Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fasting Month.

Happy fasting guys. Still in resting mode therefore a bit slow on update. Actually kinda lazy due to fasting. Hehe. So gonna get my fasting rhythm first and then I'll be in full swing like usual again. So what's coming and what's up for this August?

New exhaust system and slick tires? Yep. Offroad tires are on fasting mode also. Since there's no offroad activity this month, might as well I changed it to road-worthy spec. Its fun to take corner now. Now I understand why some of them convert it to motard spec.

And I guess its time to bid farewell to my favorite ride ever after my old Corolla, the bangbus Toyota Wish by next week. Okay now I miss my Corolla after putting this pic damn it.

And its time to say hello to its replacements? Yep, the Wish gonna be replaced by these two:

Peugeot 308 with a mini turbine inside, sadly no 'kepish kepish'. 

And a Satria Neo powered by V-Tec somesort, CPS.

No confirmation yet for both, so we'll see by next two weeks. Anyway, time to sleep before sahur..

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