Thursday, March 31, 2011


Project : Face Lifted. Part IV..

First hell week is over! Its Test 2 season so these few weeks gonna be stressful and tight. Oh well, its healthy to focus on other thing sometimes. Life is not just for Rolla. Been focusing on the car too much. This semester gotta score very well to increase my overall CGPA.

Anyway, the RARE grill is on the way now.

New hood pin again. For the third time. This time back to OMP pin.

Hit a deep hole just before a hump. Speed was around 10km/h and this is the effect. Fucking typical Meleisian road. Also cracked my exhaust AGAIN. So this should be the fifth or sixth time visiting the exhaust shop.

And since the color that I had painted on the new fender didnt match the old color, I decided to send a sample to a paint shop and asked them to mix my old color back and packed it in can spray. It is ridiculously expensive (RM22 per can) so I only bought three cans.

Surface prep for painting. Sanding, filling and keep sanding.

Since the car gonna have some RARE parts, I guess drifting action should be done more careful now or in other words, I'm gonna be more poser than before. HAHA.

Defak is wrong with the RARE? Why did I type it in capital letter?

Joining the Bandwagon.

Mike and Cheryl now have their own blog, or to be more exact, a photo blog. The link is here. I'd say them will cover most local event, so it should be good for someone that stayed in other states like me but wanna know what's going on.

Latest one is the FXOpen round. Overall, I think this round was much better than the previous one. Organizer did quite well I'd say with the promotion and what not. Not like the previous organizer.

Photo stolen from Mike's blog.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hey mang! Nice Starlet.

Went to the hobby shop again. And as usual, the plan was to pick up my Hakosuka kit that I had been reserving it for a month. Until I saw another kit, so gotta hold it again damn it. Anyway, Mark II kit is almost done now. Clear coated and polished. Suppa shine.

My first GP kit ever. I bought it because its the only Tamiya product; the real deal when it comes to 1/24 kits. Tamiya is the best brand you can have.

And another 2 RARE old school kits. The top one belongs to Mok. Its a aeroplane kit from Tamiya. The date manufactured was around early 80's. Can be consider old stuff already. The bottom one is more RARE because it was manufactured by a Russian company, and the toy was produced on 1971! Old is gold, and Amar loves junk. Ghahahaha. These two will not be assembled and will be on display only. Who knows another 20 years it will become super duper ultra rare?

Passenger seat now is on a railing. Yay. Before this it was shut down on a bracket. But the railing height is a bit tall.

The picture that left many people questioned. When did Amar bought a Starlet? When did Amar bought a Datsun B310? When did Amar bought a Sunny 130y? Ghahahaha.

Check out the new face. Like it hate it? This is before fitting the front spoiler.

I am very happy with the outcome if you asked me. The looks might be a bit weird for the first few times, but later on I think it is very nice. Now its RARER than most of you guys. HAHA. And people had been calling it a Starlet Sedan!

Anyway, them at Speedster Garage had done a great job for this project. Engine rev has drop, no more laggy low rev, all the lights and indicator are working now, and etc. And now, should I have it painted or just left it like this?

Friday, March 25, 2011

How Much Do You Spend?

Everytime people greet me, one of the question that will be asked is this; "How much had you spent on the car?"

Even me myself asked the same question; how much had I spent on the car? So lets do some maths. I'll only calculate on the upgrading, and repairing. Tires, runner, and maintenance (engine oil, etc) will not be included. So lets get going. Oh, its just an estimation and the currency is in Ringgit Malaysia.

Once upon a time..

11000 - The car. (Okay, I only have 9000 that time. 2000 was given to me by my parents. Happy?)
90 - Bullet mirror. (Now it cost RM300+ for the same mirror.)
900 - Advan Oni and spacers.
200 - Tinted. (Which did not pass Puspakom inspection later on. Zzzz.)
500 - Brand new re-pro complete DX set.
1400 - Paint job.
500 - New BOV, intercooler hoses.
400 - Exhaust and cable plug.
150 - Ultra Racing bar.
350 - Half cage.
1300 - Top overhaul.
500 - Plus minus the miscellaneous stuffs.
17000 - Total.

After the car failed the inspection when I tried to sell it, here's the second life of the car:

5000 - Engine, LSD, coilover, workmanship and etc.
200 - Exhaust work.
700 - Work Equip 01.
250 - Nardi.
350 - Sound system.
500 - Wiring job.
600 - KE74 facelift.
500 - Custom bodywork and paint job.
400 - Plus minus the miscellaneous stuffs.
8500 - Total.

17000 + 8500 = 25500.

I'm sure the actual cost is more than this. So where does the money come from? MLM (:D), selling car parts, photography job, savings from pocket money and etc. How much had you guys spent on your car?

Today is FRIDAY!

Its Rebecca Black! 43,195,365 views with likes and 555,864 dislikes. That's gotta be something. Why did you guys hate her? I found the song quite nice after listening to it over and over again. Dont mind the HUGE frame. I forgot to resize it before posting.


Yes, this might be basi to you guys already. Im a #slowpoke. Problem?

Project : Face Lifted. Part III.

What? Still not finish kah da project? Nope. Looks like it gonna take some more time now. Anyway, tons of assignments and lab report need to be submitted this month. Kinda havoc. Back to Rolla, wiring job so far had been done. Here's some pics during the progress:

Should be wire-less now.

Even the fuse box was thrown out. Replace it with individual fuse now.

After the wires had been tube, this is how it looks now. No more mee goreng mamak. I even sprayed the side panel and the lower panel with tar anti rust.

Found out my spark plug had worn out due to excessive fuel coming in (My setting is always a bit rich), them at workshop suggested me to use this spark plug. Price should be less than RM100 if normal market, should be wayy cheaper if you buy it at sparepart shop. Oh, I test the car after fitting this plug. There's obvious power improvement damn it.

Actually, them told me that the TPS sensor had been fixed (wiring issue), plus there's a vacuum leak somewhere, so after fixing both of it and with the new plug; that's the reason why I'd feel so much improvement. Even the idle now stay at 1000rpm. No more idling at 2000rpm.

Another thing that need altering? And another reason why the progress is so slow. It does not fit liao! GL fender cannot fit the KE74/KE76 facelift. Hnngh! So? Send it to a body shop to custom fit it. Cut and welding job I guess.

One more thing that I might be reconsider is the overfender. I guess I am not gonna use it anymore. This looks very naisuu. Just need some rolling so that I can get more clearance. I guess I have to stick to low profile sotong tires eh?

Should I use the overfender or not?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Online Banking..

Found this article quite interesting: 

This Article is specifically for Papa @ Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

I hope you'd understand what i mean in this particular article of mine.

This is just to comfirm with you Papa of my bank account and account number.

The below is the screenshot & scanned image of my HSBC Account with my account number as proof.

I opened an account with HSBC with 1 purpose, to simplies you & fasten things without intereference of parasites between us.

I just opened this account on the 11th February 2011. It's not easy to open an account at HSBC. The qualification were tight.

The above is a screenshot from my Online Banking @ HSBC , noticed my full name on top-right ?

Project : Face Lifted. Part II.

The next day after checking the stuffs that had been sent to me, only to found out that the square headlight is from a Datsun B310. Also in other word, the square headlight used here is the universal square type. Can fit most car, such as B310, Blackbelt, the KE72, KE74, and also noticed that the 180SX also using the same head light.

Knew about the 180SX headlight coz the other day, decided to have a shotgun ride with the foreman during testing. Although it end up on a roadside after having a clutch pump failure.

Back to the observation, I noticed that the lamp given to me is a seal beam type. Meaning that there's no bulb change. Once broken, replacement is a new unit of this thing. Which also mean I cannot use my trademark Blue/White H4 bulb if I am using this. Anyone interested with my used set? Selling it at RM40 only.

Although they said that seal beam produce brighter light, I still prefer my old bulb. So, asked them to order a new non-seal beam headlight. Depo from Taiwan.

There goes my favorite blue reflection on a headlamp.

Interior had been stripped out for major rewiring.

Since I got a lot of free time, and was provided with this stuff:

Polished my old bumper to its glorious shine. As good as new.

Some Autosol and polishing in progress.

What else can be shine? The Equip - Yes. The Riverside - No.

See how buff it is!


End of Part II.

Project : Face Lifted. Part I.

Rolla had been inside workshop for like a week already. Progress is pretty slow as I told them to take their time especially when it comes to wiring stuff. Others? I do it myself to save up their time. Plus why not? Its my own car. Anyway, the car is at Speedster Garage just in case you guys are searching for a suitable workshop to do stuffs. Been spending my time a lot there now.

Goodbye DX face. Not gonna use you anymore.

Also took the opportunity to install the anti-roll bar. Red color looks striking on the plain bottom.

Selling my used chrome bumper for RM230. Complete stuff and also bought new last year. Except for the plate no which I will use it back. :P

Earlier, the plan was to convert to a GL facelift. Which then I got a GL set when I swapped everything from my DX with a friend. Shown here was during the painting process. This time I am only going to use can spray to save budget. Used up to 6 cans for white color and clear coat. This will do for the time being.

After taking some time and few seller approach me with a different type of face lift, I decided to go for it and instead of swapping to GL, I am going to use the KE74 face lift. Which is quite rare and pretty expensive. Shown here is the RG bumper. Bought a used one. Reason wise? I want the bracket.

Bumper is from Perlis, while the face lift is from Penang. Here's another box arrived at the same week. A complete set of KE74 face, a new RG side cap and a new RG signal.

Still in a good condition. Thanks to the honest seller from Penang.

End of Part I.

Featured In : FreshPhysics. Round II.

Again, another art created by Nenok. Had been using this as my handphone wallpaper and also my Avatar for most forum I lurked. Unfortunately; I am not going to sport this facelift anymore. Thanks again bro.

KE70 Variants.

Finally at home again with a proper internet. Celcom Broadband sucks. Anyway, its time to do some updates. A week ago I learned that there's a few more types of model for Corolla KE70. Other than the three common type, there's a few more actually.

First, the DX. Which have a quad headlight feature.

Then, there's also a DX Blackbelt. Which feature a small square head lamp.

And finally the GL facelift.

And the not so famous; which I called slanting face. Mostly on wagon here in Malaysia.

And then, after lurking and asking around a seller during my purchase, only then I knew that there's three more types for wagon version. From what I understand,

This is a KE72. Confirm fit a GL fender set and a Blackbelt face. Mix-match combo.

And this is a KE74. Different type of fender and still retain the same square headlamp for Blackbelt and KE72.

And finally, the rarest of em all, the KE76. Actually the same with KE74 but with different grill.

As you can see, most wagon were fitted with an RG bumper. Its different from the DX nor rubber GL bumper. Which is the nicest of em all if you asked me. There's still a lot if I am going to explain and compare the variants but I think this should be enough.

*Photo credits belong to original photographer ya. I am just Googling it.


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