Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its Alive!

Got a call from the Uncle today. He told me that the bike is alive already. Went to the shop and tested the bike here and there. Quite powerful considering its small size. To start it is a bit heavy due to oversize piston. Few more stuffs need to be sorted like the rear height, the sprocket and brake service.


After that will send the bike to my usual car workshop (Speedster Garage) for wiring sort out, and I'll be spraying the frame and engine myself there. Some welding required for the new bracket to fit in the new cover set since both coverset arent meant 

Also the bike need to be run-in for few hundred kilometers. Now where the hell I'll be going then? The bike is purely offroad use. Maybe circling the whole campus like 20 to 30 times. After the run in, then only it can be used for offroad activity.

Front fork is way too angled. Balanced it out by increasing the rear height.

New sprocket will be bigger so that it will not rub against the swing arm. Also new chain tomorrow.

Need to increase the height.

By using this bracket.

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