Saturday, April 30, 2011


Went back to the dealer few days ago to have a check up on the bike. Apparently the N light problem was actually caused by one of the wire had been munched by the chain cover during assembly. What a quality inspection from Demak.

Anyway, asked the foreman to tighten up a bit the chain coz it had been too loose. Maybe due to too much offroad activity.

Changed my cable plug to Split Fire brand. Now the bike can be started with just one crank. Nothing much improvement on the acceleration.

Changed the grip to a softer one. The grip felt nice on my hand. Tested it on the track today. In fact it is too grip maybe until it tear up my new glove LOL.

As for today's activity, I finally met up with my new friends. The group is called Nimota Club. Well most of them are using Nimota Ranger, but the group is open to anyone especially in Johore Bahru region. Quite an active club. Today's session take place somewhere near the Giant Skudai. Cant pinpoint the exact location since I am #noob with JB area especially the place name. The place is great. It has a track layout which they had make and there is still plenty of space to explore.

The bike did very well on loose sand and mud due to its offroad tire feature and also a very short gear ratio especially the first and second. Manage to learn to control the bike on loose sand. I am talking bout going sideways with the bike.

Went with them to explore the new area. The new area provide more challenge. I ate a lot of mud today thanks to the swamp. Will definitely need a proper shoe/boot for offroad. Also a knee guard.

On the way back we decided to stop by at car wash to clean up the bike and also a workshop. I have my first oil change there. Mileage had clocked 400km but they advise to change it earlier. The oil change was supposed to be the first thing to be done when taking up the bike. The factory oil was super thin compare to other engine oil. Throttle felt lighter after the oil change. Also lubed up the chain.

Overall, I think going offroad is much more challenging than drifting. Dont get me wrong, I still love drifting, it just consume more money on tires and maintenance compare to going offroad. Cant wait for tomorrow session!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


White/black helmet and orange gloves! Second day on wet trailing. Bike is now full of mud and dirt. Cant wait for tomorrow! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

First Day..

Well, today is the day that I got my bike. Officially this is my first brand new automobile that has my name on the grant. Previously, its all used old cars. Hahaha. Oh. anyway, thanks to my parents for giving me a loan to buy the bikes. Now its RM200 per month for 2.5 years I guess. The bike is RM6000 plus minus.

After paying the balance, I went to Mok's house to have some lunch and also picking up my stuffs and helmet. Oh, I ordered my Scram helmet already from other shop. It haven't arrived yet. So for now, I am using my full face helmet that I used for drifting.

Went back to my campus and the first place that I went is the UTM's Horse Quarantine Point which is a horse quarantine place, our chili farm, our quail breeding place but our quail had been cooked recently, cow, goat and etc. Basically its a farm/forest of UTM. Tested the trail here. Quite scary for a first time. Some more I still havent fully get used to the clutch and its gear

Circled the whole farm for like five or six times till its 7pm.. Quite fun? I do enjoy doing it. Definitely will be going back here tomorrow. The challenge is unpredictable. Better than drifting IMHO.

Mok tried the bike too. She can sit properly on the bike unlike me. She has long legs while I don't. In other words, I am short.

My feedback on the so called lame Demak?
*The acceleration is good. First to second to third is good. Fourth and fifth acceleration are almost useless after reaching 80km/h to 90km/h which mean this is not a suitable bike for long distance trip unless you are willing to stay on the 100km/h speed.
*The gear change is smooth. Clutch is still heavy to pull maybe because its new. I just cant reach the N gear with the engine running. I have to stay on first gear and shut the engine down and then only I can switch to N. And also the 'N' green light always on.
*The rear suspension is too stiff I think. Felt the rear was shaking like mad during offroad.
*Steep hill? No problemo! Can stay on second gear during climbing.
*Full fuel tank cost me RM17 plus minus. Some people claimed it can cover up to 200km plus with full tank. Will try it. But the LOL thing is that the bike does not have fuel gauge! Only fuel tank and a reserve switch that I must turn on if the main tank is dried out.
*Bike will be 'dancing' if there is wind or lorry pass by. Maybe due to its tall figure?
*The exhaust heat shield is not sufficient. My right leg was basically BBQ-ed during riding it.

So far I am pleased with its acceleration. No top speed is not a problem as I am using it mostly in the campus. The rest; I'll do some write up after more mileage the bike will done.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011


I am always pity to those Malay salesman over Chinese salesman because I know Chinese can become very excellent in doing sales (IMHO) over Malay salesman. So during my visit when searching for a bike, I decided to help those Malay salesman by purchasing a bike from them.

Here's the common problem with Malay seller, most of them are lazy bum, always make promises which most of it are fake hope and empty promises, and not really serious in doing their job. And vice versa for Chinese seller. For Nimota bikes, most of the salesman are Malays. So after checking out Demak DTM and DMX-R from few Chinese shop, I opt the Nimota. Yes the bike is cheaper, and yes I was trying to help the Malay seller.

Yes, Chinese seller offer the bike a bit expensive to me over Malay seller. But I was like "Okaylah, help those Malays make some sale." even though the Chinese shop offer more goodies with their a bit expensive price tag. While the shop I dealt with, no offer. Just the bike. No fancy helmet or what ever.

So after paying deposit, the next day he text me saying that the bike will arrive tomorrow and he already booked my plate number which is the traditional 3345 number with Johore plates, JMV 3345. He insisted me to pay full payment so that can get the bike faster. So I was like "Okaylah.."

Wait the next day, no news. So I thought maybe delay one or two days. Next few days still no news, seller said next week only the bike will arrive. So okay I wait lah.

Next week, still no news, called him and he told three more days. So wait for couple more days. Next three days, he said bike will arrive next week..

And the next week is last Thursday which I finally decided I am going to force the seller to have my bike no matter what. I do ask the main supplier for Nimota and they told me the bike only will enter port by this Sunday. Which mean only by next week the bike will be in show room. And they told me the waiting list is like three months long. And I book it for like three weeks.

When I went to the shop, they said my name was not in the waiting list so I was like "Defak is diz shit?" Dissapointed, I waited at the shop for the whole day demanding explanation. Some more my booked plate number was gonna expired coz its been too long.

So I was like fucklah, I am taking Demak no matter how slow it is. He tried to swing there swing here to wait for the Nimota but I still insist I am going to take Demak and I want it by tomorrow or I want the money back.

And here is today, I waited from 10am at the shop and waiting for him to order the Demak. By 4pm only the bike finished inspection and the saddest part is that my 3345 number is gone. Now the number is 6xxx. So defaklah. I want the bike with whatever plate number. And since the documents cannot be done today, I shall wait till tomorrow morning.

So here's the bike. Why DMX-R over DTM? Coz its cheaper and its simple design. Plus DMX-R comes with off road tires, hence it is cheaper. DTM comes with motard tires.

Why orange sial? Coz your rims color ke bro? Because that's the only color available thanks to the lousy Malay salesman I decided to take Demak with whatever color available. So defak lah. I want the bike no matter what.

So first thing first, devirginize the bike. Asked them to remove the mudguard and also the tail lamp.

Swap to this thing. LED tail lamp with plate number holder. This is for Kawasaki KLX I think. But can custom fit into the DMX-R. No more ugly mud guard.

And replace those weird side mirror to a smaller one. Sticker will be removed next.

The bike was sooo tall till I cant reach it so the front fork was dropped till I can sit on it properly. Boy, the bike is heavy and it felt weird riding a tall bike. Torque is good, but the ratio is too high I think. No top speed, even EX-5 can overtake me now. Ghahaha. Suits for offroad fun maybe?

Conclusion? I will try not to deal with Malay salesman after this.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just some random shots. Friends checking out the rear overfender.

Mok driving out the car to park it somewhere else.

Selling It.

*Current spec. KE74 with KE76 grill.


*With KE74 facelift.


*During DX facelift.


*The engine.


During Putrajaya Drift competition:

My last drift session before going back to JB:

Make: Toyota
Model: Corolla KE70 DX.
Year of manufacture: 1981.
Color: Championship White.
Condition: Fully modded.
Price: RM 15,000 negotiable.
Location: JB or KL. But at the moment the car is at Johore Bahru.
Contact number: 01[two] 72 3345 4.

4A-GE 20v Blacktop.
AE86 engine mounting.
4-2-1 extractor.
Trumpets for the 4-throttle.
Voltage stabilizer.
Fuel regulator. Set at 2.6bar for daily use. 3.2bar for drifting.
AE101 radiator.
Electric fan.
Relocated battery to the bonnet.
Proper wiring tuck.
2' exhaust piping.
N1 muffler.
AE86 fuel tank.

T50 gearbox lifted from AE86.
AE86 long-shaft.
AE86 1.5 way LSD with 4.3 ratio.

Front : ACE Suspension Silvia S13 Hi-Lo.
Rear : ACE Suspension AE86 Hi-Lo Soft-Hard.
S13 lower arm.
New KE70 steering rack with extended rack end for more angle.
S13 caliper, brake pump and disc.
AE86 rear brake disc.
GAB front stabilizer bar.
Ultra Racing rear stabilizer bar.
Custom half rollcage.
AE86 anti roll bar.

14' x 7j +0 Work Equip with new Falken Ziex 165/55/14.
14' x 8j +0 Riverside with new Hifly 180/60/14.

Rare facelift of KE74 wagon consist of headlamp trim and the grill. Currently using the rarest KE76 grill.
New glass headlamp with blue/white bulb.
RG front bumper.
New DX rear bumper.
All new repro lenses (Tail lamp, signal, etc).
Retro Bodykits front spoiler.
Retro Bodykits overfender.
Lightweight fiber vented hood.
Carbon fiber F1 side mirror.

Stock KE70 trim.
Nardi Signature steering wheel.
Sparco Junior full bucket.
Mazda RX-7 semi bucket.
4-point harness for both driver and passenger.
AE101 dash meter.
Few gauges, turbo timer.
Sound system (Amplifier, equalizer, woofer, etc).

*Few tires for drifting.
*GL hood.
*New front DX bumper complete with signal, bracket and sidecap.
*DX spare fenders.
*GL facelift set consist of grill, headlamp trim and lenses.
*All my Corolla KE70 spare parts at home.

*Car is serviced every 5000km.
*LSD oil and gearbox oil just changed recently.
*A lot of effort and money had been spent on this car.
*Car is a daily drive car and had been cruising from KL to JB many times.
*Been into a few drift events and a drift competition.
*Car had been featured in Pro Tuners magazine vol.6, featured in Kosmo! blogger section, few websites and featured in Kongsi movie.
*Updates are recorded in my blog at
*Reason selling? Upgrading to a different chassis.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tires Stock.
Gimme five or six more events so that I can finished all of these! LOL.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Squeeky Clean.

I am back in KL. But without Rolla since I am lazy to drove it back. At the moment, my Sparco seat is still at a cushion shop. Re wrapping it back, this time with black fabric and I'll put it on the passenger side. Gotta be lucky to sit on a refurbish seat while me still on the used Bride seat. Sigh. Most of the time its Mok who' siting there so why not.

And I shall drive back dad's Wish since the semester gonna end. So two cars and two bikes in JB? Ghahaha. Not bad for one driver.

Anyway, Mok did something for Rolla today. She washed the car and waxed it.

Waxed! Time to buy a car cover and put Rolla on rest mode.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bridal & F1.

New seat?

And my first carbon fiber parts ever. More after I get a proper Internet connection!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

As For Now..

Celcom sucks. Slow ass service. I just cant update the blog due to super slow Internet connection. Anyway, I finished my fourth semester already! Yeah, four more semester to go before pursuing my Master course Insyallah.

In the mean time..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Successful Surgery.

Finally got a time to finished up the paint job and with the job completed, I'd say the project is done successfully now.

Backtrack, while the overfender was painted with white color.

And the next day tried to fit it in, the color was perfectly the same. Really worth my RM22 can spray. By far that is the most expensive spray can I ever bought.

And for today's work, started a bit late around 4pm. Kinda rushing coz the weather is great. Sunny and hot. Suitable condition for spraying job.

Took me almost 40minutes to wrap the car.

And few hours later, after many coats from the white color to the clear coat, its done. Looks nice without the bumper.

Oh, the rare grill had arrived. Unfortunately KE74 trim does not fit the KE76 grill. Damn it. But luckily the bracket holes are the same as KE74, just a bit longer. So I'll cut it a bit to force fit em.

And the results. Not bad for a half ass paint job.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Project : Face Lifted. Part V.

Did it during the weekend. So basically, I just remove everything to get started. Even the overfender.

Keep on sanding till I'm happy with the curve.

Not bad for DIY work. Took me 30 minutes to complete both fender.

Overfender had been sanded and ready to get new color.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photography : Green.

Its been awhile since my last usage of the camera. Been too busy with other things I guess. So on Friday, I went to my Chilli farm to get some shots. Was using the 50mm F1.8 lens. And the theme is green. Looks like green background does suit white car.

With some photoshop to cover up the cement.


Its April folks! Will be a busy month as the second test is round the corner. While final exam will be on the end of April till early May. Ugggghh.

Friday, April 1, 2011

2 Wheelers. Finally.

Should be arrived in few days I guess. Already paid some amount for booking. The color will be black. One thing for sure, this bike is wayyyy to tall for me to sit on it. Already told them to make it a lil bit lower so that I can sit on it without much problem. That's a problem shortys have if you are short like me. Ghahahaha. I am around 170cm. The bike is already 3/4 my height.

For a bike that is within RM5000 range, I guess this is the best. 200cc, 5-speed with clutch, and its a scrambler. Will have the exhaust changed to NOB1. The shop is offering it with the bike for a small amount. Why not?


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