Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pit Bike Progress II.

Here's some progress for this week.

Bought a chain tensioner for the bike.

Guess what's inside the plastic?

A completely brand new cover set for a pitbike! Some said its the Kawasaki 80cc pitbike cover set. But I could not confirm it either. Anyway it consist a front mud guard, front guard, rear mud guard, side panel, a fuel tank and its side cover, and a new seat. Anyone interested can order it from me too. The price is RM420 for this complete set. Comes in green and red color.

Here's an example the coverset on a 80cc pitbike. But the engine had been converted to a Kriss engine.

Back to the shop; uncle said that the engine is basically a fucked up engine. The racing block and the Kriss piston had been installed, but there's still other stuffs needed to be replaced. Since Imma noob bout motorcycle stuffs, I dunno the name of this. Hahahaha. Anyway, its fucked up.

The new carburator of EX5 had been installed too.

Engine wise almost done. Gonna spray it to make it looks nicer once it can be started.

Should be done by this week hopefully.

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mhd faris said...

motocross no 65 tu pakai enjin kriss ?


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