Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Friend!

Friend sucks. Most of the time. And MOST of them. Seriously. Until now, there are at least 4-5 times I'd been fucked up by my trusted friends. From high school till college friends. You really cannot trust anyone in this world. Not even your so called 'best friend', or 'best buddy'.

To me there are only a few that I categorized them as my REAL friend. The one that will not fuck up behind you, and will not stab behind you. So finally it make sense what my father used to said to me; 'If you want a long-term friends, dont stay in the same room with them in the college.' Hey, Im not saying my roomate NOW is sucks. What my dad meant is; dont get too close with them or you might hurt them or vice versa.

Its true. My classmates (few of them) do backstab behind me, talked bout me. And what's so unfair bout it, I dont talk bad bout em! Plus, most of the girls in the class now kinda dislike me thanks to the bad talk my so called 'friends' made. Its not that I care bout the girls, as they are TRULY not my taste and not so beautiful after all. If they are, I might consider to fight the rumors. LOL.

So.. Here's my new friend that wont bullshit, betray me. And the best, wont back-talk behind me.


Claire Bulat! What? Claire Bennet (Heroes!?)! Nope! Claire Bulat. HAHAHA. Just Bulat also can.

Welcome to the family!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Semester 4 started!

Sigh, I will be returning to my university tomorrow. Im not happy, seriously. My last pointer was 3.0! Before this, it was like 3.66. Thanks to the pathetic lecturers! I blamed the lecturers! Why? They sucks! Sorry to say, but its the truth.

New semester, new hope, new beginning, new mood, new target!
I hope I can change this semester. Good boy, good result, shape up my body back after resting for 1 semester. Hehehe. Less game, less play, less sleep, less fooling around, less chatting, more reading!

Can I do it? Hopefully! Amin.

Live For Speed

I had been playing the game for a while. What is Live For Speed (LFS)?
Let Wikipedia explain it:

Live for Speed (also known as LFS) is an online racing simulator developed by a three person team comprising Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, and Victor van Vlaardingen.[2] The main focus is to provide a realistic racing experience for the online multiplayer game and to allow dramatic single player race against AI (Artificial Intelligence) cars. Users may set personal best lap records in Hotlap Mode, and take driving skills lessons. Outstanding players may be invited to join private league teams.

And the cool things bout the game are:

The physics engine simulates tyres, different suspensions, aerodynamics, drivetrain, several gearbox types, clutch overheating and damage to suspension, car body and partial engine damage. Some features of the mathematical tyre model (not based on Pacejka formula) created by Scawen Roberts are; every tire is divided to 48 sampling points (arranged as 16 along the circumference by 3 across the width of the tire), dynamic wear, dynamic dirt on tyre surface, flat spots, hot spots and visible real-time deformation of the tyre walls.

Well, some of the screenshot I captured yesterday:
I was being donut-ed by others LFS member.

Why LFS?
The main reason is; I dont have a drift car! In-game, you dont have to pay for damages, tyres, fuel, and track-fee. Hehehe. Its the best deal for me before I can drift in the real world. Come and join us!

Oh, the game license, its £24. Mine? I bought it at RM70 only! From oldtimer of LFS. Hahaha. My luck I guess!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UIA Drift Practise Session.

Some of my random photos of the last drift event. Enjoy!!

For more pictures, visit here.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Putrajaya photoshoot

Few days after we return from JB, Mok came to KL for her photoshoot for Deballz. So, yesterday's night, we went out to Alamanda to eat some waffles. Nyum nyum! While eating the waffles, I was thinking bout 'Hiro Nakamura'; a character from 'Heroes' drama. lol.

Anyway, I was thinking bout doing some scenary shots as Putrajaya has a nice light setting at night. I also was thinking bout doing some panning. That is truly not a good idea as I need to use a very high ISO and very slow shutter. Of all 300+ photos, only around 30 shots can be used. Hahaha.

Anyway, my waffles. Nyum! Paid by Mok and Jaguh. Muehehe. Thanks guys!

Project Codename : Old school VS Modern school.

Model : Toyota Corolla KE70 DX.

The old 'not-so-virgin' spotted on the highway at a high speed.

The old car slows down and shows us some 'bling' especially the dish-ed rims!

What the heck?! Spongebob was tortured in front of the grille.
Old car need a nostalgic feels. lol. Actually the lighting and color was bad.

The proud owner, Mr. Jaguh a.k.a Afif.

Kompleks Kerajaan Putrajaya--> A nice place for photoshoot.
And also at the bridge.

Model : Hyundai Getz.

The modern breed chasing the old virgin, KE70.

Mixed breed; Satria GTi parts + Hyundai Getz.

Look fast? HAHAHA. Try again next time.

I guess this is the only pic that doesnt need to be edited. LOL!
Slow shutter + low ISO + tripod = Cun!

Many thanks to Mok and Jaguh for sparing some times for the photoshoot. And for doing what I ask, etc. Im the boss that day. Muehehe. I would love to try panning shots again someday, in the daylight!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some photos from JB.

Some of my pics during last trip to JB. I love JB! Seriously!

Mok was preparing foods for her family's open house.

'mother in-law' mode. Chocolate fountain anyone?

Jaguh showed us some skill in the kitchen!

Mok's little cousin.

And after the open house, we followed Mok's uncle (which also a car's maniac) to see sprint test. Honestly, I still prefer drift than drag. Why? More time on track, more smokes, more adrenaline rush, and more stylish. Hehehe. Nevertheless, some pics:

Pasir Gudang circuit.

Some lousy panning:

Mok's uncle sponsored some cars. This is one of them. G2 sticker shop.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

JB Trip Day 1.

We arrived at 11am. Took us 3hours, which is quite fast coz most of the time I was driving around 130-140km/h. I was trying to push over 160km/h, but the speed limiter for Getz is 160km/h! Sigh, I do need a unit of RSM. Hehehehe. Hopefully, no love letter will arrive at my home soon!

Jaguh look's tired after sitting for 3hours. lol. We are staying at Mok's granny house.
Got a birthday present from Jaguh. A racing glove! Now, I got a helmet, a balaclava, a racing glove, BUT NO RACE CAR YET! Muahahaha.

Then we went to City Square JB for a lunch. I was eating a chinese food which I forgot the name. Hahaha. Still waiting for them at this time.

Eat time!

Afif was looking for a gift for his gf, so Mok looking around too.

Autobots logo?! Wait, look properly, its 'Pop Kaki 5'!

Project Spoiler- DONE!

Finally, its done! No watermark coz right now Im at JB. Hehehe. Celebrating my birthday with Mok and Jaguh. Some photos before we departed to JB this morning:

Im happy coz the car's look much better now. More beng. I know. But as for me, Im satisfied with the DIY works! Thanks to Jaguh coz helping me as usual!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twilight (Movie)

Fuck those romantic movie! Yeah. That was me before this. But after I'd gone to the cinema yesterday, I think Im kinda cool with the romantic movie. Hehehe. Gosh, I love the Twilight movie! Its got an interesting plot, a cool line of actors to support it, no porn (lol), filming a lot in the nature, etc etc etc. Erm.. Im not good in making a comment, but my suggestion; just go and watch it. Really! Finally, a movie that worth it to watch.


Eh, where's my darling? Sorry that I always been a jerk. Hek hek hek. After watching the movie, now I know the need of someone. Hehehe.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.

Wishing you a Selamat Hari Raya Kurban. Hm.. Im not so in the celebrating mood as my parents is away in Mekah. Which is good for them. Anyway, sleep time!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tyres for sale!

Selling my unused tyres.

Brand : Bridgestone MY01 Sport Tourer
Measurement : 205/45/16
Total : 2 pieces only.
Year : 2006 maybe.
Price : RM50 for both.
COD : Cheras

My number : 012 72 3345 4


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