Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 Wheelers.....

Ooooo the devil mind is back and this time its worse. Got a chance to test the Yamaha 125z recently. The first one is the first model way back around 10 years plus ago and the recent model type.

Make me thinking of selling my stuffs for this. Second hand would be great.

One thing for sure, no bike allowed in my family. House rule for generations. Which mean I cant own a bike. But then what about the Kriss 1 I use in campus? Its not mine. Its belongs to Mok's dad. I am just using it.

Vtec just kicked in yo! Oh, I love the 2T smell.

Friday the 25th.

Okay, other than the court case, tried to comfort myself by doing some works so that I'll be occupied. And after finished my 1st week exam, decided to went back to Mok's house since she's doing some cuppies that people ordered. Fugly without the front spoiler.

And there's some noise that had been bugging me since I bought the rear AE86 adjustable. There's this squeaky noise every time there's movement. I do suspect the bushing would be the problem. So, jacked up Rolla and I was using anything that is available that time.

And the adjustable was removed. Some people were already asking what adjustable is this. This is an adjustable set for the Corolla AE86 by a local company, ACE suspension. Yes it is a coil over. Yes I do not need to use the separate spring and absorber and yes, it is plug and play. Hope it helps.

Upon inspection, found out that the top bushing on the absorber was not on the correct size. It should be fitted nicely not this loose.

I was thinking of putting some grease and hope it will stop the squeaky noise. Until I checked the bushing for the mount. Okay, I am noob. #Fact. So I just think logically and I don't have any automotive experience. And you know what, I don't give a shit. Coz I'm homo.

Here's the absorber bushing. For below the dust cover and on top of the dust cover.

And the top mount bushings. Noticed that the top had two bushings but different in size.

So I just removed the bigger diameter bushing for the top mount and fit everything back. And greased everything necessary. And the squeaking noise is gone now. I am happy again. Anyway, found out that the bottom screw's thread had worn out. Went to a local workshop to have some spare screws. The absorber will pop off (a lot of chances to occur) for sure.Lucky me and hopefully nothing will happen after this.

While the car was still on the jack, I tried this thing. Some sort of tar rubber for the undercarriage. Once it dried, it will become gummy. Act as a anti-rust and also sound deadening.It is very thick and I had to use kerosene to dilute it.

Did the tire arch, and also all undercarriage from front till back. And I am a messy dude after that. I am running 1' spacer on the rear set so that my pussy offset wheels will be pushed more to 'fill' the over fender.

When its done and while I was filling some gas, I noticed that the rear set had gone even lower than before. I am happy with the stance now and also no more scraping hump problem after rerouting the exhaust pipe.

On Newspaper Again!

Yep, I'm on paper again! This is what I am fighting for; I mean legal action against the seller. Anyway, please be careful when dealing with this kind of seller. Will go deep once case is solved

Paid the buyer already. Seller is missing, and I am the one paying. Naisuuu.

Oh yes, Imma 21 but got a case filed against me. Its an achievement! Homo life learning lesson bro.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It might be the next project. Minus the RG bumper. Still aiming for the chance to buy it cheaper from unker unker compare to current market around RM300-RM500. Pretty expensive.

Anyway, saw my car when Googling some photos. Yeah, its the white car orange wheels with the preclaimed 200bhp 1.6l 4k; oh no I mean 4A-GE Turbo. Actually, they said the estimated power is around 200max. LOLOLOLOL. Which is what they said. Cant wrote down what people said meh? Which I clearly do not remember claiming it to be 200bhp. Possible? Maybe?

Blacktop? 160hp? Wrong? Yes? On wheel? On flywheel? I don't know. Imma poser remember? But it definitely have more than 50bhp. #Fact.

Shit, Rolla looks nicer back then. Photo as usual, by the PedoSmile Ariff Firdaus.

Anyway, it looks better than yours. Over 9000.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Piping Reroute & De-Lip.

After surviving 1 week plus in the campus, the piping decided to crack at a point because of too much tension when having contact with the hump. Sounds like a rotary engine, but slower than a Myvi. Decided to swirl around in the Skudai area, and arrived at an exhaust shop + workshop. Which happened to be the workshop for JB Drift Club.

A mechanic then helped me to fix the piping. What he did was heating the extractor so that it can be bend more upward and re weld all the exhaust piping so that it get closer to Rolla's floor board. In other word, if you look from side now, you wont see any exhaust piping popping out from the bottom. All you see now is the floor board. Clean.

After the job was done, only then I knew his name. The man who did the job is the one who drove the A31 for Drift Zone JB, Mr. Shairul. A well known group and team member in JB was doing my car. Now that's improvement.

Then, while on the way to Majistreet Court (I will elaborate on this in a very very long writing to tell what happened when the case is settled. Suing people is a lot harder than I thought), there's new road and old road joint on the way to Danga, which I didn't saw it and just cruise on the joint. Which caused?

Rolla's a bit too low for daily usage actually. The front spoiler hit the joint, which caused nothing to the spoiler since it is a FRP. BUT, the lower panel was damaged. You can see how the impact had change the lower panel's shape and it didnt stop there. Even the front grille, and the left headlamp cover were affected too. And to add some spice, the right lower panel screw joint were detached. Need to weld it back to fix it. That bad uh the price I pay for having such low ride. And I wont raise the height back coz tall is lame. HAHA.

As for now, my old lip was sold. Sold to a very close friend of mine. Hope he'll success in his new project. All the best buddy! How bout Rolla? Well, Retro Bodykits which is one of my sponsor for Rolla, will send a new front spoiler which is the latest product of Retro Bodykits.

Some car with the similar front spoiler. Taken out of JNC and Uncle Google.

And finally, something is on the way to JB. I am very skeptical with the function or maybe its me who cant differentiate the difference of a car that does not have an anti-roll bar and a car that have it on the axle. We'll see. But since it is a bargain price tag, I just bought it. Will fit it. Theoretically, it is plug and play since I am using the AE86 LSD, which already have the bracket to hold the ARB.

Feng Tau-ed?

Been busy lately so kinda forgotten to update the blog although there's few updates on Rolla. Anyway, its time to change the internal fluid. So my last oil grade was 10-40, and a semi synthetic which should last around 7000km, but I decided to change it after 5000km to keep the engine's at its peak performance and healthy. So there was small losses of oil during the usage, which I suspect the oil being too thin for my 20v. Or maybe it was the gasket or whatever but there's no white smoke coming out. Only black smoke indicating my car's running rich.

This time, I opted for a mineral oil and the grade was 20-50. Yes, a bit too thick but we'll see if there's any losses this time. Also, bought an engine flush to flush out the sludge inside the engine. And lately my LSD do make some noise which some said it is normal for an LSD to make some noise during tight turn at a slow speed. The last LSD oil change was during the competition that I entered around few months ago. I know its still new, but I decided to change the LSD oil too. This time from Toyota brand, which is a Penzoil oil that had been re-brand. Bought all these at a sparepart shop myself to cut some cost.

While waiting for the car to be serviced, I decided to touch up the damaged paint job thanks to the petrol spill.

There, I'd fixed it! 5 minutes touch up.

After that went to an audio shop to have my Feng Tau equipment installed. Cross over, equalizer, amplifier, woofer and a new head unit. All thanks to Chung.

Boom Boom Pow!  Yes, it is removable when I am going sideways
and I am using some stretching rubber to hold it onto the Ultra Racing bar.
The new head unit from Pioneer. The output is nicer than my old cassette player. Now I can enjoy some bass when driving Rolla and no more exhaust sound to accompany me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Something Similar..

Did a quick Photoshop job. Looks very similar though. LOL.

Rolla @ JB.

Before I went back to JB, I did sent Rolla to fix the air conditioning system. Anyway, this is Rolla's current height. I already increase the height but still low with the small tires.

And some close up on the new fiber hood.

And the damaged condenser. Slightly twisted and damaged. Cost me RM500 to fix the bloody air conditioning system.

Featured In : FreshPhysics.

Lifted from his posting here. Sketched by Nenok himself. Do check out more of his creative art there. Thanks buddy. I think I wanted to make a sticker out of this drawing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Exhausting Day..

Its happened sometimes when you feels like that the time that you have for one day is not enough. I always experienced it everytime I got back home. Saturday is the only day I can send Rolla to have some repairs or the only time I can spend with it. Always like everything must be done that day coz on Sunday, I must go back to Skudai already. And the worst part of all these, is the waiting game.

So what did I do in 24hours today:

9am : Woke up and prep myself for a long day.
11am : Arrived in Klang with Chung, Mok and my brother. Chung is fixing his car and also I am taking out his audio system.
11.30 am : Send Chung back to his work place at Damansara before returning back to workshop in Klang.
12.30 pm : Foreman and Hashim still not around at the workshop so I went to tire shop to change some new rubber.
3.30 pm : After waiting very patiently, finally my car was done with new rubber, alignment, and balancing. So long meh? YES. Change this and that rubber, some more Rolla was stucked at the shop's ramp coz too low and the problems multiplied.
4.00 pm : Hashim arrived, and finally some work done. Took out all Chung's audio, some instruction on Chung's Corolla on what to be done and this that, looking for my condenser replacement but didn't found one, fixing Chung's radio inside Rolla, and some business transaction with Hashim. I got a new hood.
5.00 pm : Finally went to Sunway Pyramid with Mok and my brother for some ice skating fun. Yeah, they were waiting very patiently also inside Getz all that time.
7.45 pm : Went back to Klang to pick up my car. And went home. Only got new rubber and radio installed. I want the aircond to be fixed :(
8.30 pm : Arrived, clean up myself, and some DIY session. Set Rolla's stance to higher a bit since it was way tooo low. And also put on my new fiber hood with Mok's help.
11.30 pm : Done everything and went to MAEPS coz today was the last drift session ever at MAEPS.
1.30 am : Went to KL for sight seeing and finally went back home.
2.30 am : Arrived, and now I AM TIRED AND MESSY. Huarghh.
4.16 am : Still writing blog.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enche Nardi II.

I'm back home already. Still got a few things needs to be done before Rolla is finally fit and tip top again. The aircond, the alignment, and some fixin should be right. Also an oil change too.

Problem is, I already planned on what should I do one by one. Seems like everything had crashed together now. Earlier, I wanna put on the oil cooler when I change the engine oil. But now, I have the oil cooler, but I still didnt have the hoses and the adaptor. Aircond also still didn't fix. Hmm.

Then, the audio stuffs. Also crashed with my plan to swap some new rubber. And then this and that. Sigh. So many desires yet so little cash. Hmm. And then bought this too:

Anyway, Rolla had been slammed. Now suppa low to me coz I cant pass over every single hump. Front adjuster just 10 loops left, while the rear one had been adjusted till max. Will snap some tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enche Nardi..

Finally scored one! Thanks to Ipin for offering me. Yeah its a complete unit of a Nardi Signature. Even with the ugly ring. Will sell the ring separately coz I dont like it. The MMS I received today. And its sold.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Test Drive : JMG's AE86.

Got a chance to drove out JMG's new addition, the AE86. Kinda a lil excited coz I rarely got a chance to drive the legendary AE86. Basically, KE70 is the AE86 copy, but the fact I got a chance to drive the original Taufoo car, makes it more memorable.Who wouldnt want to drive it, am I right? No matter how bad the car looks like, you still want to have it right? So do I!

Anyway, here's the car. Pretty shitty if you asked me. The car had been sitting idle for many many many many years. Been left inside a warehouse for a long time till rust popped up and there's some spider web inside the engine bay. Overall, this car comes with as much as the original AE86 spec during its era. I mean everything is still intact and functioning, like the rear wiper, the indicator and all that. Comes with digital speedo too. Gotta love the digital display! :D

To prove the car had been idle for this loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, here's the tires manufactured year; guess what? 1986 yawww! The rubber must be as hard as rock now. Surprisingly everything is working.

Here's the interior. All stock except for the full-cage. Love the Nardi. Urghh I want it.

Takumi holder anyone? Lulz. I thought it was only in the comics and movie.
Even my brother had driven the car.
The butt shot before some videos.

Two videos on the same test. One is outside, one is inside. I am no good with video editing software, so I cant combine it. Gotta play it together if wanna see it synchronized. Hehe.

My feedback? The car need a proper fueling system, like the surge tank coz it was suffering from fuel surge badly. Then the engine. Somehow the 16v does not feel as good as my 20v. Tested few 16v, and this one is the slowest 16v I had ever tried. Suspension wise; as expected. Top notch from the 86. Minimal body movement compare to my Rolla. Minimal twist and feels very solid compare to Rolla Just need some stance and boom, its super awesome already.


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