Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teaser : GT Radial Drift Putrajaya.

Im too tired to post anything long, plus Im waiting for more photos of me to be tagged over Facebook. For those who are friend with me, you might as well know the results of today and of course, my live update is always on Facebook.

Anyway, lets just put a teaser here first for those who didn't friend with me on Facebook.Here's my practice video. This video is only posted here and not on Facebook.
Rolla with steelies! Photo credit to Syamim Maula.
Time to get serious..
D18X Team Members. I guess I'm in. There's 4 trophies in D18X team!

More on it later. Time to get a proper sleep!

Competition Preparation.

So, after been 'jacked' by a few friends of mine, I finally decided to join a novice drift competition tomorrow at Putrajaya. Gonna be there at 7am to test the car before deciding to join or not. If didn't get the feel, then I'll just snap photos for tomorrow's event. For tomorrow and the future, Rolla will be equipped back with its 2nd pump and surge tank. Cant stand the fuel surge anymore. So I went back to the workshop that did the engine conversion to get my stuff back and fit it in back there.

 Arrived early yaw!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photography : 50mm & Rolla.
 Started to love butt shot now!

Back to KL.

Finally. After going through up and down this semester, 29.10.2010 marked the last day in our semester. And my last paper was Hydraulic at 9am today. Struggle the whole Thursday just to make sure I can answer it. Even sacrificing my sleep for it. And straight to class and exam.

Anyway, glad its over already. Yes, I screwed up a few subjects this semester thanks to the problem that had been bugging me since July. And yeah, I'm recovering from it. More post means I'm getting better day by day. Okay so I didn't sleep last night, and after the test, I decided I want to get home before evening. Earlier wanna get a bus to KL, but instinct told me I better ride Rolla so that my study leave/holiday will not be so boring. So, packed everything and I'm ready to go!
12.45pm. 300km trip.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Random : Take Five.

From KL to JB and now its time to go back home. Did some observation on the way back home. I'll post it tonight. Snapped at R&R Ayer Keroh. Its been awhile since I used my 50D. Tomorrow gonna do some upgrading on the fuel system, and MAYBE on Sunday, I am joining a drift competition at Putrajaya if everything goes well.

Like it? Hate it? I know the car is tall. I'll slam it back if anyone want to do a photo shoot.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Featured : Din's New Ride.

Din had moved on to a new platform recently. Presenting his new Corolla TE71. I personally went with him during the purchase. It comes with a Blacktop 20v power plant and comes with a lot of drift goodies. No poser talk here, coz this car really come with full spec for drifting. Even a full cage!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Got Dish? II

Went back to the shop to know the specs and the price tag since few friends of mine were asking bout it. So here goes some photos:
Work Meister.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 Wheelers.

Again, an alternative solution for campus/daily mobile? Consumption for Rolla is kinda bad now. Still cant find the reason why. RM70 of petrol for town usage can only cover up to 300km+. If highway, it was RM60 for 300km trip.

So, since I got a lot of free time, decided to visit few motorcycle shops around Skudai area. Yea, Naza GTR is still the best looking scooter but the price tag is a bit problem, plus I heard a lot of problems with it. But still, one of the options. Anyway, just goofing around the shop only lah.

Monday, October 25, 2010

And Yes..

Finally a proper internet in my room. How do I fix it? By putting two extension and put the transmitter outside of my room. Duh. Lame Wimax. The speed? Awesome aite?

Anyway, new color for the blog. I choose black this time. And some proper picture size for the header. I guess it looks more clean this time.

Might be getting some sticker sponsorship here in JB. I need to do some design for Rolla. Any ideas?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


My problem in JB is that I don't have a proper Internet connection in my college. Yes, I have Maxis 3G Internet for my iPhone but that is for mobile surfing and really not suitable for blogging. For blogging, I need a lot of time and a proper Internet or else I will not have the mood to type some shits. And yes, WiMax, you sucks. It didn't have any signal in my room, and I had been trying to terminate the service. And yes, WiMax didnt have a lot of centers here in JB. The nearest one is located near Tebrau which is quite far from Skudai. So, only when I went to the library I will have the connection I need.

Some hyper-speed at the library! Mind you this is the ground line speed. Not WiFi.

So the problem is; I'll write a lot of stuffs and with different title and in one go. So for now, I'll do bulk post till I have the proper line.

Accessory Shop Visit.

I'd been busy with Rolla since she arrived in JB with me. Kinda excited every day coz there's still a long to-do list with Rolla. So here's another session.

Finally its time for Rolla to have some proper audio. The old speaker is still running good, but every time I turned on the radio, the exhaust note is actually louder than the speaker's sound. So, time to swap to a new speaker. Just some cheapo China speaker and a new tweeter.

DIY : Brake Switch, Idle Screw or Screw the Idling?

So here's some progress on Rolla this week. Kinda free now coz my semester is gonna end next week. Most of my subject had already finished their syllabus; now focusing on my second test and finally a break before our final exam. So, using my free time; tried to do some fixing on Rolla. This time on my own. No workshop or friends helping. Just a few phone call and SMS asking around few close friend. Hehehe.

Was trying to adjust the idle coz Rolla's idle was at 1.6k to 2k. That's just plain unnecessary! So, decided to fix it myself. First thing that I touched was this sensor. Earlier I thought this is the thing that I need to touch in order to lower the idle. And guess what? I was wrong! HAHA.

The Arrival.

Yeah, kinda late update, but yes. Rolla made it to Johore! Kinda relieved that I arrived safely and without any problem.

Okay, so found out that the consumption is a bit high if I wanna compare it to Jazz. So earlier I pumped in RM60 only. Coz Jazz normally only consumed around RM40 to get to JB which is 300km from KL.

Featured in : R32 Taka.


 Full link here. On the other hand, I still didnt upload any of the photo shoot photos! Kinda busy with final test before our final exam. Bear with me ya!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

300km Journey Preparations.

Long post alert! 

So here's how my Saturday is filled. Woke up really early at 7.30am today (Hey its early coz my morning start at 1pm onwards. HAHA). Sick of the Rolla's dirtiness coz it had been left for a few weeks. Nobody is interested to clean out Rolla while I'm gone
Time to clean you up!

Some extra effort after washing Rolla. I waxed her (Duh its tiring) and also spring cleaning the interior and fix whatever loose inside the car. Took me about 2hours to finish all of em.
Buffed and as clean as white cloth.

Rolla's Exhaust.

Okay so my house area is filled with this extra tall hump. All of sudden there's a dozen of new one when they resurfaced the road. So I was really like WTF coz Rolla's stance is pretty low, especially the flex pipe and the piping which sit lower than its body. Talking bout stupid workmanship at a lousy exhaust shop.
See? See? Cant even make the exhaust tip aligned with the tunnel.

Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY : 4-Throttle Trumpet Filter.

Got myself a deal from Dworks. A set of trumpets for the Blacktop 20v. Medium length. So I guess it should improve mid-range power?

Rolla had been running without any filters since I got it back. Yes, it improved the performance coz there is no air restriction, but the downside is that it sucked everything thus making the internal dirty and probably damaged.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recap : Once upon a time at MARDI.

Was gonna wrote something else when this idea came. Some recap wayyy back when MARDI opened. The first ever layout. I would like to say thanks, many many thanks to Din for the opportunity for me to drove out his Rolla for a year something. If it isn't because of him and the opportunity, I wouldnt be here like now.

Hey, its Bee (My previous yellow Mazda 808) and Din's KE70.

Testing the track...

You Got Dish?

Was helping a friend of mine that dat. Her car broke down. The belt that spins the power steering, water pump, alternator, and the compressor snapped leaving the car on a roadside. And spotted this!

Didn't asked the price, but hell, this is the best wheels I'd ever seen!

Fuel Pressure for 20v.

Okay, so basically every time I took Rolla out, I need to pump in at least RM20 of fuel, even if its just to KL from Cheras (around 15km and 20-40mins when traffic is no good). Which is not good for my walletlah in other words.

And it pops a lot of fire whenever I decelerate. Few friends told me that the car was running rich. And yes, my friend already told me that they set it to a bit rich so that the car will not have any problem when high revving. And I didn't even bother to checked the fuel regulator since I got my car back.

The new bay. Bling bling. Anyone noticed some new stuffs here and something that isn't right? I'll go into it later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Its October Already.

Still didn't have the hyper mood to write a lot of awesome shit stuffs. Reassembling my own life now and taking it positively. Anyway, here's some early October activities:

4-throttle trumpet arrived and DIY filter tyme!

I'll go into it step by step after this.

 Heck, my convocation for my Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Then, some proper photoshoot of my own Rolla.

Sneaky previews.

Till then, I am tired of this.


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