too.

Arrived early in the morning. Why not take a swim first? Mok's pics after swimming session.

After that, we went to Banda Hilir area. Just window shopping and unfortunately we ended up spending some RM there. LOL~ Guess what is it.

Its an umbrella in a bottle. Nice eh.
Jonker Walks sucks. There is so less parking area available. Ended up once again spending more RM on souvenirs. I found out that the locals really didn't respect tourist like us. Was getting horned a few times. Not good. No Jonker Walks next time.

One of the rarest olskool in Malacca, the Beca. (Or what the hell is it in English..? Thrishaw?) I felt pity for the driver coz I dont think there's a lot of customers this days. We wanted to have a ride, but then, I felt pity to them once again coz we both combined are already 100kg +, Im sure the uncle will be very tired then. No good for them too. Hope the government will find a way to preserve the Malacca olskools.
On the way back. Stopped at this R&R for a drink. Root beer with float. Mok was happy as usual.

And guess what is the speed of the bus? 130km/h and on the right lane all the way from Malacca till KL. Really didnt care bout others too. Anyway, the bus was owned by the government, I forgot which department, but I guess police will let him go too coz its G with its G partners, get it? Rules? Huh? What? Typical; "Im G servant, I can get loose~"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Story : Good Money!

Wow!!! is the only word I can say when I was holding this. How much was it? Not much, just RM11k! The rest on the table was the other RM15k+ CASH! IF only I can just ran away while holding this, my Bee would be in great condition already. Naah, keep on dreaming Amar!!!

Basically, just wanna introduce a business that my family had been involved this few months. To be honest, its a network marketing a.k.a the bad Multi Level Marketing. My first reaction when my parents wanted to involved in the business was pretty negative. But they had pushed me and Mok to go to their talk and some business course. So, our view about MLM is getting better and we think it is a good business. Why? I dont have to carry the products and ask people to buy it. Its online business/ webucation.

How much my parents had made so far? In less than 1month, they had collected RM15k+ and they were doing it for fun. Weird eh? Their salary if combined is more than RM30k per months yet they are still doing it. I asked them why and they said they were doing it coz it is an easy money. Mom gonna resign soon coz she is not well (back bone problem) and will do the business full time. Full time? Only 8hours per week. Good eh?

Me? They enrolled me in, but so far Im just their supporter (sending and fetching them from the center, listening and learning their business talk and etc). Im still learning about the business, their system, the methods to approach people and how to answers most of the question from new peoples. And they are giving me RM1k for bodywork. But I think I will keep it for awhile and wait for the business to grow more so that I can take more and do more on Bee. LOL~

Oh, dont worry. Im not going to change my blog to MLM type of blog. Just wanna say, if anyone is interested, here is a good oppurtunity to get some extra RM. You can call my Dad at 012 393 5872 for more infos. Dont worry, he wont bite. Hahaha. Why not I explain it? No no no, if I were going to explain it, I think I will give the wrong infos bout the business.

Anyway, Im going to Melaka tomorrow~ Just wanna go and have some fun with Mok tomorrow coz she will be at Melaka and KL for 1 week. Time to spend more quality time of mine on her rather than to Bee and the business. Goodnight folks~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DIY : My Dream Wheels! Part 2.

Yes, its done! Restoration of the rims had finished and this is the results. Cant wait to fit it on Bee.

High temp spray can and clear coat finishing. I was using all the balance that I had in store.

Taraa.. Will AutoSol it one more time soon~

Monday, May 25, 2009

DIY : My Dream Wheels!

I saw this rims few years ago and I had kept in my heart that one day I will buy this rims no matter what. And today, despite my car desperately need a body work, I bought the rims. Of course whenever unexpected purchase occurred, there's always Mok as a financial backup. Thanks my dear.


Anyway, what is it? Its the banana rims or the real name is RS Watanabe. Its always had been my dream rims. So whats the big deal? Well, it might not a big thing for you, but it does to me. Hehehe. Only 1pair, but I think it will look much better compare to my current rims. Will put it in front soon. 13 inch, 6.5jj and uknown offsets. Told ya, its common.

My traditional routine whenever I buy a new rims :

Its here~ Anyway, it belongs to Mok, not me.

Was trying my best to clean up the rims.
Then dried it up. Again, Im using AutoSol to shine the lips.

Tape up the lips so that I can paint the center tomorrow.

I feel great today! XD

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photography : Lets Dig Some Old Photos!

Was checking out my camera memory card and found out that there's some pics that I had totally forgotten to post! Hahahaha.

Some photos from Cyberjaya Drift:

Emmm, I wish my car was this low.

Din's KE70 rocks! Stock engine, very not powerful, very common, but it shoots flames! Thank you for trusting us with your car, Din!

My girlfriend, Mok with Bee. Hehehe. Future drifter maybe? My biggest supporter on everything that I had done and attend. Lucky me I guess.

And finally, my hamster, Bujur (Oval in English). He's doing well and currently is with me at home. Mok left him with me coz she wants to concentrate on Bobo, our junior hamster.

Tough looking dude.

Grooming time.
Huh, what? Hah?

Cute pose.

Story : OK, I'll Do It!

Wow~ Im quite surprised with the feedback from my previous topic.. So, I think I will and shall continue the car's project despite I dont have any resources to repair the car. Hmmm.. Anyway, wth, some photos coming..

The rust..

Close up. There is more below it.. Trust me.

Rear had been painted with black anti rust paint. Im thinking of not putting the rear seat back.

Clearer picture of the RX7 immitation seat installed. Fits like a glove.

And finally. the new old school Mazda horn button to complete the Mazda collection in the car.

Purist I am? Noooo.. Hehehe. Anyway, I think I will just repair the whole firewall only.. That will cost me around RM1k I think. The holes on the floor? Lets just leave it just like that till the day where I have extra cash to spend on it. Sigh, there goes my engine budget.

Oops, I did it again. I should use these good money for body repair, but I cant resist to have it! Will take it on Monday or Tuesday I guess.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Story : No Mood.

Its seems that I am returning to the state which Im in dilemma again. To sell the car or not? Why? After visiting Playhouse today, (for price quotation for bodyworks) it seems that there are more dark secrets were revealed today after the worker pin point the rust spots especially on the firewall. No pics for the moment coz it does make me feel uncomfortable bout the car whenever I saw the firewall that had been eaten by rust.

So the point is; to sell or not?

Selling points:
*Im free from old car problems but Im going to miss a part of myself which is the car.
*Its time for me to search another platform that is more suitable for drifting purpose. KE70 perhaps? But too common nowadays.
*My parents will stop all their bla bla bla bout the car and me.
*Wallet will be thicker as long as I dont have an old car.
*Im not bounded by any car related commitment.
*I dont have a steady income to fed the car.
*The car problems is beyond my budgets. Interior bodyworks are almost RM1.5k+, engine wise is around RM1k+, paintjob? Handling stuffs? Etc etc.

Not selling points:
*Its my first car, so I should really keep it for my old days soon.
*Can you find 10 808s on the road nowadays? Rarity factor that keep me thinking again.
*This is the car that had been keeping me and Mok more close to each other.
*This is the car that connect me to the oldschool communities and making a lot of friends day by day.
*This is the car that made this blog alive and more interesting! XD
*I want to drift the car one day.

Hmmmmmm. Im in the middle of both of them. Should I or shouldnt I? I hope I can find one peaceful day so that I can sat down and think bout it. Its hard to make a decision as Im still under my parents wing which most poeple called it parents money so their judgements and words really does take into the account.

Saya anak mak, LOL. Or in English, Im a momma boy :)

To sell or not to sell?

Day 1 with the car.

Rims arrived.

Replacing all the working parts and adjustable installed.

Flaring the car.

And finally, the reason why I wanna to let go of the car. Running away from more problems.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photography : T E 7 1

Sneak Preview:


No specs was given to me so I'll just post the pics as the pics speaks a thousand words bout the car.

All I knew that this car is 100% drift specs. From half cage to 2-way LSD. Engine? Drifter's favourite engine:

Lets go with the horizontal pictures first as I had snap too much of vertical pictures. Im trying something different this time; playing with the background. Please leave some comments so that I can improve more.

Toyota TE71. That's all I knew. Haha.

Love the blue sky.

Seriously Im willing to sell my 808 for this species.

Especially if the car has GL facelift. This one is DX facelift I guess.

F1 side mirror style.

Playing with the background.

Moving on to the vertical pictures. I think it turns out quite good.

Outdoor shoots. Sheesh. It was really hot.

White + Rusty background = Good combination.

Any of these resembled Transformers shot? Hehehe.

That's all folks. Thank you for viewing. There's actually more, but too tired to edit more. Other pictures will be given to the owner. Hehe.

Interested to have a photoshoot? Gimme a call at 012 72 3345 4.


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