Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food Blog?

Warning, this is not a food blog, this is not a food blog, and this is not a food blog. Just wanna drool on some foods that I really wanna have for my buka puasa. One of my favourite of all time, is the mouth watering BBQ Chiken Charbroiled Burger. Oh my gosh, just by looking at this pic make my saliva drop already. Argh, will go to the BBQ Chiken soon!

And then, there's Durian. Mok and I was eating it at Subway a few weeks ago. Really not a good combination. Sandwich + Durian = Not good. Nevertheless, one of my favourite fruits ever.

And what did I had for my buka puasa today? Milano's chiken lasagna and 6 inch Subway! This is truly a wrong concept of buka puasa. And the results of this heavy eating, I felt asleep just before the Terawih prayer. Lol.

And what's up from UTM? A very inconsiderable notice if you asked me! Let me translate it to English:

"To all students, you are not allowed to have you sahur outside of the college after 12am. Action will be taken if you ignore this."

Why did I'd said so? We had been eating the same food for two year plus, and seriously it doesn't taste that good usually. I think the principle should give permission to us to go out at 4am to have outside foods. Unless they wanna open more stalls, then we'll be happy too.

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Beh said...

aiyo...u make me hungry la...:p


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