Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Snap!

Some random snaps. Will upload more photos after this. Currently having some fun at Taiping.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Much Sir?

Just a survey. And to spice up the blog. Kekeke.

Some info bout the car..

Toyota Corolla KE70.
1981 made.
DX model.
Engine conversion from 4k to 4A-GE Silver top 20valve.
Bolt on turbo modification.
CA18DET piston. Previous owner claimed the internal had been strengthen/rebuild for turbo.
IHI turbo.
Thermal wrap.
Fuel regulator.
External fuel pump x 2.
Surge tank.
Battery relocated to boot.
Simota open pod air filter.
Oil catch tank.
Voltage stabilizer.
Sheep dog blow off valve.
New Samco hoses for intercooler.
JPJ endorsed.

S13 front caliper and disc.
JIC Magic adjustable high-low front.
AE86 absorber and coil rear.
AE86 4.3 welded diff.
Adjustable pillow ball.

Full bucket Sparco for driver.
Semi bucket from Starlet EP for pasengger.
Momo dish steering.
Meter cluster from Silvertop halfcut (AE101?)
Water temp gauge.
HKS boost meter.
Turbo timer.
4-point harness for driver.

New paint. Honda Type R Championship White.
Bodywork done. Floor had been anti-rusted, and welded.
Custom vented hood.
Bonnet pin.
Fender mirror.
New tail lamp.
New badges.
New signal lamp.
New front and rear chrome bumper.
New rubber cover for bumper.
New grill.
New headlamp cluster.
6500k white/blue bulb.
Front chin spoiler.
Spare wide fender. One side is damaged.

A set of 15' x 7j Fondmetal rim.
A pair of 15' x 7j Advan Oni rim.
A pair of 13' x 7j Kiwi rim.
1inch Japan spacer for front.

The question is, how much are you willing to pay for this car?

p/s : From now on, I am stopping my mocking post. Kekeke. Found out that some of the readers are annoyed with my post and some of em think I am too over with it. So clean writeup from now on. I'll not delete the previous post on what not. Just an improvement for the blog. Good for my name too. Cheers!

Featured in..

Sorry I am busy with assignment now, so no time to update Rolla's update. So here's an article where Rolla was featured in. Hehehe.

I've been noticing this Corolla for quite some time. First thing that caught my eye was the height and the beautiful bodywork. The KE70 was never a rare car and nobody ever bothers to do it up. Many of them have a Silvia in mind and wants to start drifting and then they buy the KE. That's why they were never serious about it. A friend once said, 'Drifting is a spectator sport. That's why your machine has to be presentable.'

Continue reading the article at DriftneyLand blog!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Day with Rolla.

Last day before I go back to my college today. Huargh. Really didnt have mood to bring it for a spin. Thanks to the engine issue. But today Rolla decided to behave properly and not like the usual 'coughing', or 'farting'. Hahaha. Suitable term aite?

Anyway, since February is the month that I am not gonna spend my RM on car, I bought a few stuffs instead. A 'proper' speaker for movie, music and games, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard for a better and comfortable typing and holding the mouse.

And also a large rear view mirror since the fender mirror isn't much helping. This is not consider spending RM on modding or upgrading ya! 'Just for my safety' upgrade.

And some cleaning kit. Since this whole week was a holiday, why not do it myself? And it is a tiring job. It had been a while since my last time cleaning my own cars.

Asked my lil bro to drove Rolla around as the car had not been moving for awhile. And to be honest, sitting on the passenger seat is much better than driving it. The G force feel is better on the passenger side, and I don't have to press the heavy clutch pedal. Hahaha.

And in support of Freedoms Crew, here's the 'limited edition' of Freedoms Crew stickers! It comes in three color, white, black and gray. Choose your favourite!

And I choose the white color. The first ever sticker sticked on Rolla.

The tint looks pretty dark. I'm not sure whether this is a 30% tint as the shop told me earlier. Anyway, last photo of Rolla before the car is parked inside my house and will be kept/parked for awhile until further notice. Hope the car enjoy the break!

Anyway, I am already missing driving it. Hahaha.
Sounds gay for sho.

Maintaining a Turbo Engine.

Geez, I really should be posting up some of Rolla's progress during my holiday week. Okay let me sum up the story as I am quite busy now with assignment. Yeah last minute work ROCK!

First of all, I stripped the floor and painted it with anti rust paint. Surprisingly the floor is in good condition except a lil rust here and there at the driver side. Got a minor hole from the rust but I decided not to weld it. Most of the shop were closed during Chinese New Year.

The other issue was the engine problem. I'll go through with it in the next next post. Anyway, just wanna share some common tips on maintaining an engine, especially a turbo charged engine. Was doing some Google job since I am not happy with the current engine state.

Probably need a top overhaul to stop the leak and to find the real problem, a new blow off valve, and finally finding the source of the chemical smell that enters the cabin. Soon soon. And since I made a promise to myself that February is the fasting month for my wallet (Huahuahua), I probably will start to do the next project in March or sooner. And since my final final exam is coming soon, I guess I better start to focus on it first. Hahaha.

Rolla will be left at home after this, no more bringing it back to campus. I don't want Rolla to be dirtied over time when at campus, exposed to the sun light and moist, and the probability that Rolla will be scratched by some muthafucka is higher when the car is at campus, and what not. Plus the not-so-healthy engine is another excuse for not bringing it back.

Engine Maintenance Tips.

Nothing lasts forever; any car eventually will start having problems. However, while some cars may provide you with few hundred thousands miles of trouble-free driving, others start having problems from the beginning. Why there is such a huge difference?

Sometimes cars start having problems after accidents. Sometimes it may be a factory defect or design flaw. Heavy conditions like, for example, driving only short trips without letting the engine to warm up fully also make the engine life shorter.

Corrosion is another factor - for example, park the car for a few months in place with high humidity and later it will probably have more problems than the vehicle driven all this time on daily basis.

Yet, lack of maintenance is one of the most often reason for a car to break down.

Here is a visual example:
Compare these two images: the engine on a top photo hasn't been maintained well. Looks like it the engine oil hasn't been changed for long time. This engine has relatively low mileage and already needs serious and costly repair. The engine on the lower photo has been maintained well. After 175,000 miles (281,000 km) it's still in a very good condition, and needs no repair at all. Can you see the difference?

So, what's most important to keep your engine in a good shape?

- I guess, I won't say something new stating that regular oil changes is most important factor to keep the engine running. If you do it more often than suggested by manufacturer's schedule, that's even better.
- Avoid overheating the engine
- Changing spark plugs, air filter, timing belt and other items from maintenance schedule may save you from costly repairs.
- Fix any small problem right away before it causes a serious damage.

Engine oil change

Why regular oil changes are so important? What will happen if I miss my oil change? Engine oil has limited life - after a certain point it starts losing lubricating qualities and carbonizes. Once it happens, the engine gets contaminated with carbon deposits or sludge (see the photo) that significantly shorten engine's life. When you change oil at or before manufacturer suggested interval, you change the oil before this "carbonizing" point, engine remains clean and once refilled with new oil ready to work hard again. If the engine oil has not been changed for long, carbon deposits start clogging the oil pick-up screen decreasing oil supply and increasing friction. Through the engine ventilation system the same carbon deposits build up inside the throttle body and EGR system causing rough idle and possible check engine light. Compression decreases and engine start wearing much faster.
If you don't remember when you changed the oil in your car last time - just check the oil on the dipstick. And every time you change the oil, the oil filter should be replaced as well.

Checking the engine oil

Check the engine oil regularly, I'd recommend at least once a month or even more often if the car has high mileage.

Driving with extremely low oil level (less than min.) or with low oil pressure warning lamp on may cause serious engine damage

If you note, that oil pressure gauge indicates extremely low oil pressure - have your engine inspected as soon as possible.
- While checking the oil level, look at its condition. Check the image at the left. If the oil is black like on the right image, I'd suggest to change it.
- Always use only appropriate engine oil type (usually you can find it on oil cap or in the owners manual).
- Check your parking space for leaks. If you find any, fix it before it results in more serious vehicle problem

Synthetic oil vs. conventional mineral oil

The advantage of synthetic oil is that it can withstand higher temperature and can work longer without losing its lubricating qualities. It doesn't get thicker at below-zero temperatures providing good engine lubrication at a cold start. However, since it's more "thinner" a high-mileage engine filled with synthetic oil will more likely to develop leaks and you will more likely to hear lifters tapping noise at a start. Therefore, If you have low mileage or turbo engine and driving under heavy conditions such as high temperature, excessive load, long intervals without an oil change, etc., or simply want to provide extra protection for your engine, synthetic oil may be a good solution. But I don't think it's worth to use synthetic oil in high-mileage engines - thicker mineral oil will provide better protection as long as you change it regularly.

Engine cooling system

Engine overheating causes serious engine damage. In order to avoid the engine overheating:
Check the coolant level periodically. It should be at least at the "min" mark in the coolant reservoir. If it's lower, add the coolant bringing the level to the "max" mark.

Caution: Never open the radiator or the coolant overflow reservoir when engine is hot!

If you discover a coolant leak, have it fixed as soon as possible - it may cause engine overheating.
If you note that the engine temperature starts rising higher than normal, have your engine inspected before it will cause serious problems.
Check the front of the radiator - sometimes it may be obstructed with leaves or dust. It's one of the possible reasons for the overheating. Look at the image on the left. This Buick' radiator is clogged. Try to avoid using front end covers - they cause restrictions to the air flow through the radiator

Tune-up, timing belt, fuel injector flush

There are certain vehicle components that need periodical replacement (check your owner's manual for details) such as, for example:
Fuel filter -
dirty fuel filter may cause engine stalling and loss of engine power.
Air filter -
dirty air filter causes loss of engine power, increased fuel consumption, air flow sensor failure, etc.
Engine coolant -
old engine coolant loses its anti-corrosive and other characteristics and may cause water pump to fail.
Spark plugs -
simply spark plugs replacement can significantly improve the engine performance.
Timing belt -
timing belt failure may cause serious engine damage, especially if it's diesel engine.
Having a problem with fuel consumption or rough idle on a high mileage car? - Try fuel injectors service. You will note the difference right away.


CAUTION: The battery filled with harmful acid solution and can produce explosive gases. Handling a battery be careful and always use protective glasses and gloves. Don't use open fire, smoke, or create a spark near battery.

Most of batteries nowadays are maintenance free. All you check is battery terminals that shouldn't be loose or corroded. Corroded battery terminals will cause all kind of problem: blinking instrument lights, low charge, no-start, dim headlights, check engine and ABS malfunction light etc.
Also, if you see any acid leaks, cracks or any other damage - replace the battery. Acid leaking from the battery destroys everything underneath. For example on VW Golf it will be the fan control module located right under the battery.

Fix any small problems

If there is any problems with your engine, such as irregular noise or smell, or performance problems, leaks or smoke, or "check engine" light is on, etc., have your car inspected with a mechanic. It's always better to fix any small problem right away before they can cause engine damage. Be aware, some mechanics will try to scare you because they always want to sell you more job than your car really needs, so always ask to explain everything, to show you what exactly is wrong and why.

For vehicles with turbocharger

Oil is the life blood of your turbo. It helps cool and lubricate your turbo and its bearings. With out proper lubrication a turbo will overheat and seize.

With that in mind, here are some basic tips to maintaining a healthy turbo.

1.) Use only synthetic oil.

It is recommended to use only synthetic oil in a turbo application because synthetic oils are better at resisting thermal breakdown then non-synthetic oil, and we all know that turbos run at extremely high temperatures.

2.) Change your oil every 2,500-3,000 miles.

When run through an extremely hot turbo, oil breaks down and becomes dirty very fast. It is very important to change your oil every 3,000 miles.

3.) Check you oil level often.

You want to check your oil at least once a week. Due to various, strenuous conditions of positive manifold pressure and excess heat caused by a turbo you want to check your oil levels at least once a week.

3.) Let your oil cool down before you shut off your car.

It is very important to let your car idle for an extended period of time after driving. (The amount of time really depends on how hard you drive the car). This allows the turbo and ultimately your oil to cool down which prevents coking of your turbo bearings and oil lines.

4.) Make sure you oil in the turbo before starting the car after an oil change.

It is important to make sure that the turbo bearings are lubricated before you start your car after an oil change, to do this, pull your ecu fuse and crank your car until your oil pressure light turns off. This will ensure the turbo has oil in it before you start the car.

Thanks to the writer for the great tips. The original article can be found here and here too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Good To Know..

When someone gave me a feedback bout the wallpaper. First attempt yo~

Anyway, the feedback is positive. I'll try to post more pics soon.

The desktop view of Asu.

I still prefer the first pic though. My desktop.

Kekekeke. This is exciting..

Wallpaper Edition.

As requested by Stan, here's the large resolution of the photos:

Click here for the higher resolution.

Click here for higher resolution.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Genting Trip Photos.

Nothing much. Just an achievement for Rolla coz enduring the torture during the holidays. Here's some photos taken with Canon EOS 50D.

Night before the trip. Was having my late dinner with Enche Azrin along with his Freedoms Crew, Lan and Ipin. Mark II 1jz powah!

The next day, I decided to travel alone with my Rolla while my parents were with Toyota Wish. Shots were taken at SMS Hulu Selangor. Pickin up my lil twin brother here.

Testin my camera. My parents a.k.a my mentor in everything. Love them!

Another shot. Awesome depth of field using this 18-135mm lens.

Finally approved by my mom. Kekeke. She still prefer new car though.

We were using the old route to Genting (the Ulu Yam road I guess). Love the winding road. Not busy, cool breezing air, and we do enjoy driving all the way up. And we arrived at the hotel.

Rolla was here. I'm glad it didn't cause any problem during the trip.

Our room was at 28th floor if Im not mistaken. And this shot was taken at the Awana restaurant. Golf club resort, cool air, definitely I'll be back here soon.

My lil twin brothers. Not so twin I guess.

Tested Rolla going up the Genting for two times. One at 3pm and the other one was at 12am. The 3pm cruising video can be found here. The night run was the deal. Brought over one of my friends at the business and off we go. Drifting uphill. Temp was good, the feel was good, the handling was good, and everything was good. Thank God.

Anyway, some photos during at the peak. Japan inspired shots. Still got no time to do a proper photo shoot session with Rolla.

Attempt 1.

Attempt 2. Still got a few more photos, but my laziness strike! So this two should be enough.

The tight hairpin.

My parents were having a high level training there actually. The business running pretty good I guess. Dad will take unpaid leave for a year this March. Rm130k last month should do it. While mine a bit drop but still overpaid for a student. In case anyone missed it, y'all can visit this page for more info.

Dad giving some inspirational talk to the kids of SMS Hulu Selangor.

And we went home the next day. We, the kids do have fun there. I'll definitely will go there again. And I missed the outdoor park at Genting. Rainy season. Indoor park sucks. And that's that.

Out of Ordinary...

Was having my daily reading dose from a few sources and one of them is Freedoms Crew blog. And found out this thing.

Anyone wanna swap my Corolla for this EG? Kekeke. They must be super boring with their current choices of cars.

Back to Basic.

And don't be surprised coz I am back to basic. Still maintaining the blue color, but less item on my page and much more lighter than before. Am thinking of switching to other platform. Wordpress maybe? Any suggestion? Or should I stick to Blogger?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day before Genting Trip.

Sorry for dissapearing for awhile. Initially I was busy doing some work at home, and then the problem came. Tootache that ruined a few days in my life. And today I finally decided to go to the dentist and ouch, one of my precious teeth had been removed. And I need to go back to the dentist for some 'touch up' work. Ouch again soon.

Anyway, here's the day before my Genting Trip last week.

I arrived at Jeembo's Garage early in the morning so that the foreman, Man can check out my car before other cars came.

Kay's 5k engine in rebuilding process. Wireless yo!

Since Rolla is DX, and the new tail lamp is GL version, the socket need some modification in order to light it up.

Asked them to tidy up the wiring too. Nice. I like it.

The reserve tank had been replaced at the corner of my engine bay. And while Man was busy doing the wiring job, I borrowed a blower and clean up my engine bay. Now, no more dust but messy.

I cleaned up the air filter too.

Yeah. Done. This is the reason why I love GL tail lamp. Looks good when it is lit up.

And to get more JDM feels, I swap the current bulb with this white-blue-ish bulb. Grant Scotts prove it that white/blue bulb looks good with Corolla.

Also bought a wax from Turtle Wax and Rain X.

Swap my current rim with the orange rims too.

And while checking the engine bay, I opened up the radiator cap and found out that the water inside was rusty. So I ask Man to drain all of em.

And opt this coolant from Toyota. Claimed to be one of the best coolant in town.

Tested the car. Barely reaching 60. I don't have thermostat by the way.

And while waiting, found a few interesting stuffs.

Jeembo's new ride. I forgot the model, but its look like an E30 coupe with soft top and also Targa Top. Nice rim as usual.

SR20DET 'bongkok'.

4AGE 16valve.
Not one, but two of em. Any 4AGE lover would be angry with these. Hahaha.

And one of the crazy project currently is fitting this 1jz (Manual yo~) inside a TA22 Celica. Need to cut the firewall and gearbox tunnel in order to fit this beast in.

And this 'brand new' Corolla KE35 is up for sale. Everything had been stripped to bone and carefully refurbish. From top to bottom including the engine. Fully overhauled. Even the longshaft and axle are orange color. Open price is RM5000 highly negotiable. Call Jeembo himself if you are interested.

Jeembo, 012 952 5415.


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