Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Fine Day..

Skudai is great. I mean it has a great weather everyday. No sun at all, always cloudy. And rain. This good weather remind me of Cameron and Genting. No more sweating. Anyway, its not about the weather I wanna write. Today I finally got a chance to went for some trailing with JB friends.

Only three of us. Quite fun. Its been awhile since I did some trailing. Followed a group called Wolf Pack. Quite famous here in JB. How do I know them? One of them is Mok's uncle actually.

 After the trail, went for some breakfast (Oh yeah I woke up at 2pm and straight away went for it), and we drop by at the Angsana MX track. Enjoyed the track but no jumping. Demak wasn't meant for jump and I don't want to risk the chassis snapping into pieces.

Best part is that I was given a chance to test out this bike! Made by KTM, its a 2-stroke 250cc. Almost like 500cc for 4-stroke aite? Damn hell fast response. Blergh why everything that's nice in this world must cost an arm and leg?

Hmm. How I wish everyday is like this. No classes at all, great weather and a lot of trailing. Hah. In my dream.

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