Thursday, September 8, 2011

After Raya Trail.

Arrived safely at our home around 4am. And crashed to my bed around 5am and was called by my offroad group members to join their after-Raya trail at 10am. 13 hours of driving and sleepless sleep and there I was for the trail. It was my last trail before I returned back to UTM to continue my semester.

We went to Sg Lui first for a Raya visit to one of their houses. On the way there, my rear tube decided to go poof so we went to a local

This damn pin puncture my tire and the tube too. For those who a regular offroad person, do make sure you have your tube according to your tire sizes just in case. As expected, all the regular bike shop does not have 21' or 18' tube. And I always have both in my bag. So just a swap job.

After that we went straight to Semenyih and started our trail there. Some photo during take five. Me wearing the new jersey I bought at Kelantan the other day. This is our otai/leader that lead the pack. Why him? With motard spec (daily tire spec) and with his son sitting behind, he's still the fastest through out the trail. Damn cool.

Final stop at Bukit Botak.

 Few poses as this is my last trail here in KL. Will be back here in action only by next year on June 2012.



Fixing some minor damage.

After the trail, we all went to the another Otai house. I forgot his name. But he dont mind us; Demak rider to follow them, the Kawasaki pack. Yes, Demak always been looked down by most Kawa user, but some aren't, such as like him.

Bike's cleaned and ready to be posted to JB.

I guess I'll see you guys again next year! Its been a pleasure and such fun to trail and hangout with you guys. Kajang Dirtbike Team. I'll support you guys from far.

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