Thursday, June 3, 2010


Okay so basically I got the mood back to wrote ma shit here. May had been a great month! A lot had happened and I am looking forward the fun for this month.

May flashback!

Rolla featured in Pro Tuners vol 5. And if nothing goes wrong, Rolla will be in some drifting movie I think. Shooting gonna start soon. The role? Bad guys machine!

And finally decided to upgrade my camera equipments rather than car stuffs. New items such as:

The 50mm f1.4 lens.

Battery grip. I love this stuff! My camera look like this now.

External flash finally! Canon 430ex II.

And of course a new bigger bag to fit in all my new equipments! Ok so how much my photo improved?

50mm lens combined with awesome 50D high ISO with less noise! Woops!

 The flash? Much more natural color now at night.
And May's photoshoot session?

Jeembo's E30 Drop-Top Baur photoshoot can be found here.
 FX Open Round 1 coverage are divided into Saturday and Sunday. Or y'all can wait for it to come out in Pro Tuners as I am freelancing there now.

50mm do the talk!

More drift action in the near future.


asuramaru™ said...

ko punye bukan f1.4 ah mar....
ko punye f1.8 daaa.....

Rosso said...

Woops. Typo then. Malas nak edit. Sila baca bawah ntuk pembetulan. Hahaha.


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