Friday, July 29, 2011


Will be going for a holiday till Sunday. Gonna go to Singapore and catch a ship there and sail to Redang and back to Singapore again by Sunday. I should be in excited mode but not this time. Ergh. Dunno why. Anyway, goodnight everyone.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Saturday Session.

Went to Saujana Impian for some wet action. Getting started:

Enjoying some mud.

There's another group of KLX members too. They just cleared out Bandar Tek. trail.

Few times fell down also. Damaged my brake lever and dirt was all over me.

Some video of me enjoying the mud:

And what do you expect after the session? 

A lot of dirt. Still haven't cleaned out the bike till today.

Teaser #004.

A bit late, but what to do. Been busy for awhile:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

You're Doing It Wrong.

Especially after you Superman and backflip on a steep cliff. Luckily my bike didnt fall on me. Shoulder in pain now. More photos later.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Blergh. I am getting tanner and tanner day by day. But its fun. Taken from the owner's Blackrebby photo album.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teaser #003.

Today's catch. A lot of strobbing. Still need more practice to get used to it. And also my first time ever shooting with a model.

Honda in Garage.

From today's shooting; found out that they have a lot of Honda.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Racing Boy Rim.

DMXR comes with 21' front and 18' for the rear. I'm talking bout the rim anyway. And there's this trend of 'motard'-ing your scrambler for road usage; street tire with crazy wide rims. And I do love the concept but I still want to keep the offroad spec. Since the original 21' is very thin, I decided to do some changes.

The rear rim is 1.85 wide. Motard spec normally will be 3.0 front and 4.0 rear. Some will go up to 4.25 wide. But its all 17'. Since offroad tires are cheaper for 18', and the widest for 18' is 2.50, and there is no stock that time. So I opt the Racing Boy 18' with 2.15 wide and put it on the rear while the original rear rim will go to the front. Original 21'? I'll keep it as spare I guess. So it will be 18'x1.85 front and 18'x2.15 for the rear. Bolehlaaaa.

So the idea is to use back your hub and the only thing changed is the rim.

Balancing process.

Its quite weird but offroad tire is way cheaper compare to dual purpose or street tire. Maybe I didnt survey properly.

 Fitting time.

The results?

The bike's height was shortened like few inches now and I love the way it looks now. Looks like a Kawasaki KSR, but bigger in term of size. I should be painting the front rims to black also to match out. Body? I'm going either white or all black. But that's not the priority for now.

Front shot. Superbly wide front and rear now. The tire size for the rear is 110/70 if I am not mistaken, but it definitely 110. Widest available is 130 I think. And I didn't know the front size but as long as it is wider that the original 21', I am okay with it. The headlamp resemble the Transformer's Decepticon Brawl if you guys look carefully.

Overall? Handling wise is different now. Rear tire definitely for off-road use, while the front need new rubber too. And it is slower now due to extra friction maybe? But, I am keeping it this way.

Teaser #002.

Today's photo shoot went well, some teasers as usual. Do visit the owner's blog too.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I Miss You More!

Fuck, I miss my car. Over and over again. Fuck me for making such a nice car (Muahahaha its true so fuck you guys haters :P) and sold it off. Huargh, I miss using tools and troubleshooting the car.

RX808 Update.

Nothing much but Farhan showed me the bodywork progress just now. Going well, I'd say it gonna take another month before the body is done. Other than that, engine choices had been changed also. Looks like he gonna opt the 13BT for more GK spec and also reliability compare to the 12A.

Passed all the stuffs from my home to his and some polishing job was done at his house.

Easier to do it when you have the proper tools. I am quite busy now so didn't have time to polish it.

Soon gonna be fitted into the car.

Well, nothing much to snap coz its dark and I am tired today.

Gold Chilli Round 2.

We went there again today to have our early dinner. Today I ordered squid instead of chicken and she ordered the same Butter Chicken. So nicely done I can went to crazy mode eating this.

Japan Goodies.

Farhan went to Japan for like 15days last week and he brought me this as a gift!

The Mazda RX3 scale model kit. And all the magazines are not mine, its his though. But he lend it to me for few days. Gonna read it and go through all of em for photography reference.

Anyway, really appreciated it. Thanks a lot bro :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Model Kit Collections.

Lets say that per box is RM100, I have like 27 boxes here (Im lazy to count it properly, so just roughly), its RM2700 wasted already. Still have 6 boxes on my table that haven't been done yet. So that's like RM3500 wasted on model kit. Damn it. But its really worth it. It develop some skills in me and also some patience.

Facelift Conversion on my Bike.

Free up my evening today to do a facelift conversion. Been busy going here and there to settle up my scholarship application. Hopefully I'll be selected for it. Its for 'tenaga pengajar profesional' something, in other words, hopefully it can prepare me to become an educator one day. I wanna become a lecturer after I graduated next two years. Engineer would be nicer but both also can.

So started by removing the original headlamp. Mine is the second generation of DMXR.

Few screws and some wire removal and its down. Here's a comparison between the Zenki and Kouki version of headlamp.

On detailed observation, found out that the second generation type is using 4-pin type.

While the first generation type use the 3-pin + 1.

So what I did was I cut out the 4-pin and matched out with the 3-pin +1 wire. And tape it up properly.

As for the signal, both type use the same 2-pin so its the same. After everything were done, here's the result.

Looks like the bike gonna be a bit 'colorful' now. And soon gonna find a new butt that has pointier end. Once done, gonna spray it white color! With florescent orange wheel to match it. Oh, tomorrow gotta change the plate number too.

Gold Chilli.

Okay so I might be a lil too slowpoke to know that there's a very delicious butter chicken somewhere in KL. We went today to try it and guess what, it was awesomely delicious!

Here's the shop. First impression? Another William/Murni style shop. Photo lifted from this blog.

What we ordered were the Butter Chicken set that include rice, soup and a Teh O Ais. Was enjoying much the food, only manage to snap this.

Its.. Its, its so delicious. Cant describe it. When we were at Umbai, we tried the butter prawn, it was very good also. But this one beat all I had tried before. For this set, it cost me RM11.50. Which is quite pricey but really worth it. Go and try it. The location is here.

Will definitely go there again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Looks like I am about to mod the bike also. Cant wait to get my hand dirty again after the last DIY session on Saturday. So I finally got myself the old facelift of my bike's model. It is a copy of a KTM bike. I didnt dig enough to get the model's name but I do love the wide-fat facelift.

And a pouch bag to keep some stuffs during travelling. Bought two of it. One for each side. But since my exhaust hasnt been trimmed yet and sit too high, I only can fit in one side only for now. Do tell me if you are interested with the bag. RM25 per bag. I'll give you the seller's number.

Cant wait to fit in the headlamp!


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