Monday, May 30, 2011


What happened when you love to 'touch' a car and suddenly you don't have one? You will regret selling it and you don't have anything to fix. All is left is the bike and yes, its a suitable candidate!

The bike's piping is a bit mess when they weld it together. And its been an eye sore to me. Time to fix it!

Resprayed it with common black color. The piping cover was sprayed too.

Damaged spring hook. Happened during welding the bracket.

There ya go. Looks nicer and new spring hook attached.

Also removed my plate number and sticker it up on the mudguard. Looks cleaner this way IMHO. Also bought a net just in case I need to hold something during riding.

Done! But wait a minute..

Time to peel of the factory stickers! And stick it up on my old Getz.

As for now.. Nicer and cleaner. Thinking of spraying it to white color. What do you guys think? You know how much I love white color.

Anyway, Mok and me, we went to the Hari Sejuta Belia held in Putrajaya. Easier with bike when going there. There's a lot of people there and it was tiring..

Enjoying the scenery before going back.

Anyway, I miss going dirty with the bike. In JB, they always have activity. Off-road trail, track and all kind. In KL its a bit slow or maybe I haven't found them yet. Cant wait to meet up with KL friends.

Miss this!

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