Thursday, December 29, 2011


Some new stuffs for the bike. Since the fork boots already torn, bought a new Acerbis fork gaiters to replace it.

2litre water bag for easy drinking during trail.

A new gear lever. The old one really need to be replaced after a few fall down.

A complete set of Demak DTM cover set. Kawasaki bike with Demak cover set?

Fitting time. Should be done in a few weeks. Ken said its possible with some bracket welding. Since I cannot source out the original complete cover set I might opt for this one. Of course I am not gonna keep the original stickers.

Most of the Kajang Dirt Bike Team riders send their bikes here. Also some of them keep their bikes here. That include me also. Never keep it at home now.  Young owner, Mr Ken. Very friendly and will listen to their customers. We all get along with him and his wife. Also an ex-scram rider. So a good place for us to hangout and repair/source items for our bikes. Here's the shop's direction if you are nearby.

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