Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bee's Rollcage.

Just now I went to Jaguh's house and to see the roll cages with my own eyes. Jaguh had done the half cage and will be doing the extension for the front parts next week so that it will become a full cage. And the detailing job is still not done yet. And after testing it, I think there is a lot of improvement such as body roll elimination, stiffer body, and I can feel every vibration of the car.

Overall, I think it is good. About mass producing it, I think it will be a bit pricey coz Jaguh is using an expensive type of steel pipe. I forgot the details and the reason of using this particular steel tube is because there is a FIA rules stated about using the particular steel tube type for making cages. Meaning that the cages is somehow FIA certified. Lol.

And after talking bout the cost of making the cages with Jaguh, this is the design that I want for my half cage. It will be cheaper than Jaguh's one coz this design will be using less pipe, less bending and less welding job too. Anyway, this is a half cage for 808 sedan. From Australia. I'll be using the bolt type too.

And with my extra income of RM50 courtesy of the mag, I'll need to find a way to add my budget. Will sort up my stuffs that can be sell soon. Any comments for the half cage?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jaguh Autoworks : Roll Cage & Spot Weld.

Got this MMS this evening showing his latest creation. Proudly presenting, Jaguh Autoworks's Roll Cage! Well, at least it is halfway done. When I received this photo, I noticed something is different from other kind of half cage. The cross bar at the center is something that people don't usually do. Well, if you ask me, things turn out quite well for him.

DSC09882.jpg picture by arm_flip4crew

So, anyone interested to have a roll cage? Or any suggestions so that Jaguh can improve? Price gotta ask Jaguh first. Anyway, when are you going to take measurement for my very own roll cage pula ya?! Dont forget my commission too! =P

DSC09867.jpg picture by arm_flip4crew

And, the other one was, the spot welding job. Also done by Jaguh himself. Wtf man.. Jaguh had gone a mile ahead from me. Argh.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food Blog?

Warning, this is not a food blog, this is not a food blog, and this is not a food blog. Just wanna drool on some foods that I really wanna have for my buka puasa. One of my favourite of all time, is the mouth watering BBQ Chiken Charbroiled Burger. Oh my gosh, just by looking at this pic make my saliva drop already. Argh, will go to the BBQ Chiken soon!

And then, there's Durian. Mok and I was eating it at Subway a few weeks ago. Really not a good combination. Sandwich + Durian = Not good. Nevertheless, one of my favourite fruits ever.

And what did I had for my buka puasa today? Milano's chiken lasagna and 6 inch Subway! This is truly a wrong concept of buka puasa. And the results of this heavy eating, I felt asleep just before the Terawih prayer. Lol.

And what's up from UTM? A very inconsiderable notice if you asked me! Let me translate it to English:

"To all students, you are not allowed to have you sahur outside of the college after 12am. Action will be taken if you ignore this."

Why did I'd said so? We had been eating the same food for two year plus, and seriously it doesn't taste that good usually. I think the principle should give permission to us to go out at 4am to have outside foods. Unless they wanna open more stalls, then we'll be happy too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Info : Cup.

There will be an old school car race that will be held on 3rd of October at MIMC. It will be hosted by community. That's the reason I want my Bee to be ready before the race. Well, Jaguh and I will be entering IF our car is done by that time.

Updates can be found here:

Anyway, Im still in doubt whether the race will happen or not. I hope they will make it and not just talking cock. Lol. Sigh, I really shouldn't promote since the forum is kinda racist on car brand. All must use Toyota to get their attention (Or should I say spam?) and their favourite model are KE30, KP61 and KE70. Geez. Others? Rarely get any reply on the threads.

Oh, and if you are using Datsun, might go to KKL. That is Datsun forum if you call me.

Retro Syndicate? Well, most of them are from Ipoh. But, so far they are still welcoming us, a non-famous car brand user. Among these three forum, I rather stick to RS coz they have a lot of information, and less spamming, while KKL with their 'Datsun Rules' but yet, I never see any of them involve in any track day, or even other type or race. How do they define touge and wangan eh? Coz they love using those two words when talking. And finally, OS with their Apam, spamming, and more spamming.

Ahh, I just released my inner heart thought. Anyway, I wanna take my Sahur already. Happy fasting and please dont skip your puasa. Please be ashame of yourself if you are skipping it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ipoh Trip : Bee's Engine Almost Done!

I went to Ipoh yesterday to see the latest update on my Bee. When I arrived at the toll exit, Im808 guide me to the Underground Garage. Arrived, my first impression was, "Walao, very undergroundlah this place." I thought the place was a shop lot. LOL.

Anyway, even though the place looks creepy and weird, my main reason of sending my car here is because they had been working on Mazda 808 quite some time which mean they have more experience on this particular species. This is 808 heaven. You can find most of 808 parts you want here coz they had been scrapping more than 10 units of 808.

This is Im808's ride. With 1.6l engine inside, there's no way he's driving it slow. I always get left behind when following him. Oh, where's my Bee? Im808 keep it at his college. According to him, it is much safer to keep my car there rather than keeping it here. Plus, the body shop is near the college, so that's another reason.

Here's Bee's engine block looks like. The crank pulley nut is stucked by the way, so cant remove it yet. The oversize pistons had been ordered, and the block will be send to the foundry once the ordered pistons arrived. The block will be painted too. Im thinking of making a Lego color scheme by the way.

And this is the engine's head. Quite dirty eh?

And after some grinding process, here's how the head looks.

And let the porting and polishing process began. This is my first ever experince on porting and polishing process, even looking also first time. So, I was kinda jakun back there and ask so many question to Im808. Lol.

Even the exhaust outlet also had been ported.

Did you spot any difference now?

The dirt on the valve was super stubborn. It tooks quite an effort for Im808 to grind it.

The almost finish product. I am proud of myself coz Im808 let me grind the outer part of the head till it shine. I love detailing job anyway. Shiny eh?

Square tail lamp of Im808 just like mine. I was drooling all over it coz this is the most 'original' set I had ever seen. Almost looks like NOS. And sadly, not for sale. Big thanks to Im808 for collecting a lot of 808 relics. There's a room in the house that is full of 808 stuffs. How to imagine eh? It's like when you assemble everything back into the chassis, you will get a few unit of Mazda 808 back.

Bee's flywheel that will be skimmed so that it will be lightened too.

I was thinking why the hell this rotten 808 was there. Until Im808 asked me to pop up the hood..

What the fook!? 13B engine with IDA Weber yo! Damn, this car is super sleeper and 100x more cooler than mine once the car is done. Owner is still looking for a new chassis. Drool time again.

RX2 lil brother that is for sale. Someone please save the car. This old rare metal deserve an attention.

Wan Dreamers Vault of Retro Syndicate and Han was checking out a DGAV Weber.

Anyway, some changes in plan for Bee is, she's getting a new set of side mirror that will be much better looking, a hood scoop taken from Mira L5 to be fitted onto Bee's hood (Rotary wannabe yo!), and also this kind of lip called Go Fast from Jeya. This lip was meant to be for KE70, but Im808 wanna try to force fit it. If it is successfull, I'll be taking a unit too. Any comment guys?

A lot of trimming work will be needed I think.

We are aiming for another three weeks for the car to be finished 100%. I want to run in the engine quickly before the Olskool Cup event that will be held at MIMC this 10th of October.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan.

Just wanna say, happy fasting to all Muslims around the world, and lets hope this year is much better than last year.

P/s = I'll be going to Ipoh today. On the afternoon maybe. I miss my car damn much. See y'all in Ipoh!

Can I skip my puasa today coz I wanna go travelling?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Im Back.

After 3weeks of struggling with my first test of the semester, Im back. Plus with the stupid P1 Wimax that always keep disconnecting, I rather go offline and play DotA and Demigod game. LOL.

Anyway, Jaguh now have his own blog at

I'll still be updating about him here and most of his update also can be found on his blog too.

Im going down to Ipoh this weekend to check out my Bee. Josh and Jeya, come lepak minum-minum Old Town ya!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jaguh Autoworks : Rollcage, anyone?

Got this MMS from Jaguh this evening showing his 'Do It Yourself' roll cage had taken shape! Jaguh will be making a full cage for him, a half cage for Din and for me? Im interested with half cage too. So, Jaguh will be taking my car's measurement next week in Ipoh and will do it a custom one for me too soon. Anyone have any advice or anything to share for the cage stuffs?

Anyway, anyone interested with the roll cage for KE70? Maybe Jaguh can make a copy of the cage if you are interested. Ask him for the price quotation.

Story : Bee's Updates!

Gosh, what a busy week! Full of assignments, test, lab reports and etc. Damn, I hate 3rd year. Im808 had been constantly updating me with Bee's update. Here's one of the MMS that I received from him.

Checking out the engine compression I think.

So what is the problem with Bee actually? The 3rd piston has a low compression which mean the inner parts had been damaged badly. (Did I said it right? XD) Engine had been taken out and everything had been disassembled. That's is all from this week as Im808 is also busy with Zero 2 Hero TV show. He's one of the participant.

Jaguh and me will be going to Ipoh next weekend. I really miss Bee and why does Jaguh wanna follow? Coz he'll taking some measurement for Bee's interior. For what? Check out the next post.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Feature : Jaguh Autoworks Drift Machine in the Making!

Here's a sneak preview of Jaguh's drift machine in the making. Specs? I'd say almost illegal spec as the car will have full roll cage, super loud exhaust, keropok door and bonnet to super lighten the car, and of course 100% track/drift purpose machine. And it is his DAILY ride. Sick!

And what's so awesome to me is, he'll be doing it by himself as his final year project at MFI. Good luck in your project dude. This is one of the reason why I was so excited to repair my car, coz I wanna tsuiso with Jaguh soon. Just please dont bang my door or bumper! =P

Anyway, we had decided to follow Josh & Jeya's ideology for our ride, it is called STP. Standard Tapi Power! Which mean, we'll be using its old engine but will make it driftable. Or is it just an excuse coz we dont have enough RM to swap for SR20DET, 4AGE or 13BT?

Remember this stock 'uncle-spec' KE70, coz the next time we'll see it, it will not be the same machine anymore. This is Jaguh's work area. His college hangar. Complete tools to do anything you want and it is very cool to me.

And its original interior that will be removed.

Stripping process.

The roof lining is full with dust.

Almost done for the day.

Jaguh is lucky to have a car that has a very minimal rust on the floor.

And here's the 'new' exhaust for the car. Super short travel equals to very loud noise. We'll be making a side exit exhaust soon. Pipes only.

How loud a stock engine is?

Just received this MMS photo from Jaguh this afternoon, showing his door's skeleton that had been removed. Super light keropok door coming!
Will update more when the car received more magic touch from Jaguh soon!

Anyway, if anyone interested to buy Jaguh's KE70 interior, just give him a call at 017 237 7680. And he's looking for some sponsors to cover up some of the project's cost. Just give him a call and discuss with him about the term and contract.

My very first drift event was with Jaguh's super stock KE70 at Bukit Jalil. This video was taken around a year ago I think. Gosh, I miss my very first excitement & the thrill when Jaguh let me drift with his car.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Story : Mok's Birthday.

Lets start with Mok's birthday celebration first. We (Mok, me, Jaguh and Mok's sweet cousin) went to the TGI Friday at One Utama for a celebration. Its 20th for Mok and the rest of us still 19 years old. Hehehe. So, there goes Jaguh and Mok's cousin.

And there's Mok with my RM50 cheque. LOL.

And the nice entree for the dinner. I love cheese!

Unfortunately I got an ulcer in my mouth and it is still there until today. Really cant enjoy my foods and drinks due to the pain. It sucks. Really spoiled my daily mood. =(

After we finished our dinner, its time for a celebration. With the help from the TGI's workers, we had a little sing along, a few words and finally a big clap from all of the customers.

And the yummy chocolate cake from Secret Recipe.

And the next day, my mum invited us to go to my home for a lil dinner and my mum gave Mok a present for the birthday.

I hope my dear will be happy forever, in a good health and in an enjoyable day.

Events : MAEPS Drift Run.

Din told us that he wanna try the MARDI drift track last Saturday so off we go to the track. We are among the earliest to arrived that day. Its quite good to arrived early since the pros usually played on night time. Which gave us a good time to practice more.

And after removing all tools and tyres, off we go to the track. As usual, Din usually wanted us to drove first and me also as usual, muka tak malu volunteer to be the first to test the track.

And at the starting line. A big thanks to Din for letting us use his car. Just wait till our car is ready to drift. We'll let you drive our car too.

And off we go.

And as usual, here's my warm up run. It really need a high speed entry for the first big corner which Din's KE70 didnt have the power to tackle the first one. Kinda lame but what the hell, we just wanna have some fun and to learn more about drifting. Its better to be on the track with a not powerful car rather than having a super drift spec car BUT just to park on a drift event.

One of the favourite crash spot. Quite high speed entry and poof~

And woops! Somebody crashed with Din's KE70. Har har har. Its Jaguh, not me. Gegege. Its normal, it is called shit happened all the time mate! Hope Din didnt get angry with this.

And last Saturday is my last day with Bee. Din again was kind enough to lend me his rim and a set of good tyres as she will be on a long journey. I didnt have enough $ to buy a proper tyres. There goes my offset rims.

Looks sissy from this side. Wide fender, non-offset rim. Just a precaution step for the journey.

A few stuffs to be taken to Ipoh. A few big bottles of water, an engine oil, spark plug T, and Bee's unused stuffs.

And there's Im of Underground Garage Ipoh ready to take Bee to Ipoh. Will be seeing Bee in a month maybe.

Again, my mom agree to top up a few more hundreds to spend on the bodywork and aircond. So, Bee will have a nice fitment on the fender area coz I already ask Im to make a custom arches and a full body work. Anyone interested with my wide flare? Im not using it anymore. Im asking RM250 nego. It will fit like a glove for Mazda 808. Gimme a call if you are interested.


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