Sunday, January 29, 2012


Been in the workshop for awhile for more checkup. As usual, new/'used' bike's history are unknown. Tested the bike at our usual trail spot to get to know the bike's behaviour and to know it last week. And back to workshop.

Changed the front tire to a brand new one since the old one already cracked. Viva brand only. Cheap stuff.

Workshop also overhauled the rear caliper and the piston.

Changed to my favourite throttle grip. From Racing Boy. Soft and grip enough for my glove. Nice touch to the Renthal handle bar.

Also got a used rear tire, changed the front brake pump, new front and rear brake pads, new clutch cable, new engine oil, and the fork stiffness adjusted. Bought the red stand but turn out that its for a Kawasaki KLX only since its short. Will get a new one after the shop find a taller size one.

Many thanks to Wai Keong Motor for preparing the bike. Ready for trail tomorrow!

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