Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I got bored with it.

Engine? 4A-GE is good. Doesnt matter its 16v or 20v, Silvertop or Blacktop. Its a happy revving engine, easy to maintain, reliable (Depend on the condition too), abundant of spare parts and cheap road tax.

Car? KE70 is simple. Being cousin of the legendary AE86 means it shares a lot of stuffs. But please embed this in your mind, no matter how much you spend on converting it to AE86, its still a KE70. Please keep it original and don't become impostor. Originality comes first. I'm not a purist but I rather keep it original than being fake and most of the times, it doesn't look good when you swap it. Lots of repro stuffs, easy to source parts, and no problem with the car.

So why did I let it go?

Coz its common. Its boring you know when you go to a gathering, its all KE70. Most of it. All with 4AGE. What else you wanna show? Its the same KE70. Its the same engine. No matter how much I tried to become unique (Oh yes I love attention!), its still a KE70.  Its so common that people doesn't bother to look at your car. That's the point of gathering, to show your car. I'm being honest here. Who else didn't think of that? And no matter how much I spent on it, it still cant go up beyond market price. RM15k is the highest you can sell but it must be in mint/completely swapped to performance parts condition. I believed my car is done in every aspect. There's nothing else to be done on the car. Only maintenance is left.

Main reason I choose KE70 is its practicality for drifting. There's no need for me to elaborate on this one. Y'all know already. Yes, I love drifting. Yes its so fucking cool! Oh yes, its awesome when people looks at you especially chicks. And yes, it saves my life few times already when my car lost control. Earlier its fun when we have MARDI track, others like D18 track is fun, Karunmas and other illegal spot. But then, KE70 only stays there. It have its own level mark. You cant go above it. Its there and you will stay there. Plus MARDI is no more. That's my biggest disappointment. I love the place, I love the ambiance, I love the people, I love the track, and I love going sideways there.

See how fun can it get with a Corolla. The best moment ever going sideways other than MARDI. Zamil was there too.

And drifting is a harsh and fun sport. You will damage your car, will wear and tear most 'muscle' and etc. Car is in good condition for now, but in the feature I know I cant afford to have another mega project or whatever happened next if the car decide to fail on me. Better let it go now before I cant afford to fix it. Oh, my parents hate the car. Cant ask money from them too :D

Feedback saying I am using my parents money which I cant deny that especially when surprise repairs emerge or anything urgent need to be replaced. You know, who else gonna spent your parents money if it is not you yourself? :D

Another awesome thing from Rolla is that I learned so much from it. Engine wise, mechanical stuffs, basic wiring and logic, and basic automotive knowledge. I know I didn't went to automotive school, but still I can learn from the car itself. Some basic stuffs. I think I have enough basic knowledge from the car. Time for new learning experience from other type of car.

Anyway, there's no need to brag or too proud if you go to automotive school and get a job earlier than average of us. I am doing my Degree that's the reason I did not work yet. Plus monthly pocket money is fun, of course from my parents. The money will stop once I stop studying. So I rather go for a Master first before working.

Other points like police or JPJ marking KE70 as 'hot' car also contribute it. No matter how legal the car (Mine is semi-legal. HAHA), you will probably get stopped and will get checked. Its not comforting you know, the uneasy feeling every time you drive. Thief marking Corolla as hot item also is a problem for others. Mine is parked inside the house or campus, so its less risky.

There's still some point but I already forgot it.

Achievements with Corolla? Pretty much accomplished! From newspapers, movie, magazine, Internet media few times, its pretty much everything. I didn't plan for it but it happens. Which owner will not become happy and proud of it? I'm proud of it and I think its a perfect time to move on. I mean to other chassis.
Last fuel refill.

Next? I wish for something more powerful. More like SR20DET, RB20DET, or whatever more than my 20v could produce. But if my parents decide to use the money to buy a new car, then I will just use it. No complaint, no hesitation. Satria Neo would be nice. Its fit one of my criteria; it must be less than 4doors. Test drive the 308 Turbo the other day. Looks good too but....

On my mind now is Bluebird 910. Or maybe other options like the Silvia S13, or Celica maybe? For now I will take it easily and slowly. No more rushing like before. Rush will only lead you to bad things most of the times. I learned it TWO times, one with my 808 and the other one is the Corolla. Experience makes me a better person. Makes me look things in different aspect. Not to forget all my sifus, your comments and suggestion are the best.

Oh, anyway, my bike is on the way to KL by now. Posted it a bit late by train. Thanks to my dearest Iza and her dad for sending it to me. Cant wait to ride it soon.

Angry Birds.


singbluesiliver said...
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singbluesiliver said...

actually i had written something down,but i figured out ur too slow and too "BS" to understand and digest it~so i deleted it :P

Edgar H said...

A part of Rifleman's Creed:
This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless.

Change the word "rifle" with any car you're building/driving/drifting/bashing. That's how a project should be grasped, IMO :)

Hahaha.. i just got the topic for my next blog post!

Good luck on your next project man!


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