Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's Activity.

Been practising this few days so that I regain my stamina for this Sunday endurance race. Will be representing the workshop, so gotta go for it so that the workshop will not be dissapointed. Yesterday went alone to the trail, around 30mins taken to complete the course. Today I was joined by a friend. Its his first time by the way.

Stopping to help him. Didnt know he was snapping my photo.

By the way, I was wearing a foreman suit/jump suit which I bought it a long time ago when I was with Rolla. Never knew that I'll use it for offroad. Its comfortable. Body can move freely. Plus I am saving the offroad suit for this Sunday.

Finally got back my Neo after a month at the service centre. It was leaking at the door panel, water seeping through to the floor pan. The engine bay was rusted due to power steering fluid messing with the paint job. Others like not working indicators, cap ayam gear knob faded out, fog light not working, and the list goes on. Very cap ayam quality by Proton. Very poor.

Went back home after going to the Proton HQ, decided to remove the elephant trunk for the competition. So that it wont break if I fall down.

Usual routine after an offroad session will be the cleaning session so that the plastic parts wont fade out, and also less chance of the body to get rusted out. As good as new now.

Time to rest.

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