Monday, May 2, 2011

Offroad II.

Getting ready for today's activity. Oh I bought a leather boots for offroad use. So no more messy class shoe after this. Still waiting for my knee and elbow guard. And also the NOB1 exhaust maybe tomorrow since the bike almost reach 500km already. I guess the piston ring is medium rare now.

Nothing much except I enjoyed the session. Plus I fell down today on this spot after the uphill. Dent my hand guard.

Trying to do the sideways on loose sand.

Chasing one of the members.

Mok getting used to the bike. Today she learned how to go down the sandy hill. Tomorrow she shall learn to go off the muddy bank, and maybe soon she'll going sky high.

And finally I went flying after a few attempt.

Well, its fun. Lets do it again tomorrow shall we? Tomorrow's program going to start at 9am. Somewhere near Pulai trail. Different group but wth, I'm not gang-type person, I wanna join all group if possible. So tomorrow, new friends again.

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