Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Recap.

Well, lets recap some of the shit that hit me during 2009.

Early January, bought my beloved Bumble Bee. Bone stock. I'd say this is the beginning of my automotive journey.

And also, Getz was standardize back to fund Bee's project.

And also, was getting more serious on photography. Got a few job and I hope people will start recognizing my photography one day.

And through out this year, Din Longchamp was kind enough to lend me his KE70. Thanks to him, I had developed some drifting basic and theory.

Eary November, broke off with my ex-girlfriend due to a few misunderstanding. Well, maybe I was not good enough and mostly the problems were from me. And also, lost one of my best buddy due to a misunderstanding too perhaps? So lesson learned from that issue.

And this one is for Mr Anon, who's desperate enough to see some of the X6 photos. I had decided not to put the pics, but you want it. You want to see my income statement too?

My parents signing the agreement.

My dad posing in front of the car. And FYI, the color is white too. So that's the reason I'm painting Rolla with white color too. So that all the cars at home are white color.

And this is my income statement from 22.12.09 to 31.12.09. We were paid weekly. See, just RM2.5k this week. I just censored my name and my user name only for my private data. And in case you are wondering what my mom's numbers are, it's RM10k-30k per week. Are you satisfied now? And in case you are finally interested, visit this site and read as much as you want.

Late November, due to some issue and also finally I lost interest with Bee, so sold it off. And the replacement is Rolla. Time to get serious in drifting. And Rolla got her first sponsorship from Retro Bodykits. Jeya was kind enough to gave me some of their products. Wohoo.

And that was a year. Gosh, time fly so fast yet I didn't change much except gaining some weight. Haha.

So, 2010 resolution and target?

*Find a new girlfriend. Guess I have to start it all over again. Searching the right one is painful for me as I don't have any good qualities and also not good looking are the extra bonus. Single is sucks. No partner to share stories, and bla bla bla. Y'all know the rest.

*Improve my photography. Wanna experiment more angle, more editing technique, more style. But first, I need to buy a new camera. Haha. Maybe a mid-entry level camera.

*Finishing my diploma and further my study. I'm on my final semester in UTM and will try my best not to screw up my final results. Wanna further my study maybe at UKM, UM, UPM, or maybe UiTM Shah Alam. I want to get close to my home. Hahaha. Currently Diploma in Civil Engineering. My CGPA is OK OK only, around 3.42 now. Degree in Environmental Engineering or Road Engineering maybe.

*Lost some weight and fat. Hahahaha. I was collecting a lot of em this year.

*Full Solat and become a good muslimin. I rarely got it full, so wanna try it again so that I become less Jahil and a good Muslim boy.

*More drifting and wanna try my luck in drift events. The biggest aim is to get a sponsorship. Kui kui kui. Hey, dreaming is free, so why not dream it BIG time.

I think that's all. I'm wishing y'all a good new year and whatever you are doing, I hope it will get better next year. Good health, good life, good mood and financially stable are what I'm seeking next year.

Happy 2010!

Final day in 2009.

Well, today after my class, I went back to my home. Around 11am. Too early to rest. So I went down and was doing some spring cleaning for Rolla's interior. And also fixing up the harness. Less messy this time. Rear seat is too dirty. Will find a better one once everything is done.

My N3 Fast front lip arrived yesterday. For those who are interested with this lip, the price is RM 200. Item is from Retro Bodykits.

I also took the opportunity to clean up the engine bay. Didn't dare to remove some of the wires and what not, so just surface cleaning. Would love to hide all those wires if possible.
Also, I went to post office to renew my insurance. And as expected, they didn't want to renew mine coz their quota is full. So went to other insurance agent, also full. Try the other two, also full. What the fuck is wrong with these companies? I want to pay them for my insurance also don't want. So, will try again on Saturday since tomorrow is New Year.

Bought this hand phone holder to record my onboard drifting. Would love to try this stuff on my next drift run. Hope this time this stuff will not detached under high speed cornering just like my old holder. Cost me a hand phone coz it fell on the track and consider it total lost. Hahaha.

My new handphone is cheap and multi function. Love it. It's Nokia 5800 Express Music. And the video recording is quite good.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tyre Shop Visit.

Pussy offset (+39) rims with extra wide fender. Hahaha.

So, finally got a time to fit in the 1inch spacer.

And also swapping my rear rim with the Advan Oni. Offset is around +15.

How's the stance? Im thinking of retaining the wide fender.

Rolla's Sponsorship : Retro Bodykits.

First of all, I would like to say thanks to Mr. Jeyaraj of Retro Bodykits, Ipoh for giving me a sponsorship for my Rolla. So what did I get for a kick start?

A front lip/spoiler. This spoiler's code is N3 Fast. RM200.

N3 Arch. And in my case, the rim is 15', so the arch is design to suit 15'. Got a few sizes to match up your rim size. RM240.

So, that's all for a start. More stuffs from Retro Bodykits are:

N3 Cool. RM200.

Starlet Rear Spoiler. RM180.

Here's some sample if you are take the N3 Cool, Rear Spoiler, and N3 Arch. A special price for this package is RM620 negotiable.


Interested? Call Mr. Jeyaraj at 016 5418798, or email me at ammar_izbtho [at] yahoo dot com.

Location is based in Ipoh, Perak Malaysia. But posting can be arranged and world wide shipment too I think. Thanks! Will post more stuffs once I received the pictures and price.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Rolla's 1st Sideways..

Was suppose to relax at home today. Haven't got a day to rest this few weeks. Huargh. So, Din Longchamp called me today and asked me to join him for some sideways fun at Shah Alam. Not interested to join till he said he got some 15' tyres for me. Huargh. 4 pieces of em some more. Thanks man!

So, we waited at the Batu Tiga petrol station and the last person to arrive is Mr. Tanabe with his AE86 Tofuu! The same car that I had a chance to sit few days ago.

And again, Din bought a set of Longchamp again! This time more offset and hippari style. Looks uber cool!

We arrived at the local drift spot. People called it Extreme Park of Shah Alam I think.. Local group called the Budget Drifter usually came to practice here. They were super friendly too.


And thanks to the Mr. Tanabe for giving me a chance to drift with his Tofuu AE86. Totally different handling feeling and raw power from the 4AGE. Love it!

And officially, Rolla had been drifted. The power is there, but I need more improvement when handling the car. Still didn't familiar with the characteristic of Rolla. But I think Din's Rolla's handling is much better when I tested it at MAEPS the other day.

One of the member of Budget Drifter told me that the Advan Oni is up for sale. I don't have any intention of buying it, but after the owner told me the price (Good one lah..), and they even try to fit it in. Looks good with the fender, so.. after thinking for awhile, I took the rims along with one inch spacer too.

So, here's the spacer. Japan made and 1 inch thick. Thinking of putting it on front rims so that I get more angle and wider stance.

Oh, here's some lame video of mine when testing the track. My lil brother recorded it. Sounds like he's having fun inside. Ignore the laughing and what not. Hehehe.

Here's the link.

Busy Saturday..

On Saturday, Chinoi came to my house with his nice KE30. The objective of the day was to pick up some stuffs from a few abandoned KE70, to pickup Ipin of Freedom Spec's crew, to find some DX stuffs, to get a price quotation from the paint shop, and finally thanks to Bro Jebb (or is it Jepp?) of Bukit Antarabangsa for lowering the idling rev (now 1.3k) and lowering the boost to 0.6 bar.

The shop owner checking out the car and giving a good price for painting it. Will send it once all stuffs arrived.

The color that I had chose is Gading White.

Dunno whether I should fit this duck tail or not..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ampang's TT Time..

Cut and paste photos from Chinoi's blog since he's da one who's taking photos.

I'll just translating it to my English version. Credits goes to him. Thanks for the photos buddy.

I arrived late at Pandah Mewah's Shell around 10pm. They had been waiting from 9pm. Kekeke. Sorry guys. Traffic jam + woke up at 9.15pm and other excuses. And only 5 people came. Usually it's around 5-10 people. Maybe everybody went for a holiday trip.

Close up of my engine bay from his camera. Dirty. I'm thinking of a yellow rocker cover since I cant paint the car with yellow. Hehe. So this is a 4AGE 20v in case you're wandering how it looks like. Mine is Silvertop. The improved version of this is Blacktop if I'm not mistaken.

And this is the renowned 4AGE 16v. Redtop I assume. Guess from what car is this engine from?

Tofu car! Damn, every aspect of this car is a masterpiece to me.

And my Rolla. Soon to be white.

And one of the mad KE30 in town. Powered by CA18DET. I wonder how does the engine get endorsed? Hahaha.

Chinoi's new ride. Fresh paint. Looks good! He owned a Mazda 808 wagon too. Soon a Toyota Celica TA22 maybe?

And one of the loudest Datsun in town too. Hahaha. With Subaru scoop some more. I wonder how does he did the Boxer engine sound..

And thanks to the friendly owner of the 86, I get a chance to sit inside this legendary car. Hehehe. Love it! Tofu style attempted.

Even Chinoi's having fun too. Lucky him, the owner let him take the car for a spin. Envy envy.

Again, thanks to Chinoi. You guys can check out his KE30 and his Mazda 808 Wagon adventure at here.


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