Sunday, October 30, 2011

Different Path.

Been busy with exams and attending shooting for Sepah The Movie at the moment. As a stuntman/double for the artist. But, I think its time to say good bye to Demak and welcome a different brand. Kawasaki KX125. Its a 2-stroke bike. Hmm.. Should I or shouldn't I?

It is almost a 250cc bike if wanna compare it with a 4-stroke bike. 1/3 weight of Demak. Triple the horsepower of Demak. But slightly older than Demak. Hmm..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its Alive!

Got a call from the Uncle today. He told me that the bike is alive already. Went to the shop and tested the bike here and there. Quite powerful considering its small size. To start it is a bit heavy due to oversize piston. Few more stuffs need to be sorted like the rear height, the sprocket and brake service.

After that will send the bike to my usual car workshop (Speedster Garage) for wiring sort out, and I'll be spraying the frame and engine myself there. Some welding required for the new bracket to fit in the new cover set since both coverset arent meant 

Also the bike need to be run-in for few hundred kilometers. Now where the hell I'll be going then? The bike is purely offroad use. Maybe circling the whole campus like 20 to 30 times. After the run in, then only it can be used for offroad activity.

Front fork is way too angled. Balanced it out by increasing the rear height.

New sprocket will be bigger so that it will not rub against the swing arm. Also new chain tomorrow.

Need to increase the height.

By using this bracket.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Tire.

Got this from my new offroad friends. Quite cheap, a very good deal indeed. Both 21' and 18'. RM30 per piece. Of course its a used item but heck, its as good as new for the 21' and 60% for the 18'. Used item from Singapore. Good stuffs always from Singapore eh?

Only swap the front tire for the time being since my rear tire is still around 20% left. The old tire was like 4months only. Too much onroad use I guess.

Also been going for recce route with Mok's uncle few times. Quite fun just the two of us. Can speed and try as many route as we want. While posing with his bike at Angsana MX track.

In the woods.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Motard - Poser or What?

I gotta admit I'm in the 'trend' currently. Which is the scrambler fever. But again, like drifting or KE70, there's always a group of poser or wannabe that will be ruining the good images of the trend. Either its drifting, KE70 or even scrambler.

So first question; what's the purpose of buying the scrambler?

The common answer will be:
*The bike looks good. Lawa broo.
*Im in the bandwagon! (I'm in this one)
*Your own interest

So we do have two groups, one is called Motard and the other one is the one who love to go for mud and dirt. And to those who sayang their bike and all shit will be in this poser wannabe category which normally and usually in Motard category. When you go offroad, your bike will be damn dirty, scratches here and there and damaged too.

They'll be convoying here and there with their loud exhaust, ramming unnecessarily, sometimes making chaos on the road, dangering other traffic users too. Which to me; what's the point of you buying scrambler which is not fast, no top speed and you use it for road use and you complain its not fast? Its a trend. Yes I know. Gotta admit some Motard looks damn nice and some super fail with their fake after market stuffs and too much identity crisis, especially Demak going for KTM. Lulz.

To differ true Motard rider and on road poser?

Simple, true motard rider will enter track day and tackling each corner like mad or drifting and posers don't. I guess 10% only will be brave enough to play in the track. Others? Sayang motor brooooooo. Me? I'd been close enough to convert to Motard, but failed since I used 18' instead of super wide jj of 17'. Heavy tires and super traction but no power for Demak. Lulz again. So again, what's the point? But I do love taking Genting corner with the grippy 18' semi slick tires. Cecah lutut bro. Luckily didn't fall though. But I guess my heart belongs to the off-road group. I love the forest and dirt.

Most of them are usually berlagak like shit when they stop at traffic light. Like a boss. But we all know, you cant go that fast with that heavy tires. But some scrambler are meant for motard use. And that's different category. Get it get it?

I'd love to take corner like this one day. 250 might be a good start maybe?

Point is? I dislike posers. Hahaha. Although Imma poser too.

12 hours Endurance.

Last two weeks, I met with some friends from the UTM. Most of them work for UTM, some are staffs and some are contractor for UTM. So what's up? They're love offroad activity too. So I was invited to join their endurance trail on Sunday the last two weeks. The starting was at UTM and the exit was at Kota Tinggi.

If we take the main road, it will take around an hour plus to reach there. But if we take the off-road through estates and through forest, it will take around 12hours and some 200km.

They're quite different from others, much more friendlier, more helpful, doesn't look up on a brand, and welcome others to join. And they have hand held GPS to make sure we're on the right path.

Trail started around 9am after everyone had sort out their bike. Different brands like Suzuki, Yamaha, Demak Kawaski, and KTM gathered for this ride.

While waiting for others, I decided to take five. I bought enough tools to take out the whole engine and two bottles of fuel just in case. Since this is endurance trail, better be prepare aite? The bag weigh around 4kg to 8kg I think.

The one and only pit stop for fuel refill and drink. This is between two estates therefore there's village. Most of them are brothers for your information. How I wish my brothers can join me for offroad activity.

Other than slippery mud, moss, the other thing I hated is fallen tree.There's two fallen tree. This one we were going under it. The other one we had to lift up all of our bikes one by one. Consumed a lot of energy to did it.

Some of the bikes and a short break. Tumpang kasih sayang like them said since some of them dont have stand to park.

River crossing. A lot of big boulder and rock. I damaged my skid plate here. Now its cracked already. Luckily I had it. If not, for sure the engine cover will be cracked into few pieces.

And after that, rain started to came down. So no more photo snapping. Keep all my handphones and wallet in a plastic bag. The last obstacle was a fallen tree which we had to lift up our bikes in heavy rain and super muddy mangrove crossing and a small river which we all lay down inside the river like half an hour to recover some energy. And its 5pm already. And we just reached our destination.

Stop by at the Kota Tinggi Petronas for fuel refill. Ate some bread and energy drink in the heavy rain. Super exhausted! Around 6pm we took another route to go back. Yes we can take the main road but what's the point of endurance trail then?

From Kota Tinggi to Skudai, we took a shorter route and we got lost in the estates. In the dark. Only 3 bikes have lights and only me have a tail light. So from 6pm till around 10pm, we finally got out of the dark and we all decided to go back and call it a day!

What a ride and experience! I'll definitely gonna go again. Kudos to Demak for its superb performance and endurance. No problem at all during the trail.

Pit Bike Progress II.

Here's some progress for this week.

Bought a chain tensioner for the bike.

Guess what's inside the plastic?

A completely brand new cover set for a pitbike! Some said its the Kawasaki 80cc pitbike cover set. But I could not confirm it either. Anyway it consist a front mud guard, front guard, rear mud guard, side panel, a fuel tank and its side cover, and a new seat. Anyone interested can order it from me too. The price is RM420 for this complete set. Comes in green and red color.

Here's an example the coverset on a 80cc pitbike. But the engine had been converted to a Kriss engine.

Back to the shop; uncle said that the engine is basically a fucked up engine. The racing block and the Kriss piston had been installed, but there's still other stuffs needed to be replaced. Since Imma noob bout motorcycle stuffs, I dunno the name of this. Hahahaha. Anyway, its fucked up.

The new carburator of EX5 had been installed too.

Engine wise almost done. Gonna spray it to make it looks nicer once it can be started.

Should be done by this week hopefully.

Pit Bike Progress.

Hey this blog is still alive. Just still not in the mood to write things up since there is nothing to be shared basically.

So here's some update on the pitbike taken last week. Yeah, I am lazy to write this up.

Few classmates were trying the bike.  Note that the front fork position is a bit weird. This is because of the rear absorber is sitting way too low.  Will fix this by putting a bracket or change the rear absorber to a taller one.

While at the shop.

The next day, it's already been disassembled.

So that's that for last week progress.


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