Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 Eidulfitri.

So this year's Raya was a bit dull since most of my uncle/aunt didn't went back to Kelantan. And Kelantan was super packed during festive season made it more boring. Didnt go here and there too much. One of my cousin from Russia was with us this year so that one is a plus point for all of us; the cousins.

With them cousins. The only KFC in town and its packed all day long.

Testing the Vietnam's helmet.

Pengapit for my other cousin. Does that mean I am getting married soon? Haha.

Bought few jerseys from Kota Bharu. Half the price compare to KL. I bet these are from Thailand.

Visiting my arwah grandfather. Al-fatihah.

Last farewell for our cousin. His final year before returning to Malaysia as a doctor.

And that's bout it for this year's Raya. Not even a family photo coz I dont have any mood that day. Plus been sick whole week long. Another 'big' thing was during on the way back to KL. Took us bout 13hours and some 5++ km. Long day it was.

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