Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun MX Endurance Challenge 2012.

Overall from this event was; First race ever. Prepared and sponsored by Wai Keong (WK) Motor for this event. Heat 1 (Per heat was one hour race) was all good. Heard that I was in the ranking until Heat 2 when the rear tire went flat and the gear lever was bent badly.  Finished 21 laps only. 8th place was 28 laps. Good experience though. Thank you Ken for giving me the chance to enter a competition.

Early in the morning. Warming up.

 During Heat 1. Was scolding my dear coz she stayed under the hot sun.

During lap recording.

 Bike was prepared, and fully sponsored by Wai Keong Motor. Here's Ken with me.

 Posing with my dear too after the race finished.

Well, what's the most challenging obstacle in this endurance race? Two steep and slipper hill to enter to the other side of forest.

All I can say is Alhamdulilah. I only fell two times and the rest was perfectly timing throttle and body weight transfer to pass this obstacle. This was the place I damaged my leg gear lever at least three times. Had to enter the pit to ask them to straighten it back. Plus with flat tire making it harder to steer the bike.

 Anyway, after the race I went straight back to JB. Class time. Time to sleep!

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