Friday, October 31, 2008

For Jaguh!

Wei, this is for you buddy. I hope you will not sell you KEtam. See the possibilities of the car. I know you can see a lot in the net, but here's what I found yesterday with my own eyes. This is a beauty! Dont give up la buddy. I know it is a time consuming stuff, take it and hold on on it.

Again, click on the pics for a fucking full size.

While me? I think I have found what I want. And I found a standard one too. Working condition. My buddy's dad is the FIRST owner. His family's car lah. And IF I managed to get the car, lets say 5-10years later, Im the second owner. lol. I already said if you wanna sell the car in 5-10 years, I might interested :) My possibilities. Pics from TK's blog.

Exammm is near

Sigh.. Exam is on Monday and yet Im still didnt study.. Too much of 'Heroes'. Damn, my friend gave me the season one and now Im on the way to season 2. LOL~ My bro also is in a hospital. Dengue. Sigh..Just got the news an hour ago.

Yesterday went out with my college buddies. After 1 1/2 years with them, this is my first time went out with them. Hahahahaha. So, asked Mok to come with us. She's not happy though. She cant go where she wanted coz I have to stick with my buddies.

So have to bribe Mok with a small teddy bear. Sorry I cant afford to buy those big and fluffy teddy bear. The teddy bear is actually a rabbit. lol. Check out Damn this rabbit's cartoon will make anyone laugh for sure! I do have the complete story (vol 1-26), so if anyone near me want it, can hello me and copy from me. More info on Wiki; Usavich

Bowling time~ Sorry blurry pics. Taken by Mok. My score sucks so no need to tell. Haha. Wah, I do look tough. So my effort on work out by sleeping is working actually. lol~

And after that, my buddies trying the steering. Hehehe. I can say they didnt understand the racing's physic and stuff. :P

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Momo Racing Logitech

Today went to Low Yat Plaza to buy my gaming steering. Hehehe. Had survey at Mid Valley but the price is too expensive, RM350++. Luckily I had survey at Low Yat first. So I bought mine at RM270 only. Hehehe.

I bought this steering just for Live For Speed game. I'd say the game is almost realistic to real life except crashing parts and sounds a bit boring. No fancy but a serious simulator.

First try, dissapointed! I thought it will be almost real to real car's steering. The Momo cant counter the stering by itself. Wawawa. I demand too much I guess. So then I tried to drift in LFS (Live For Speed) with my old setup for Xbox 360 controller. Again, dissapointed! Car's tail too happy.

So then, hello to Zamil and ask him a few question and ask him for a car's setup, and then wallah~ Can drift already but still a bit kekok. Well, I guess I need to practise a lot before getting used to it. Hmmm..

The steering is small. My car's is 14', I think this one is 10'. Shift-paddle ooo~

College gaming cockpit. Muehehehe.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Her First Try

Yesterday Mok checked her email and found out that she got an offer from a company to do a modelling job. The company need a few model for their portfolio, kira advertising their photography skills lah. Well congratulation on getting it! Again, she's lucky. So, today we went to the place without getting lost coz its quite near from DoriDori Autoworks.

By the way, she's doing what she likes and getting payed for it while Im doing what I like but I need to pay for it. Ciss... So this is her first modelling job. Before this she's done a photoshoot but for her portfolio only. How lucky it is to be a model. Just go bring yourself to the place, the makeup artist will makeup you, dress also provided. You just need to pose for a few minutes, and wallah! You get paid for doing it. Huhu. While me, doing my photography thingy and car's stuff, go snap an event pics, or go to drift event/ track day, and Im losing some RM over there. Wawawa.

So, we arrived an hour early, go for a drink before her turn. The makeup artist is very friendly. By the way, Mok considered to be lucky coz she's the only Malay for the day (got 7models today, 6 was Chinese) and the makeup artist said the company rarely want a Malay girl to be the model. Huhu.

Here's some pics:

Mok during makeup.

Taraa. After the makeup. Look's abit weird. Haha.

Mok with her dress. Red eh? Looks naughty!

Actually Mok suppose to have a proper hair-do, but the other model banyak songeh and took a long time for her hair-do, so Mok's makeup artist said let's try the wig to save time. And again, Mok's look much different this time! Hahaha. Much naughtier!

This time, she doesnt looks like Maria Ozawa. Ngak ngak! Looks more like a Barbie doll to me.

Lets see her action during the photography session:

Mok getting instructions from the photographer.

Some of my crappy pics coz I didnt want to kacao the photography doing his job.

Over bright. My flash activated the studio's flash at the same time. Hahaha.
One of the best from my shot I guess.

So after she finish the session, we went to see Anis, my old neighbour at Uitm. She's doing her foundation in Medic and will be flying to Australia I guess in 2-4months. Wohoo.. Jealous at her. We had been friend since we were 5years old. We ate at the nearby kopitiam (Pak Ali Kopitiam I guess). Very cheap and delicious foods!

So, we are waiting for the pics from the company. Can visit at also.

Some pics I'd uploaded had an error. Photobucket sucks sometimes. The horizontal pics seems like had been cut off. You can always see the pictures in a full resolution by clicking on the pics!

And one more, I hate modelling shots! Hahaha. I prefer outdoor shooting where there is a lot of light source. And drifting pictures is wayyy much easier than this one!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hahahaha. Finally, my 3rd semester is finish!!!! Wohooo!! Just waiting for final exam in 2weeks. Who cares, I mean what the hell. Right now, I just want to relax for this 2days~

Today's is the most challenging test coz I dont understand all questions. So I ended up being a Rambo and doing the normal thing in our class during exam, tiru lah! Hahahahaha. No wonder all my buddies got almost the same marks! Its not that I didnt study at all. I do study! It just the lecturer's method of teaching kinda sucks BIG time and seriously I dont understand at all what he's teaching since our first class! So, what the hell.. By any means necessary. As long my marks is good~

Its not easy to copy other's answer, trust me! There's a lot of gap between me and other peoples. But as a Rambo, impossible is nothing. HAHAHAHAHA. Typical methods are 'zooming' your eyeball to the max on other's paper but need his/her cooperation lah to do so. The other one is more dangerous; just take his/her paper and put it under you paper, and Wallah! Copy lah! HAHAHAHA. And the most common method is bringing small notes in the pencil box or just take the lecturer's note and hide it somewhere. Wahahaha.

Muka stress by Bin:

E-bal methods of cheating. lol!

Then, after the exam, Mok and me went to Low Yat plaza for a window shopping. Im still looking for a Momo Logitech gaming steering for my Live For Speed sickness. Muahaha. That game helps me a lot with car's racing stuff. Seriously. Mok looking for a SLR. Yay! Manage to get her to like photography.

Lets see.. Canon EOS 450D or Nikon D80?

The some stuff we bought, from a deaf people. He came to us actually while we were eating at Baoz. Tolong-menolong amalan mulia. But, fucking expensive some more.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Almost the same?

Its not Im the only one who noticed and said it. Even her photographer also said it! Hahaha. What I'm talking about? Its the similarity between Mok and Maria Ozawa. Hahahaha.

Lets see the picture first:

The Mok's look-alike person. Haha. Its the famous AVstar, Maria Ozawa. lol!

And Mok during modelling shots:

Hahahahahaha. Looks almost alike right? Just Mok need to become a lil bit kurus and 'inflate' the 'ehem-ehem' parts. HAHAHAHA. Im 'lucky' after that I guess. Kekekeke.

Just too boring. Still studying. Last-minute study is the best! Keeping you alert and guaranteed to spoil your result. Lalala. Who cares~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Congratulations Mok!

Congratulations to my dear, Mok coz she just got the scholarship from JPA! Wohoo... Congratulations. Im jealous of course coz we both apply for it, we both do the rayuan, and only she got it! Argh.. Unfair world it is.. Sigh..

One semester is Rm4000. Damn it's a lot! If we both get it, one Bluebird RB20DET is already with us. Damn it! G dont love me I guess. I do get a high pointer more than enough to meet their requirement, but I still didnt get it.

Hmm.. I can smell Carl's Jr or bucket seat for my Getz already. Hehehe. Your money is mine also. Ngak Ngak Ngak. Isnt it Mok!? Sharing is caring! Right right?

Fuck you G for not giving me the scholarship. Rather than giving to these some kampung boy and girl here at UTM, who spend stupidly on laptop stuff, speakers, crappy software, a lot of pirates DVD, stupid looking clothing, doing weird hair style, eating outside almost everyday, bla bla bla all non-related to study, G better give it to me coz I will keep it in my ASB till I finish my study and then only I will be spending it. Ngeh ngeh. Sigh, not my luck I guess. Hmm..

Well, life must go on. Just a lil dissapointed with it coz I worked hard to get the scholarship. Now maintaining my pointer doesnt seem so important already coz my target to get the scholarship gone already. Anugerah Dekan here at UTM is just a piece of nice paper. No celebration at all. Just a certificate.

This sem also I am so relaxed that I didnt bother at all bout my test, assignment and exam. Wohoo..~ Enjoy enjoy is way more fun than study stressfully like shit just like my 'Best Friend'. He's so 'bright' in class till nobody wanna befriend with him. Pandai belajar tapi takde kawan, only goooood in something that is written in the books, but dont have ANY other skills, and the list goes on. One wisdom word for him created by me is 'Pandai belajar tapi bodoh.'

Lalala. Fuck everything...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Damage from the track day

Hahaha. I thought there will be no problem after the track day. So checkup my car today and found out that the front tyres thread distorted already. Hehehe. Sorry Mok :P

Then there's the bocor exhaust. AGAIN!?? I had seal the leakage TWICE in this year. And it leaked at the same area. Gosh, so finally I asked the shop to make a new piping from a better material, and 'alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biarlah sampai ke pangkal lengan'; I also change the center bullet to a branded one, Marco. Hmm.. Marco Seremban drift team? Hehehe. I thought Marco is a workshop.

I dont want straight pipe coz I dont want Getz to sound like a BENG car. lol. That is also the reason I never interested to change bodykit and what so ever that related to cosmetic look. BENG car sucks. Especially those with aftermarket HID. Looks like fast, sounds like fast, but Im slow. For what?! I prefer OEM bodykits coz its already there so I dont have to spend RM again. Hahaha. OEM bodykit nice what. Some more it's very durable.

So there goes my RM again.. Sigh. Oh bucket, please hold on a litle longer. Hehehehe. Changing the whole piping is no cheap at all.

Some OEM parts sucks for this car I guess. Korean car sucks. Big maintenance.

Bye-bye old center bullet.

Marco center bullet.

New piping and the new bullet in place.
Results? Much better acceleration. And a lil bit noisy. Hehehe.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Attention -> TK only.. Hahaha.

Im surprised coz my pics suddenly many people want. Coz most of my pics is crappy and mostly I captured is just for kenangan. So, MOST of the pics was my car, your car, and other's car that I knewed(ex: Josh@Babywolfz) OR attractive car(R34, EG, etc) only. I thought nobody is interested with the pics, so that's why I only post a few pics on the internet.

So, these are the risk if you want my pics:
*Some are blurry pics. Need to photoshop a bit.
*Same car's pics. Yours and mine almost 40-50%.
*At the same spot only, coz I cant afford yet to buy a long lense.

Good sides:
*If you want to make a report, my pictures maybe enough to tell how happening the day was.
*Mostly, panning pictures is your car.
*You can help promote my name as a photographer that charged a reasonable price. lol.
*Maybe next time, you can bring me go to event as a photographer cum participant. lol also~

So, if I want to charge, I can charge more. but Im asking for Rm100 only. You can pay as much as you want after looking at the pictures. Depends on your satisfaction. I count it as a first time service coz my intention that day was to have fun on track and taking pics for fun also. Sorry to say, I dont know how to send these stuff except by CD. COD is prefferable but since we both stay in a different state, the best I can think is by post. lol.

There is a risk when Im doing this. Last time, it was for drift event. I had been payed RM100 for a FEW events, and after they are already exposed and famous, they didnt bother to call me anymore which is quite a loss to me. Sigh. I should have been charged them more back then. Coz all the time, in my mind, 'kawan la..tak kan nak charge extra..' In the end, all I can say to myself is 'Habis madu, sepah dibuang'.

Im stupid? Yes, I always been.

Oh, soon I'll buying a longer lense soon, then I will be charging more. Extra fees for my extra equipment. Hahaha. Right now feel guiltylah to charge extra coz Im using a kit lens only :) After this, Im thinking of charging Rm0.50 per photos. Raw and unedited. Like this, for sure Im going to snap more than 500++ pics. HAHAHAHA. lol. Jokin only.

Some original pics. No editing except resizing.

Your friend. Hehehe.


Look like a standard Wira to me.

2trophies and 1 dent mark. Ok la tuu..

I hate Kelisa now. Huh!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kg. Gajah Trackday. (Pics of TougeKing)

Just a few pictures for TougeKing. His car? Damn chun handling. My first time riding inside a 4AGE car. Seriously. Hahaha. All the time, I was riding inside a car with SR20DET and RB20DET only. lol. Sweet moment? No doubt. KE70? Respect! Power power. Hahaha. Faster lah Jaguh! Convert your KE70's engine!

If you ( TougeKing) wanna a copy, dont ask me to email it coz I dont know how to attach them. Sorry, Im not an IT person. Hahaha. But I can send you a CD copy of the event's pics by post I guess. Dont know if can reach safely or not.

Some pics:

S's KE70. (S is TougeKing partner. Girlfriend? Wife? I also dont know.). Oh, dont be fooled by the KE70's appearance! Standard look + standard interior doesnt mean the car is standard!

TougeKing at his best trying to open the bolts.
(Why the picture blur? Damn it. Supposely it's sharp. Click on the pic for sharper image.)

And finally, TougeKing gived up on his rear bolts. Hehehe. Sorry, Im not a helping person at that time. Kekeke.

One of the nicest pic I managed to capture. (Of course, in my opinion lah)

The fastest KE70 on the track.

Wah, later S will smack you 'kaw-kaw.' No doubt. LOL.

Flags up! The race had finished. Talking bout a rare moment on the finishing line.

He bolot all the trophies available. Can belanja me makan besar like this.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kg. Gajah Trackday. (Pics for my blog)

Just reached KL few hours ago. Im tired. Im sleepy already. But, I do have fun on the track today! Yes I am! Despite losing the mini race. Today I came here just to have fun on the track and learning how Getz behave under certain pressure. I would like to say thanks to Tougeking for the ride in his CRAAZZZZY-spec KE70 and his gf's ( S = Stephanie right?) drift-spec KE70 (Her car looks standard. Inside out! Seriously!). And thanks also for the guide! It really helps.

At first, I dont have any confidence at all coz all the other cars looks very powerful. I guess Im the only standard kilang spec over there. Nahh.. here's some pics!

TougeKing giving me some racing line guide and a professional guide.

Team 'Pisang'. Dont care. I just wanna have some fun!

Cooling down Getz after being pushed hard.

The slowest, the only auto car, the only Korean car, the only really-standard car, and the list goes on....

I already in the last place even before the race started! TougeKing should put me in front. Barulah fair!!!! lol. Talking bout a sluggish tranny and slow car here. Ish Ish.
My excuse for getting last place :

Before going back to KL. Deflate back the tyres pressure back to normal. TougeKing advised me to put 40psi for front and 35psi for rear for track purpose.


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