Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Much of Corolla..

Hahaha. UNFORTUNATELY due to technical problems with Puspakom, I cant transfer the new owner's name. Didn't want to talk much bout it coz still pissed off, I think I had been cheated, here's what I learned today when buying a used car:

Friday, June 25, 2010


Looks like I'm heading to Johore by next week! Foooo. Unlucky me, I got an offer from UTM Skudai to further my sutdy there. Degree in Civil Engineering.

So..... Uh, Dad advised me to take the offer while Mom still wanted me to apply for Uniten. I think I am going there although the original plan was to off from study for a year.

So... I'm going even though I wanna rest at home this year. More update after this.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Corolla = Sold?

Yea. I guess Corolla will have a new owner pretty soon as I am sealing the deal maybe by tomorrow. So, this might be the last post bout Rolla here. If it is not sold, then I'm gonna keep maintaining it, and wait for it to be sold. Reason wise selling it? My mom told me, if I did not let it go, I will not focus on the business and lost focus. She told me to be in the 'desperate' position so that I will work harder to reach the aim, which of course I would want my very own Skyline. R34 would be the best.

Back then, this was the idea for Rolla.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Was surfing Drift.Com.My as one of my daily routine, and found this;

This is the main reason why I do not speed. It kills. To those who laughed at me when I told I do not go fast with Corolla, laugh again when this happened please. I only push it when I am in a track. 100km/h seems pretty fast to me. Drive safe guys!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Around the Interweb.

I rarely got a good photo of myself. And lately been hanging out with fellow photographers, therefore increasing my chances of getting snapped and finally can view myself in some photos. Har har har.

Okay so its lame showing myself in photos. But what the hell, enjoy!

Shot were taken during the FX Open Drift Round 1 by Ariff and Naufal.

Elite Speedway is freakin hot.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rosso on Flickr.

Lame title I know. Ok cut the shit out and here's my link to Flickr.

Enjoy my finest, no I mean my lamest photo collection there.

Oh if y'all miss Bobo, she's got hubby now. Mr Fofo. Cute aite?

Green mother earth.

Check it out regularly for more random photos!

Pick of the Month.

Bye-bye Forever by Chris Brown. Since there's nothing 'forever' with it. Only bad memory with that song. Hahaha. Sorry but honestly whatever related with 'it', I wanna remove it.

Hello 'If We Ever Meet Again'!

Initially when I heard it for the first time, I didn't catch the title. Am loving it, and I had been repeating the same song ever since. And few friends asked me whether I love this song because of the title for somebody or what?

Told ya when I heard it first, I didn't catch the title. But somehow, I mean accidentally, I think it is meant for somebody. Har har har. Whatever lah. Thank God for whatever happened in the past.

I believe when I lost something/someone, and some more smelly shitted as a bonus, I will get something/someone better in the future. Or for what ever reason, I believe it is for my own good. So, enjoy while I can!

And speaking of which, my video of the month; WASSSABI! Oh I miss Sushi King.

First Project in June.

Okay. How to start a great June? Me? Cough, fever, and sore throat! Yay. It had been few days already the cough. Damn it.

So basically Rolla just came back. After the engine rebuild, found out that Rolla's not charging efficiently. So send it back to JMG and new alternator fitted in and more grounding added. And JMG even polished Rolla. As good as new now.


Okay so basically I got the mood back to wrote ma shit here. May had been a great month! A lot had happened and I am looking forward the fun for this month.

May flashback!

Rolla featured in Pro Tuners vol 5. And if nothing goes wrong, Rolla will be in some drifting movie I think. Shooting gonna start soon. The role? Bad guys machine!


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