Sunday, October 9, 2011

Motard - Poser or What?

I gotta admit I'm in the 'trend' currently. Which is the scrambler fever. But again, like drifting or KE70, there's always a group of poser or wannabe that will be ruining the good images of the trend. Either its drifting, KE70 or even scrambler.

So first question; what's the purpose of buying the scrambler?

The common answer will be:
*The bike looks good. Lawa broo.
*Im in the bandwagon! (I'm in this one)
*Your own interest

So we do have two groups, one is called Motard and the other one is the one who love to go for mud and dirt. And to those who sayang their bike and all shit will be in this poser wannabe category which normally and usually in Motard category. When you go offroad, your bike will be damn dirty, scratches here and there and damaged too.

They'll be convoying here and there with their loud exhaust, ramming unnecessarily, sometimes making chaos on the road, dangering other traffic users too. Which to me; what's the point of you buying scrambler which is not fast, no top speed and you use it for road use and you complain its not fast? Its a trend. Yes I know. Gotta admit some Motard looks damn nice and some super fail with their fake after market stuffs and too much identity crisis, especially Demak going for KTM. Lulz.

To differ true Motard rider and on road poser?

Simple, true motard rider will enter track day and tackling each corner like mad or drifting and posers don't. I guess 10% only will be brave enough to play in the track. Others? Sayang motor brooooooo. Me? I'd been close enough to convert to Motard, but failed since I used 18' instead of super wide jj of 17'. Heavy tires and super traction but no power for Demak. Lulz again. So again, what's the point? But I do love taking Genting corner with the grippy 18' semi slick tires. Cecah lutut bro. Luckily didn't fall though. But I guess my heart belongs to the off-road group. I love the forest and dirt.

Most of them are usually berlagak like shit when they stop at traffic light. Like a boss. But we all know, you cant go that fast with that heavy tires. But some scrambler are meant for motard use. And that's different category. Get it get it?

I'd love to take corner like this one day. 250 might be a good start maybe?

Point is? I dislike posers. Hahaha. Although Imma poser too.

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