Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dato' Sagor Old School Challenge.

Also known as Retro Syndicate Cup!

Track Layout:

Support by :

Sponsor by : High Speed Exhaust & Radiator Service Ctr


0800 > 0900 Registration
0900 > 0930 Driver briefing
0930 > 1300 Free practice
1300 > 1330 Break Time
1330 > 1500 Qualified
1500 > 1700 Race
1700 Price giving

Entrance Fees : RM150 (No need pay extra for join other category)

Category :
A) Ultimate K
unlimited mod toyota K series engine

B) Ultimate A
unlimited mod nissan A series engine

C) Super 1600
for all oldschool below 1.6cc

D) Super 1800
for all old school below 1.8

E) Ultimate CUB(open)
for all old school vehicle

Basic Rules :
1)All Vehicle must be more then 20 year old
2)No lose item in vehicle
3)Helmet and shoes are compulsory
4)Seat belt must be wear all the time in track

Vehicle :
1)Engine transplant are allowed(engine is not below 20 year will be move to Ultimate CUB (Open)
2)Brake light must be function
3)Material can be removed providing there is no reduction in structural integrity and safety
4)Tyres and rim are free(slick tyre are allowed)
5)Fire extinguisher and roll cage are highly recommended

For more information pls call :
Han 0165979290

For Booth And Price sponsor pls call:
Jr 0165418798

Hmm. Lets see how my car first. Its either fit or not. Or maybe I'll just go there to take the coverage. Maybe as a participant. Time will tell.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Har Har Har.. Ness.

Hargh. Finally. Home sweet home. Gosh, its hard to adapt to non familiar surrounding such as village area and their condition? Was kinda dirty if you asked me. That's my cousin's home. Har har har. How dirty is it? Well, my whole leg had been bitten with this small creature called pepijat I think. Itchy, swollen and anoyying. Damn.. Well, cant complaint much since its not my home.

Anyway, I arrived after 14hours of driving. From Kelantan to Terengganu, then to Pahang, and finally my home. Two sleep-rest, and countless unnecessary stop. And another thing that I bought home is.. Stomach ache! Yep, too much food till food poisoning. But I love the Nasi Dagang! Duit raya that I got is getting lesser and lesser year by year. Its hard to accept that Im getting older. This is the suckest raya ever. Apart from breaking up, some of my relatives didn't come back too. Boredom was killing me there.

Anyway, new stuff for Bee is a 4-point harness. Bought two sets the other day. The black one is for Josh, and the red one is mine. Sorry Josh, yours already opened when I took it, so I use it to take a photo. Hehehe. Still brand new mah!

And after the last MMS that I received from Im808, this is the latest one. Showing that most of the rusty area had been fixed. And the fender is currently going some shaping treatment I think.

Remember my fucked up firewall? No more now.
Oh, I think I need to realize something that I had been focusing too much on my car till Mok is bored and leaving. So I guess, no more car topic when I got a chance to talk to her. I hope there's still chances left for me. Oh, how I wish I can turn back the time. Hope. Hope. Too much hope till it sounds like hopeless.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scrap Huntin' Raya Edition.

After a few times (Tutup Raya maa!) visiting the same scrapyard, today I went again and lucky me, the shop is open. So, went to find a few stuffs. Not lucky me, most of the wanted stuffs had already been taken by Kamachi. Chet. The shop that I visited just now is one of the Kamachi's supplier. All Weber, rims, and rare stuffs had been taken by them. Haiya..

Since the owner of the shop had been following & helping me finding stuffs, its kinda rude if I didn't buy anything. So, just took this steering which is from Datsun and also this Honda Mugen spoiler. The EG hatchback one. Still got the Mugen emblem too. And come and guess the prices?

I guess I'll try to alter the tapak for the spoiler, and the steering will be refurbish and will be used for drifting purpose since my current one has too much offset till not suitable for fast steering work. Prices again? Less than a single purple note. Damn good buy I guess.

And finally, one and only 808 that I found during my Raya's trip. A coupe with TS Cup looks. Already chat with the owner, and he gave me the scrapyard location. I'll definitely will come back to the scrapyard next year!

Gosh I miss my car soo much. Im808 said the car will be done by next week....End. Sigh. I guess you cant rush perfection right? Kekeke.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya.

An early wish to all my friends, since the internet connection here at Kelantan is kinda limited. My activity here? Will be going to a few scrapyards here to test my luck when finding rare stuffs. And also Raya thingy lah.

Im busy with my own life. Going through some shits rite now. Although Im pretty pissed with what happened, and yet, people see me as 100% guilty this time. I am angry, but I'll just keep it this time. With this, as a results, I lost Mok. And of course, nobody's helping to fix it. And I'm not appreciating any 3rd party interference in this case. Everyone is included.

Now? Great. Mok hates me and currently ignoring me. Now I learned what I had did wrong, and trying to learn from my mistakes. And yes, I'm the only one trying to fix it back. The other side is just ignoring it completely even though she did a few mistakes too.

Never mind, I'll try my best to fix up my mistakes. But I guess everything has the limit. I guess if I reached the limit, I'll just pass and go on.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Malay is a Typical BN Malay.

Today I'll be posting in Malay:

Inilah yang jadi kalau Melayu BN tak puas hati bila kalah PRU haritu. Mungkin jugak Hishamuddin yang bayar diorang suruh datang and jerit-jerit macam monyet kene gilis tangan. Geli hati aku tengok diorang ni. Mengalahkan semangat orang Palestin berperang dengan Yahudi Laknat tu.

Satu lagi versi:


Disebabkan nak alih satu kuil Hindu, habis satu kampung turun nak kononnya pertahankan kawasan diorang. Amboi, tapi yang aku baca dari sumber lain plak katenye masjid kawasan kecoh ni satu saf pun susah dapat. Hahahahahahaha. Melayu Melayu. Malu aku jadi orang Melayula camni. Negeri lain yang kuil/gereja sebelah Masjid takde pulak orang kat sana kecoh-kecoh. Aman je. Mungkin kat sana tak jadi isu lagi sebab PR yang pegang or memang BN tak pernah menang kat situ kot.

Ni lah BN. Takde keje. Politik wang, kroni, racist, and sembang lebih. Aku harap next election kasilah can PR naik pulak. Aku pun menyampah dengan kerajaan BN penipu ni. Paling best sape tah kata, RON95 tu sama dengan RON97. Hahahaha. Memangla sama ikut kata ko lah, ko dah naikkan harga kasi sama, pastu ko bukan drive pun. Drebar yang bawak. Duit minyak pun duit kerajaan ko songlap. Sape pengkhianat bangsa sekarang ni? Anuar ke BN?

Lagi satu, yang aku heran sampai sekarang. Ape ke bodohnye Anwar nak sontot si Saiful upahan BN tu ek? Tak suka jangan baca. Boleh pangkah kotak merah 'X' kat hujung browser anda. Hahahahahaha.

Satu Malaysia!

Anyway, I dont read BN papers like Utusan or etc. My daily news is at:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jaguh Autoworks : Test Run at MAEPS.

I was pretty busy again this past few and coming weeks and I had totally forgotten to give an update on Jaguh's big project and honestly, it was a pretty boring life without my yellow car.

Anyway, more updates and finally a test run at MAEPS yesterday. Here's a clearer view of the roll cage. Still half-cage. Not a fully cage yet.

And introducing, welded diff by Jaguh Autoworks. Looks very freaky with the welding job. I'll update from time to time, whether this welded diff can stand the abuse from the hard usage, considering Jaguh's foot now is always heavy.

And also, custom made adjustable for ANY car. You name it. Any old car can be customize. And here's an adjustable for KE70 for Jaguh and Din. I'd tested it. Good handling improvement with a good price. Call Jaguh for more info!

Jaguh's KEtam interior. Freaky.

And another project was to relocate the battery to the boot area.

Few this and that, and insulating the negative terminal. Sorry I cant be more helpful that usual coz I was tired and thirsty. Hehehe.

Weld the new bracket, and taraa! Relocated! And also, can ask Jaguh for the price. I'll be doing mine soon once I get my Bee back.

And we went to MAEPS Drift Run to test the car. Unfortunately there's no pics and no video recording taken coz it was dark. We were playing the night run. Din and Mok also was there. Overall, the car's handling factor increase dramatically. From the rollcage, adjustable set for front, and also the RX7 coil spring for rear. Jaguh will be making his custom RCA too soon.

Here's a video. I cant view it anyway. Must be the browser's problem.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Info : Fake Rasul.

From Isu Hangat:

Seorang pengamal ajaran sesat yang paling dikehendaki oleh JAIS yang masih belum dapat ditangkap semakin bermaharajalela di internet. Kahar Ahmad yang gila mengaku dirinya Rasul Melayu kini memblog pula.

Dia update blognya setiap hari. Jadi sebagai umat Islam yang membenci ajaran sesat ni, mari kita 'flag' blog dia ni supaya google boleh menerima aduan agar blog dan user ini diblock.

Cara nak flag blog:

Tanda di ruangan hate and violence pun ok dan ikut arahan selanjutnya sehingga submit.

Mari berjihad di alam cyber!!! Jom Flag blog ni:

52nd Anniversary of Malaysia's Merdeka?

Harga minyak naik sebagai hadiah merdeka

Kerajaan telah mengumumkan kenaikan harga minyak sebentar tadi.

RON95 naik dari RM1.75 ke RM1.80 manakala RON97 naik dari RM1.80 ke RM2.05. kenaikan ini berkuatkuasa tengah malam ini.

Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub telah terlebih awal mengecam sebarang kenaikan harga minyak tersebut.

"Ketika ekonomi rakyat meleset dan bakal berhadapan dengan hari raya Aidil Fitri, inilah hadiah kerajaan BN kepada kita," ujarnya.

PAS bersama dengan rakan-rakannya dalam Pakatan Rakyat serta NGO prihatin telah beberapa kali membantah kenaikan minyak sehingga ramai antara mereka terpaksa bermalam dalam lokap.

Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah mengadakan debat khas dengan Menteri Penerangan sebelum ini, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek bagi membincangkan isu kenaikan harga minyak ini.

Dipercayai, kenaikan kali ini akan membuatkan kemarahan rakyat kembali semula dan bakal menjana protes sekali lagi.

Ini kerana, barangan keperluan harian sebagaimana biasa akan naik menjelang hari perayaan nanti.

"Kenaikan harga minyak akan menambahkan lagi beban rakyat," kata Salahudin.

Sementara itu banyak pihak menyatakan kenaikan harga minyak oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional adalah kerana pemborosan kerajaan BN di dalam mengurus dana negara sehingga tidak mampu untuk menampung kenaikan harga minyak pasaran sekalipun ia bersifat sementara sepertimana yang berlaku di era Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sebagai PM.

"Namun ia juga petanda kejatuhan kerajaan UMNO BN dengan lebih cepat," Razman, 51, dipetik sebagai berkata.

Me : One Malaysia! Rakyat diutamakan, pencapaian didahulukan, Terima kasih G!


Another thing I learned today is that Malaysia was formed on 1963, not 1957. I must missed the fact during my History class few years ago.

Today, no cheong hei article. Today, very short. Today, I want to ask just one thing. Yesterday we celebrated Malaysia's 52nd Anniversary of Merdeka? Bullshit! Malaysia was formed only in 1963, not 1957. What 52nd Anniversary? That's what you get when you learn maths in Bahasa Melayu.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Hey, I saw a Toyota KE20.


Weber For Bee.

Never came to my mind of using this kind of carburetor, but when I was at Ipoh, someone had offered me this carburetor with a good price. I was thinking for a few days, before finally, I made my mind to take it. But unfortunately, the Weber that I bought is the smallest one in the catalog, a DGAV 32/32. A progressive one. Just wanna have an experience with this kind of carburetor. It will not be used yet, as I'm short of fund. So, I'll just wrap it up, and keep in my display closet. Lol. Item is still at Ipoh and I'll collect it once my Bee is done.

So this is how a DGAV Weber looks like. Internet picha though. This one is 32/36 maybe.

Any ideas how much this stuffs usually cost? Just wanna know the market price. Any Weber advice? The Weber that I bought was incomplete according to the owner. He just completed all the stuffs and assemble it back. Serviced it and was put on sale coz he needs some urgent money. It comes with a tapak, but it is for A14 Datsun. So, I didn't take the tapak coz Im808 said I cant use it. So I'll try the new engine with normal carburetor and then I'll switch to Weber. I hope there's a significant improvement. Hope so. If not, will give it to Jaguh. Pinjam only aaa...

So, this is the DGAV series when disassembled. So many stuffs in a single Weber.

1 or 2 more weeks before Bee is done. The engine wise is done. And the body job is in progress now. Sigh, I miss driving a manual car.

Anyway, the bugger in the making, (lol) Jaguh is making an adjustable suspension for the front. Will post it up once it is done. Anyone interested can ask him for a price too. Bugger, that Jaguh always one or two steps ahead of me. If he is three steps away from me, I'll scratch his car. Muehehehe.


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