Friday, May 21, 2010

B.U.S.Y part 2.

Still busy at the moment. Doing great now. Setting my aim and wanna achieve it.

And currently trying to sell of Rolla. Need my parking space and time to upgrade maybe?

1jz Intercooler.
4A-GE 20v Silvertop. JPJ endorsed. Oil change every 3000km.
CA18DET pistons. (The rest I could not remember it..)
Arospeed Triple Core Cable Plug.
Battery Relocated to Boot.
External Bosch Fuel Pump.
Fuel Regulator.
Fuel Surge Tank.
Greddy Type-RS Blow Off Valve.
IHI Turbo. Boost set to 0.7 bar.
Oil Catch Tank.
Samco Intercooler Hoses.
Simota Air Filter.
Twin Electric Fan.
Aftermarket 2-layer radiator.
Voltage Stabilizer.

AE86 4.3 Full Lock.
AE86 Longshaft.
T50 Gearbox.

Adjustable Pillowball.
AE86 Absorber.
AE86 Coil.
S13 JIC Magic Adjustable.
S13 Lower Arm.

S13 Caliper and Disc.
AE86 Drum Brake.

Mazdaspeed Full Bucket for passenger.
OMP Dished Steering Wheel.
Sparco 4-point harness.
Sparco Full Bucket for driver.
Stripeed Interior.
Willians 4-point harness.

Honda Type-R Championship White. Painted last February I guess.
Vented Hood.
Widen wheel arch.
Chrome fender mirror.
All brand-new reproduce exterior items. (Tail lamp, grill, all lenses, headlamp cluster, rubber cover, chrome bumper, emblems)
OMP Hood Lock.
Retro Bodykits Front Spoiler.

Wheels & Tyre:
1' Spacer.
15' x 7j Advan Oni. 1 pair.
15' x 7j Fondmetal. 1 set.

Front Strut Bar.
Ultra Racing Rear Strut Bar.
Half Cage.
Spot Weld Body. Front bay only.

Engine Controls & Gauges:
Apexi Pen Timer.
Auto Gauge Water Temp Gauge.
HKS Boost Meter.

Improvements after the last attempt to sell it off. Already spent nearly RM4000 for all of these:
Engine just rebuild early May. All-new gasket and seal. Had been running less than 1000km.
New power steering rack.
Half cage fitted.
Front area had been spot welded.
New cable plug.
New blow off valve.
New distributor rotor.
New full bucket for passenger including harness.

Also featured in Pro Tuners volume 5.

Price : RM15,800 highly nego including name transfer.
Contact : Amar, 012 72 3345 4.
Reason selling: Clearing parking lot & moving to another platform.

Other notes:
Price can be discussed further if you're serious.
A really responsive engine and powerful for a 1.6cc.
Very tail happy & very easy to handle. All of it had been proven and tested at MARDI/MAEPS track.
Rarely reached 4.5k RPM region and never exceed more than 130km/h while in my hand.
Waxed weekly to maintain its shine.
The car usually move around on Saturday. Most of the time parked inside my house.

Might let go (Depend on the item's availability) an AE86 1.5way 4.3ratio LSD at RM1000 with this car if interested.


kev said...

just read it from pro tuners, wah u change car so often, damn

Rosso said...

Kinda bored. But as usual. If no one buyin it then I'll continue modding it.

Next plan:
-Tow hook.
-Twin barrel exhaust.
-Slamming the rear.

kev said...

haha ur always like that, man salute with the infinite money :D

my car takes so much longer to restore and repair, its such a heartburning experience, lol!

so how are the protuners staff? ive been talking to the hypertune guys, theres a couple of honda lovers there, so hopefully my car would be running in time to be featured, haha

Rosso said...

Boring -> Move on -> Start all over again.

Protuners might be interested too with your ride. Such a rare ride.


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