Thursday, August 18, 2011

August is boring.

Yes, the blog almost on idle mode again. Thanks to the fasting and some relationship problem again and again. Nevertheless, I shall do an update on the bike! Yikes.

So my bike now is on 'motard' mode which mean onroad mode. Since there is no offroad session, there is no purpose of me using the offroad tires coz the it will wear out quite fast. Yes, motard should be using 17' and I am using 18'. Off-road spec is 21' front and 18' rear. Hence, I stay on 18' for easy tire swap.

I'd been here and there since on motard spec. Genting twice and Ulu Yam once. I do enjoy tackling the corner.

Also my new helmet. Yes its for girl but I do like the white color.

Last few days I was so hyped bout changing the carburetor. So I bought a TS carburetor, an original but used one. Here's a difference between the original and the TS carb. Bakat is the one helping me installing it.

Open up and checking out. Everything's good and ready to go.

Fitting time.

Fitted and hell, much difference in torque sense. I do enjoy its lower and middle range power now. After all that's what I was seeking. Should be fun during offroad.

And finally, a Demak DTM side panel (Black color) had been trimmed and fitted into my bike. Can put a number there finally! 

Next will be sticker-ing up the bike! Some sort like this:

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