Monday, May 30, 2011

Holiday Mood.

Still enjoying my holiday at the moment. Still havent got bored waking up late at 3pm and sleep late at 5am. Will probably get bored by next week I think. Most of my PS3 games also almost finished and I am about to run out of ideas on what should I do next.

Anyway, my bikes arrived last few days. Since I am a car-less person now, things got a bit hard and a bit fun at the same time. Will get to it pretty soon. Took my bike from the KTM station. Wrapped so that it wont scratch. Gosh I miss riding it. Was super excited when I saw my bike.

The next day, I took the bike to Demak Service Centre at Gombak to claim all the faults and for checkup. End up I have to come back on Monday coz they don't have enough foreman to do all the problemo bikes.

After that, waited for a scrambler shop to open. They opened at 4pm and since its around 3pm, why not wait for it to open. End up I went to Ulu Yam. Foreveralone.jpg. Stopped at Petronas just before the hill climb to have my super late breakfast + lunch.

My first stop was the Ulu Yam offroad track. Just checking out and no intention on offroading that time. One day I wanna play here.

Ride the bike till my twin brother's school. And stopped for awhile to enjoy the fresh clean air before going back to Gombak.

Stopped again. Checking out the scenary and the water fall.

What mother nature provide us and yet we did not appreciate it.

Stopped again at the lake. Breathtaking view. 

Stopped at the scrambler shop to buy the skidplate. It was meant for KLX 150 but I really wanted it so they custom fit it. Reason is so that the engine and its frame wont get hurt during off-road from the dirt or rock hitting it.

How it looks after fitting it. Fit perfectly with some help from bracket and washer.

Well, its quite fun for me; a life without a car. Its been a week I think and its been a week I'm not driving any car too. Been riding here and there. Its a bit risky but I do enjoy riding it. Mind you the bike cannot go fast, 80km/h is like very fast already due to its hhhhuge sprocket. Petrol consumption is good too.

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